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How to Check Your Spiritual GPS


Do you wonder what’s the right direction to take?
Are life’s conflicting signals confusing you?
Have you lost your spiritual GPS?

Recently, a vivid dream neatly taught me what to do next–
but like the wise fisherman, it wasn’t going to just hand me the tasty fish…

“The Dream Scene:

I’m an African-American man, with six or seven friends surrounding one pleasant but stressed-looking man in his late twenties. Our friend faces a difficult decision.

He has to make really tough choices NOW:

Does he take a big risk for the job & career he really wants? There’s no guarantee he’ll succeed. Failure would prove costly.

Does he marry the pretty young lady standing near him, who’s sweetly stressing him for a ring? We can tell he cares about her, but she’s “not quite the one”. We sense he’d be bending to make her happy–
or avoid her displeasure.

Proverbial buckets of sweat begin to brim on his forehead. We silently give him time for his choice. The young lady gives him a bitty tweak of a smile that says, “You’d better choose me.”

The poor guy’s about to spring a leak, melt down like a reactor or run for the hills, we can’t tell which.

On an inspiration I ask, “Do you want to know how to choose?”

He looks at me with hope & incredulity, like a drowning man would who’s asked if he prefers a life preserver or not.

“You have to take the high road,” I tell him.

“How do I find it?”

Everybody looks at me as if to say, “This had better be good now you’ve opened your mouth Scott!”

These words tumble out:


“The High-Way is the drive-way God intends you to drive your life upon.”

I repeat this slowly, once, then twice. Everybody’s so in sync with this saying, they smile & nod their heads in agreement.

A fourth time I state this truth, everybody spontaneously recites it with me:

“The High-Way is the drive-way God intends you to drive your life upon.”

A grin of relief breaks through the very tense cloud on our friend’s face.

He understands:

He can get his answer–
by asking his Higher Guidance System.

Anything else would be muddled, half-blind, possibly manipulative guidance.

But his Higher Guidance–
his spiritual GPS–
won’t give him the easy route–
it will give him the BEST route from the perspective of Wisdom.

He has to be willing to lift up his eyes, his energies and his intentions.

Yes, his spiritual GPS will guide him to the High-Way that’s the drive-way God INTENDS him to drive his life upon.

He just has to FOLLOW IT.

The Dream ends with us feeling satisfied, almost giddily happy.”

So remember my friend, your Spiritual GPS is just waiting for you to check–
& keep recalibrating as needed along the High-Way of your life!

Ask me for help if you like.

Peace & Happiness to you,
Rev. Scott Ufford,
The Psychic Philosopher
Copyright 2012

Picture Your Future as a Kind of Drug-Free Ecstacy…


Just imagine this picture’s antique wooden toys represent the homey, happy, bloody, crappy, triumphant peaceful nook of yours known as the 3rd dimension on good ol’ Mother Earth…

…Here on 3-D Earth is where all your battles seem to have been fought,

Where all your victories seem to have been won,

Where all your tears bitter and sweet seem to have been shed,

Where all your illusions seem to have been shattered,

Where all your courage seems to have been intensely tested,

Where all your slings and arrows of outrageous misfortune and
incredible heart-pounding hairs-breadth glad escapes
from sure doom,
death, extinction or worse
seem to have struck you,

Where all your brothers and sisters,
all your annoying, beloved, insane, ingenious,
delicious demented chuckling human family,

seems to have cursed and prayed itself into white-knuckled
red-cheeked existence,

Where all your loves seem to have sprung up with the urgency
of their sure and tender, thirsty roots,

Where you seem to have spent your entire ancient childhood in near-amnesia,
dreaming of the days you might someday,
spend more awake,
more alive and connected,
more free…

Imagine these wooden playthings seem to tell the special tale of your time-honored 3rd and 4th dimensional reality.

Here we are.

* * * * * * * * * * * * *

Now, imagine if you will, that this next special picture invites you
into what seems like



Into what seems like your next peaceful nest
for exciting flights of initiation beyond simple sights and sounds,
where you can swoop into the heart and science of
Living Your True Soul…

You are so beautiful.
You are courageous.

Because despite what seems like any weakness to your wings
You do have the heart of the dove
You do have the eyes of the eagle.

You are remembering your desire to fly!

…When you help your neighbor,
you help your self.

When you help your self,
you help your world.

