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Angels Do Exist in NYC: Photographic Proof


What might be more convincing proof to you that angels exist in New York City:

Photos taken by a Hollywood film wizard? Or randomly taken by a technological Luddite from 270 feet in the air (the 27th floor) during his grave-yard shift lunch break (at 4AM)?

As you look at these pix, I’ll let you guess which category I fall into.

These ethereal photos were taken in April 2009. What I saw at the time was a barge anchored next to the Staten Island Ferry Terminal buildings at New York City’s southernmost tip.

But what startling reality the camera saw on the roof, I didn’t–until later:

So far, people’s responses have ranged from “Really beautiful!” to “Is that a reflection or light leak?” to “Spooky!” to “Gives me a feeling of peace.”

What do you feel?

This photo, taken 7 minutes before, from my exact same perch at the exact same angle, clearly reveals no sign of any angelic-like being or any light leaks. No reflective objects appear on the roof, which is gray and featureless except for what by day look like a couple low curved steam vents or chimneys set far apart.

Experts say a real (non-manipulated image) reveals more details, not less, when it’s zoomed in on. Case in point:

This breath-taking photo was taken of the angelic image when magnified more than 2x on my monitor. (On your computer, you can also hold down the Control-Shift keys and press the “+” button several times.) You can see the vast luminous energy field, at least 12 feet in diameter, contains five or six sections that arc out like petals from three distinct orbs or centers.

“Almost like the soul of a butterfly,” one person said.

Another commented, “Looks like a giant Mickey Mouse!” (You’d have to imagine the two smaller points of light as his ears.)

I’m sure the spirit, or the butterfly soul, or the angelic being, would be amused by that last remark. When you decide to “go public,” you’re prepared for almost anything.

One level-headed friend asked, “Why would an angel just appear on a rooftop to you, in the middle of the night?”

Good question. Maybe because they knew I’d be looking. Also, who else do you know takes photos of New York Harbor from 270 feet up, at 4:10 am? Everyone else is napping, or partying, or busy making soon-to-be-regretted-purchases from late-night TV infomercials.

One person explained away the image, saying, “But you always attract these sorts of things.”

It’s true: as a Spiritualist minister and naturally somewhat clairvoyant, I’ve seen blissful lights and startling things that others haven’t. Or maybe Western culture has been so busy making money off trying to scare us from the unknown (depicting the subconscious as a dangerous Hell-like place, etc.), fear has hypnotized us into not consciously acknowledging what everyone’s brains do sense.

Such habituated blindness might keep anyone from noticing the evidence right in front of his or her face once it’s downloaded onto their computer. Or might lead them to mutter, “That’s a mistake”–and delete it without a second thought.

Either way, my collection of unusual photos includes brilliant spirit-lights at Trinity Church on Broadway, tiny glowing orbs at Bowling Green, solemn faces ascending jellyfish-like in the air near Verrazano Bridge in Brooklyn–and the unforgettable multiple moons moving over New York City. But this blue angel picture is perhaps my favorite.

Why? Because it’s like a doorway–and a reassurance.

For if one angelic being exists, many can–and they do according to the sacred scriptures of all spiritual paths from Christianity to Hinduism, to every indigenous culture on Earth.

Trust me, any sign of angelic presence is very welcome in New York City’s rough-and-tumble environment. This indicates that an angelic kind of caring–of help available–really does exist. Not just as a happy imagined source to bring us relief from mental or emotional stress.

It suggests there really is a purpose, a mission, one or more–and a spiritual hierarchy dedicated to well being of mankind and all creatures. Not just a race or species dwelling in its own separate, unimaginably glorious world, but interacting with ours–here in ours.

It says we’re not alone. No matter where we live. And that’s good.

Angelic being, cosmic butterfly, whoever you are–thank you for showing yourself to us. Thank you for the gift of this visible proof. And thank you for loving us.


* * * * * * * * * * * * *

See more genuine Photographic Proof of Angels in NYC!

Peace and happiness,
Rev. Scott Ufford

Copyright 2011

Do Psychic Gifts Make You More Spiritual?


Do you think having psychic gifts makes you more spiritual?

Let’s face it:
On the one hand, plenty of saints of every religion have experienced what are called paranormal, near-miraculous or psychic gifts–yet nobody sane would claim that all psychics are saints.

Flying over the barn or the bar or the monastery will elevate your body but it wont guarantee you spiritual elevation. Turning water into wine might win the oohs and aahs of the media–and your thirstier friends–but it wont quench your spiritual thirst, or even prove your spiritual thirst.

In short, what you do for conscious gratification might not speak to your real needs.

No matter what direction you launch the arrows of your efforts, your inner intent will greatly decide what outer mark you’ll hit. Or miss.

Of course as an archer, you might not get the grand prize & mighty praise you think you seek, but you are guaranteed your emotional experience along the way.

Why is this important, you ask? After all, you seek real, measurable, worldly success. You want to smack the center of that bull’s eye! What good are fine intentions alone?

We do agree that intending to be an Olympic champion, no matter how noble your intent, wont get you far if you never pick up a bow. But you will reap the emotional result of happy daydreams along the way. Which, apparently, is what you’d really wanted–or you would have applied yourself to learning the art.

An important question, particularly for our Western culture readers:

Does your success or failure “at the end” determine the value to you “along the way”? Can you ever succeed at anything if you wont appreciate its value–and so your value–until after your moment-by-moment exploration, study, exercise, practice, trial-and-error refinement, over and over and over?

How can you be a success if you delay being that success until after you’ve succeeded or not?

Isn’t that really the intent of experiencing self restriction? Isn’t that the emotional experience of withholding your self approval and gladness at being alive? Remember, you do get the reward of emotional experience from everything you do–but does that aim really satisfy you?

