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Picture Your Future as a Kind of Drug-Free Ecstacy…


Just imagine this picture’s antique wooden toys represent the homey, happy, bloody, crappy, triumphant peaceful nook of yours known as the 3rd dimension on good ol’ Mother Earth…

…Here on 3-D Earth is where all your battles seem to have been fought,

Where all your victories seem to have been won,

Where all your tears bitter and sweet seem to have been shed,

Where all your illusions seem to have been shattered,

Where all your courage seems to have been intensely tested,

Where all your slings and arrows of outrageous misfortune and
incredible heart-pounding hairs-breadth glad escapes
from sure doom,
death, extinction or worse
seem to have struck you,

Where all your brothers and sisters,
all your annoying, beloved, insane, ingenious,
delicious demented chuckling human family,

seems to have cursed and prayed itself into white-knuckled
red-cheeked existence,

Where all your loves seem to have sprung up with the urgency
of their sure and tender, thirsty roots,

Where you seem to have spent your entire ancient childhood in near-amnesia,
dreaming of the days you might someday,
spend more awake,
more alive and connected,
more free…

Imagine these wooden playthings seem to tell the special tale of your time-honored 3rd and 4th dimensional reality.

Here we are.

* * * * * * * * * * * * *

Now, imagine if you will, that this next special picture invites you
into what seems like



Into what seems like your next peaceful nest
for exciting flights of initiation beyond simple sights and sounds,
where you can swoop into the heart and science of
Living Your True Soul…

You are so beautiful.
You are courageous.

Because despite what seems like any weakness to your wings
You do have the heart of the dove
You do have the eyes of the eagle.

You are remembering your desire to fly!

…When you help your neighbor,
you help your self.

When you help your self,
you help your world.

When you help your world,
you help all worlds.

Because your arrow of love that seems to fly in one direction here
pierces the Heart of the Universe
that beats profoundly into all directions.

* * * * * * * * * * * * *

Peace and happiness to you,
Rev. Scott Ufford
Copyright 2011

Authors from 5th Dimension Share Amazing Prayer to Transform Your Life!


Why experiment with saying this amazing Prayer of Pure Goal Words nightly?

Because it’s given to you and me by Ascended Masters who know exactly what EVERY human being on Earth wants and needs now:

A Sacred Prayer that fits every religion & spiritual path–
it’s infinitely useful.

A Sacred Prayer that invokes & opens for you and me–
for every person–
the Highest Powers that EXACTLY fit our private capacity to grow more fully and happily!

A Sacred Prayer that’s intimately personal, completely practical–
one that when you use it, will bring you remarkable results:


“Divine Master of All, Creator of Any and All — Sacred Creature of All Creation’s Power, Truth and Oneness, grant me this day, access to these educational tools suitably matched for my own highest soul growth today.

“Grant me this entrance tool into my own higher dimensional, highest destiny advancement phases in harmony within the sacred sphere of this Heavenly Earth.

“Grant me full access to any and all Divine Ray Influences most potently to be applied to my soul’s development at this time.

“Show me in this perfect Ray of spiritual advancement, what to do, how to live a purposeful life, how to awaken any destiny gifts you have prepared before me to accept in this powerful time for soul advancement.

“Make these and my soul families’ experience upon Earth be a fruitful gift of your love pouring into mine and all our lives as well as we can do.

“Guide these soul-ray-structure alignments within my conscious being, in harmonious accord with all other human beings upon this Earth at this very moment.

“Let us all be blessed in the common human goal of advancing love, light, peace, wisdom, prosperity upon this Holy Earth in your most Sacred Name, Amen.”

* * * * * * * * * * * * *

Please put this Living Prayer into action tonight.
Do you dare to let revolutionary AND self-affirming changes enter your life?

You’re welcome to share your results.
Do you think this prayer is nonsense?
Genuinely inspired?

You’ll only know by doing.
Peace & Happiness to you.

Used with permission from The Crystalline Ones, higher-dimensional authors working to share revolutionary Divine Wisdom In Action. See their channeled documents, including the surprising 2011-2012 Divine Codes Update, at Divine Code Rule Number One.