When you help your world,
you help all worlds.

Because your arrow of love that seems to fly in one direction here
pierces the Heart of the Universe
that beats profoundly into all directions.

* * * * * * * * * * * * *

Peace and happiness to you,
Rev. Scott Ufford
Copyright 2011

Divine Code Rule Number One Is Now Public


Dear Friends,
Today we’re sharing with you a remarkable spiritual document accurately channeled from Angelic Realms, titled:

Universal Divine Code Rule Number One.

Given to the world by The Crystalline Ones, the Hierarchy of the New Age.

(Please Note: You can access the great wisdom of The Codes, completely updated for 2011, and their new Introduction here.)

Divine Code Rule Number One, unknown to most humans’ conscious selves, is making a world-wide revolutionary impact.

Why? Because Divine Code Rule Number One unveils a breath-taking, comprehensive “God’s-eye-view” of mankind’s spiritual development on Earth. This living blueprint reveals the amazing exponential growth process of your personal evolution as well as of your future collective spiritual, educational, religious, legal and justice systems.

Its 12 main principles unveil the legal, that is, spiritually rational, higher basis at work for every soul’s progressive expansion into Higher Dimensions of Reality, God Awareness, Christ Consciousness, Buddha Awareness. And much more!

We’ll also mention that contact between humans and ETs is ruled by the tenets of Divine Code Rule Number One. Can you see how this alone makes The Codes infinitely valuable for your future?

The Codes’ sublime logic and order obviously are no figment of anyone’s imagination. Life’s short and truth is precious–so let’s be blunt here:

Divine Code Rule Number One is recognized in the Highest Spiritual Realms as the genuine living, evolving sacred blueprint that applies to all Earth humans–yet it’s also a metaphysical reality that some lower entities and Old World Order groups don’t want “rocking their boats”.

So if Divine Code Rule Number One looks intricate at first glance, that’s good. Because God’s Plan is well-thought out, to say the least–it’s constantly tested and refined. Grown through the ages like an infinitely rugged oak tree by the Highest Sun of Intelligence.

It’s layered like that mighty oak’s concentric living rings. Each successive principle’s meanings and applications radiate from the central pith to the outermost rings, and reach back in again to the core.

For you to glimpse The Code’s beautiful inner harmony is a pleasure. But even to glance at it or puzzle over it is an honor.

Why? Because, again, this is the living soul charter–the sacred working document–that’s directly applied to you ever since the Creation of your Spirit!

Let’s make this clear: it’s all about you NOW. Whatever your spiritual path. Whatever your challenges and whatever qualities make you unique. Whatever twists and turns your spirit has been taking since its sacred origin timeless centuries and lifetimes ago.

Believe it or not–that’s OK.

Why? Because your soul of souls recognizes clear truth.

To recap Divine Code Rule Number One’s background…
Completely respectful of, yet impartial to, all religions, the devout group in High Spiritual Realms known as The Crystalline Ones, the Hierarchy of the New Age, labored to bring you this English-language approximation of Pure Soul Law.

Yes, these are your manifest enumerated Soul Rights as you grow through life.

To read these, and share these, is to lay claim to your “Cosmic Bill of Rights”, so to speak.


Because to read and consider Divine Code Rule Number One tears away the historic cloak of unknowing from your conscious personality. To see it is to sign your name to the best possibilities open to you–no matter what your position in life.

No matter whether your life situation’s bad or good, healthy or sick, beloved or hated, scorned or praised, joyful or miserable, evolving or stagnating–you are valued by God so much. You are in fact completely loved.

Pray about this. This can mean a new beginning for you. Give it a little or a lot of thought. Sometimes life-changing insights break through the clouds when you least expect them.

Thank God, the fully updated 2011 version of Divine Code Rule Number One with its Introduction is now published. You can read it here. (Code Rule Number One versions were first given and transcribed twice in 1998, then in 2008.)

Please help make this TRUE LIVING SPIRIT DOCUMENT go viral! Fly around the world. It’s worthy of the greatest scrutiny by people of all backgrounds. It’s of the highest practical, philosophical truth–far beyond any human’s capacity to create.

Please read & share–because honestly, it’s already changing your life & the life of the world for the better.

The Crystalline Ones look forward to your response in your soul and on this site.

Thank you so much. Happy Future to you! And if you desire, bless you in Christ’s Name.

Copyright 2011