Ask yourself:
What else can fulfill my strength except living my purpose?

What if your arrow–once released from your fingertips–refused to fling itself in full confidence of flight before it “knew” it would hit its mark? Why, that faithless arrow would shrivel up into a crooked stick. It’d bury its head in the ground at the soonest possible moment. Far short of any target.

But when you act with trust–that makes all the difference, doesn’t it? To set aside superficial ego chatter, just bend your bow. Focus your eyes and muscles into the distant target…

Though you might not hit the bull’s-eye you’ve been training for, you do gain benefit from your patient practice. The thrill of capably letting fly your dart. The timeless sense of inducing the birth, flight and descent of your arrow into its destined mark. Whether it’s a “hit” or a “miss”.

You are the archer.

It feels good.

The same way with any psychic powers you seek:
They feel good along the way–as long as you’re developing them with good intent.

But just as the same sharpened arrowhead can be used to kill a man in cold blood or to bring home supper to your hungry family, so your psychic powers–which are really spiritual powers awaiting recognition–can be used to harm or help.

We advise that even as the archery student meditate on the fulfillment of his or her art, so the psychic development student meditate on seeing hidden intent.

If you do glimpse a purpose in yourself that’s for less than spiritual good, for less than recognizing and honoring your own God-reflecting qualities, please set aside your psychic ambitions. No matter how well developed they are, stop to cleanse your intent through prayerful introspection.

Surround yourself with the golden Light of Christ. Ask it to uplift your mind. Let it.

It’s better to go thirsty than to drink waters stirred up with mud. Let your ego’s ambitions settle awhile. Let your inner vision clear before you take aim again.

Once you’re sure of your mark and desirous of spiritual success, bend your bow & arrow back to the psychic skies…

Once you do:
Your heart will meet its target.

Peace and blessings to you,
Rev. Scott Ufford

PS–Please let me know how I might help you reach your own bull’s-eye. I provide effective spiritual psychic counseling at relaxed rates. Thank you.

Copyright Scott Ufford 2011

Seven Surefire Ways to Know You’re Clairvoyant, Not Crazy


By Rev. Scott Ufford
In this peculiar day and age, it feels good to reassure yourself that your growing clairvoyant gifts are real.

More to the point: that you’re probably not nuts.
(I say “probably” because if you get a borderline passing grade, you don’t quiz your teacher over specifics.)

Many brave psychic seekers over the years have asked me how they can be sure about their own sanity amidst amazing paranormal experiences.

To help out, here are 7 controversial but effective points to help you decide whether to teleport yourself into Fort Knox—or into a private stall at the funny farm.

If you’re clairvoyant, not crazy:

1. When you pray for peace, you can feel genuine love encircle the globe but you don’t expect the world to kiss your feet.

2. When you do your best “Sorcerer’s Apprentice” imitation before sleep, you know the floor actually will get mopped & the dishes washed before you wake up—and you’re right.

3. When your angels tell you you’re not crazy, they’re not wearing tinfoil hats.

4. When your teakettle whistles, you don’t spend more than five seconds wondering if it’s really a message you should decipher from the president of Alpha Centauri.

5. When you buy your lottery tickets, you already know you’re going to lose. Or, you know which friends & relatives you’ll probably lose when you win big.

6. When you step seamlessly into an alternate reality, you’re not paranoid about the spy who’s cleverly followed you by walking in front of you for the last twelve blocks.

7. When you find yourself staring at invisible friends under the sofa that even your cat can’t see. Or, when you find yourself jumping at red laser point dots on the wall even after your cat’s turned off the pointer and wandered over to her supper dish. (Whether these mean you’re sane or not, I don’t know. I suggest you ask your cat.)

Seriously my friend, just remember:

Don’t be anxious for strange and mystic experiences. What is real will prove itself, over time. What is false or temporary will crumble.

Don’t be too eager to enthrone or overthrow any person, belief or fantasy. Know you are exploring. Surround yourself with God’s light. Move wisely ahead.

Know that your intent determines much of your life’s content—particularly in the psychic spiritual realms. Seek to be the very best you can for yourself—and for others!

Also, no matter what storms you pass through in life, treasure your deepest sense of truth.

Daylight always comes in time to reveal the right way…

Want to share your unusual experiences or questions? I’m happy to listen.

Happiness and peace to you.
Rev. Scott L. Ufford

Copyright 2011

New Divine Code Rule Number One Website Is Coming


Important Public Announcement:

Your outpouring of enthusiasm for Divine Code Rule Number One–in both your waking and sleeping states–signals to the Spiritual Realms huge potential for its worldwide acceptance:

As a result, all further official writings regarding DCR1 will be done on this new website:

All writings will be “Anonymous”, in order to emphasize the universal nature of The Divine Codes.

The Crystalline Ones, known in the Spiritual Realms as Hierarchy of the New Age, are The Codes’ faithful transmitters. They emphasize that these vital living documents are NOT created by any human being.

Spreading The Divine Codes is a mammoth project now gearing up.
A chief progenitor will arise to champion DCR1.
All public focus must go to their efforts.

* * * * * * * * * * * * *

Teachers far more accomplished than I will spread the powerful insights of DCR1 both directly and telepathically, as mentioned, in people’s waking and sleep states.

Thank you for your strong outpouring of desire to learn about Divine Code Rule Number One.

Get set to experience your own profound Pledge of Pure Goal Words–you’ll find it in 2011′s DCR1 update!

As we race into the momentous events of 2012 & beyond, your use of The Codes will help revolutionize society in good ways we can now only imagine.

Peace and Happiness to you.

Copyright 2011