Rev. Scott Ufford
Copyright 2011

Angelic Guides Welcome Us to the New Christ Energies, Part II of II


Angelic Messengers Say Our World is Entering the New Christ Energies, Part II of II

Here’s the stunning conclusion of my psychically channeled message from Teachers of Christ Wisdom:

“….Far better it is, and still the intended plan, that what is The Moment (ed: Moment of World Transformation) will be a peaceful Moment, a far more fully conscious moment, clad only in the triumphant vision of the future in the New Christ Heart Technologies, than that observed by civilizations of recent yesterdays who chose their Great Transformations clad in the stinking old clothes of deceit and destruction.

For one thing, it’s much simpler and with better immediate results, for the Christ Nature of ourselves to enter the 21st century clad in self-awareness, self-peace, a desire to know one’s self and the mercy to propel self through its portal, in a calmer, more peaceful manner.

You will surprise ourselves and yourselves by denying your yesterdays and your nonexistent attentions to your new futures, by “changing on a dime,” so to speak. Your Old Christ clothes (ed note: old limited fearful use of your Christ-aspiration energies) are ready to be shed. It is essential that you perform this disrobing on behalf of yourselves.

Again, you look ridiculous and slow down your momentum / alter your trajectory of the future (from tragedies to trajectories). Your New Christ clothes must be donned wholeheartedly in order for your desired future travel results.

As it is today, the Old Christ Energy uncomfortably accommodates these lingering tensions obsessed with yesterdays. Being forced to nursemaid yourselves by your not trusting your divine collective good natures, induces your repeated rejections of the attentions of your higher selves.

When you reject the good intentions of your authentic selves through collective fears and mental disturbances cast as a net of involvement into the fishing waters of deeper collective experiences, here’s what happens:

Instead of casting away the past, you haphazardly invoke your neural net that reduces greater reality’s invitations into a dull rote recital of the pasts.

Now, imagine your personal Spiritual Future:

Can you see how obsessions with your yesterdays, thrown as a cloak over your future todays, might blind yourselves as to your future potentials and enjoyment of self?

See how your momentum and direction and resulting experiences along this passageway, are dramatically influenced and enforced by your chosen vehicles of experience for passage.

Should you choose to enter the New Christ Energies through the back door, as a serf in denial that the feast in the grand restaurant is intended for yourselves? Must you be humbly ushered in under the cloak of past passageways of harsh experience?

If you choose the mantle of demise for your civilization, as in the past– your entrance into New Christ is much more difficult to behold and maintain the heightened frequencies.

Instead, here’s what we strongly recommend:


‘I say YES, a collective YES, to the New Christ Energies. I say YES that my entrance be conscious, safe, alert, well-informed. I desire the great soul power tools available during this initiation-doorway to those who are resolute in themselves.’

Choose to root your future experiences in a vision of collective security, sanctity, peaceful progression of power use and sharing. The entrance into your divine collective selves may be greatly enhanced and your race’s status be incalculably blessed, by awakening to release of your yesterdays and to embrace of your realities, tomorrow.

May your Constant Power Note (the musical note in humanity’s collective spheres of True Love and Light) be as vigilant, as awakened, as flowing in the New Christ Clothes, to transform your societies, selves and collective futures –

–NOW, AWAKEN. Pray for this.”

* * * * * * * * * * * * *

So concluded one of the most startling, profound documents I have ever received. I am very happy to finally share this with you. I consider this positive message to be inclusive of all religions and peoples.

(From this beginning in 2007 in near-total darkness, has sprouted many inspired talks and a series of New Christ Energies workshop meditations which I’m urged to offer online. Only the Teachers of Wisdom who brought this guidance know what comes next!)

What do you think, my brave reader? How does reading this two-part series make you feel?
Again, please consider the true message separate from the human flaws of the writer!

I’d love to hear from you, and thank you for your prayers of support.

Thank you for your attention, and bless you and yours in Christ’s Name!
Rev. Scott Ufford