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Authors from 5th Dimension Share Amazing Prayer to Transform Your Life!


Why experiment with saying this amazing Prayer of Pure Goal Words nightly?

Because it’s given to you and me by Ascended Masters who know exactly what EVERY human being on Earth wants and needs now:

A Sacred Prayer that fits every religion & spiritual path–
it’s infinitely useful.

A Sacred Prayer that invokes & opens for you and me–
for every person–
the Highest Powers that EXACTLY fit our private capacity to grow more fully and happily!

A Sacred Prayer that’s intimately personal, completely practical–
one that when you use it, will bring you remarkable results:


“Divine Master of All, Creator of Any and All — Sacred Creature of All Creation’s Power, Truth and Oneness, grant me this day, access to these educational tools suitably matched for my own highest soul growth today.

“Grant me this entrance tool into my own higher dimensional, highest destiny advancement phases in harmony within the sacred sphere of this Heavenly Earth.

“Grant me full access to any and all Divine Ray Influences most potently to be applied to my soul’s development at this time.

“Show me in this perfect Ray of spiritual advancement, what to do, how to live a purposeful life, how to awaken any destiny gifts you have prepared before me to accept in this powerful time for soul advancement.

“Make these and my soul families’ experience upon Earth be a fruitful gift of your love pouring into mine and all our lives as well as we can do.

“Guide these soul-ray-structure alignments within my conscious being, in harmonious accord with all other human beings upon this Earth at this very moment.

“Let us all be blessed in the common human goal of advancing love, light, peace, wisdom, prosperity upon this Holy Earth in your most Sacred Name, Amen.”

* * * * * * * * * * * * *

Please put this Living Prayer into action tonight.
Do you dare to let revolutionary AND self-affirming changes enter your life?

You’re welcome to share your results.
Do you think this prayer is nonsense?
Genuinely inspired?

You’ll only know by doing.
Peace & Happiness to you.

Used with permission from The Crystalline Ones, higher-dimensional authors working to share revolutionary Divine Wisdom In Action. See their channeled documents, including the surprising 2011-2012 Divine Codes Update, at Divine Code Rule Number One.

Rev. Scott Ufford
Copyright 2011

Why Not Write a New Chapter in Your Life?


A new chapter of your life begs to be born. Can’t you feel it?

Haven’t you gone through a lot of struggles lately? Everybody else has. The challenges of these upward-leaning times means that no matter what your struggle, you’re not alone.

But you have to decide…

You know your aching heart feels like this:

You just can’t give any more!

You’ve spilled all the ink of sorrow you can possibly pour into one aging chapter. Its pages sag under this crusted crimson ink. These same pages of tired text, repeatedly thumbed back and forth through, pondered, praised, scorned, rewritten, crossed out, scribbled around, edited and agonized over and over throughout this age, could collapse with any more…

Enough of the time-worn blood of this same old chapter.

Worries, misgivings, goals, prayers, dreams–fought over, sweated & schemed for. Some battles lost, some battles won, some permanently on hold like an anchor dragged behind a boat that’s trying to set sail…

Don’t you want to start a new chapter?

Don’t you deserve to write it? Or would you rather hand the pen of responsibility to someone else? Do you really want to waste precious pages of your life, settling for whatever themes and plot twists–and climax–someone else writes?

Be they sad or sweet words–why would you want to surrender the power of your story?

Instead, it really is time to turn the page my friend. Time to bundle up the last of the harvest you’ve gleaned, throw away the chaff–and move ahead.

I do have great trust in you.

Your angels have complete trust in you.

Your immaculate, untainted, undiscovered Heart has total trust in you: when it’s time to turn the page to the new chapter, when it’s time to pour out the fire of your love–you’ll do it with ease.

You’ll do it with prayerful, strong intent.

You’ll do it because you have to.

Because you want to.

Because you are you.

Because you hold the pen of power.

Begin to dream the next new pages of your life. Daily, nightly, make the effort. This way, you plant the seeds of the virtues you will harvest.

Benefits sprout up day by day, as you write–as you act–in trust.

Be glad for this new chapter of you. With each newly considered word, you propagate a new species of trust in yourself.

Just start to write with a lighter heart.

Don’t imagine that past chapters’ mistakes define you. Instead, if you let yourself learn, your victories will spring triumphant from your failures.

Do not fear–never fear–that you might run out of good words. Create with greater confidence in the well being of your story. Give thanks for whatever harvest will be yours, and be at peace.


Because the same unmistakable mysterious power that urges you to plant wiser seeds, to grow beyond old limits, to aim for a higher healthier harvest–that same power today drives our whole world to complete the past, to reach for the future, to take a mighty upwards leap!

Trust: your bravery will bring seeds of wisdom from the higher source for all humanity. A fever-pitch of insights–sometimes in your dreams–will welcome your dawning imagination.

Soon you’ll be so glad, because no matter what the cost, no matter what the fears:

You dug deep into your soul. You listened in silence to your heart. You heard the word, and you obeyed.

You turned the new page. To the new chapter. To the new you.

You began to write.

We–your friends–your teachers–your unseen loving family–challenge you. We respect you. Most of all, we congratulate you in advance, for we know the good urges in your heart.

We welcome you to brave new words.

Peace and blessings,
Rev. Scott Ufford

Copyright 2011