More Controversy Unfolds About “the Right Maitreya, the Real Maitreya”, the Christ, and Jesus


Written in response to an impassioned concerned reader claiming her real-life Maitreya is the only one & the best:

Dear Ila,
Many bodhisattvas, but one Buddha.
Many saints in Christ, but one Christ.
Many sects following & squabbling over Jesus, but one Jesus.
Many beams of sunlight, but one sun.
Many lovers, many experts, many healers, many haters, but One Reality of Love.

One difference I note between your obviously revered Maitreya & the Maitreya Mr. Creme speaks about tirelessly:
“his” Maitreya never disses “anyone else’s Maitreya”, he just says they’re not the same.

Just for example–
I feel no need to justify my clear impressions of Maitreya the spiritual being of goodness, or to “make battle with my understandings & convictions against” anyone else’s.

Just as I don’t feel the need to stack up or justify my sense of Jesus Christ, against any battling or baffling Bible or other religion’s holy book quotes.

Nor do I feel pushed into countering nay-sayers weighted down by their blindness borne of scientific skepticism that’s spilled over into willful ignorance of their spiritual existence & its all-embracing reality.

I am glad you’ve found your honorable Maitreya, because many manipulative souls have entered Earth to test our wisdom and our patience–

Not to mention, to test the degree of our desire to uphold our ego superiority over our Central Heart’s True Pulsing Desire to LIVE, KNOW, SHARE SOUL LOVE.

Without labels, without needed license or limits or battles…

I believe the degree we obey this unavoidable fact:

The FACT of the call of every person’s private True Heart’s Pulsing Desire to LIVE, KNOW, SHARE SOUL LOVE–
No matter what their avowed faith or their lack of it–
Or whether they’re “good or evil” in other’s eyes, or in their own eyes–
Decides & defines WHETHER, WHEN and HOW we enter the New Christ Presence–
The New Earth–
New Future–
Reality awaiting us.
With patient impatience.
Tapping its foot.

Thank you so much for writing Ila. I welcome hearing more from you & all concerned writers.”

Let’s get talking more! Let’s hear more!
Anybody else want to comment on their concept of what the Master Plan at work is?
Peace & Happiness to you,
Rev. Scott Ufford

Copyright 2013

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13 thoughts on “More Controversy Unfolds About “the Right Maitreya, the Real Maitreya”, the Christ, and Jesus

  1. Rev. Scott Post author

    Sorry, I have no idea what you’re talking about. Care to explain? Thank you.

  2. John. A.

    Share International have set a suspicious trend that already now is part of the masses. Evidence exists that either Benjamin Creme, with or without master, or his following have been betraying me. They will sort it out together, there is no time for doing that in a group, that is why it is such a group.

  3. Jade Chou

    Thank you for beautiful prayers. We want hope for mankind. No more radiation from reactors or children killed from senseles wars.

  4. Rev. Scott Post author

    HI Doug, doing an interview is a great idea–thank you for the compliment–I’m open to suggestions. No idea what I’d talk about! Just leave it up to inspiration. Hopefully the angels would give me some good solid soundbites so I wouldn’t drone on too long. :o )

  5. Rev. Scott Post author

    Hi Fred, thank you for your direct question. Yes, I think Jesus Christ is The Greatest (far more than than other “The Greatest”, Mohammed Ali for example).

    But I’m not going to compare Jesus to any other religion’s founder or doctrine.

    Your and my relationship to God & Jesus isn’t a football game against nonChristians. The only thing matters is what goes on in your heart, that’s ALL. Peace to you.

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  7. Doug Handsaker

    Hello Rev Scott, what you are saying is very interesting, do you do interviews ? MAybe you should write a column to help people.

  8. Roger Fijal

    I simply want to say I’m newbie to this spiritual site. I really loved your web page. I’m going to bookmark your site. You actually come with terrific angel photos. I checked them with a plugin, you didnt use Photoshop! Bless you for sharing your wisdom blog. Roger

  9. Hilton Mollberg

    Hello Rev. Scott we are glad you’re posting again! Back from a long vacation? Please don’t be afraid to tell us wqhat you sense feel about the world’s psychic secrets. You don’t have to be perfect, just spit it out.

    I want to know Will the planet split in half? Does the Universe hate us or does God? Why can’t people just get along? Who is this Maitreya guy REALLY? Is he friends with Jesus? OK I’m glad I got that off my chest. Sometimes I think we’re doomed. I KNOW I hope. People want to loved and be loved. I’m sure soembody or something out there is trying to help us. What do you think?

  10. Anonymous

    Hi please dont tell my name because I believe in Jesus Christ. If my friendss see this they would think I’m going to Hell. They dont understand because everything has to happen the way our minister tells us but I dont believe that. Thank you for the prayers you give us. I read way back in your posts, I couldnt believe how giood I feltbecause I am worried apout my family. The Isaiah prayer really helped. Jesus said he is here for everybody who needs him. Well I need him. I never met you but I just want to thank you for caring about me. Please pray for me.
    Sincerely, Anonymous

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  12. Rev. Scott Post author

    Hi Madeira, that’s a tricky–and loaded–question! We know the Universe is full of secrets. We can be assured that God & angels–the entire heavenly host–don’t and won’;t tip their hands to us.

    One hard fact I’ve learned through the years: guidance is only given on a need-to-know basis! We learn no more and no less than what we need to help others & survive our own lessons.

    I’ll leave Maitreya (the one known as the World Teacher) to appear in whatever way is deemed best, if at all. You might as well ask when Jesus will return. Many people believe he already IS back in spiritual soul form, changing the world & guiding the faithful-hearted.

    I am convinced Maitreya is of pure goodness. I don’t need to agree with everything said about him, any more than I need to believe everything say about Jesus whom I accept.

    Faith forces us to confront mysteries–then to STEP INTO our UNKNOWING and go BEYOND DOUBTS.

  13. Madeira T.

    Rev. Scott thanks a bunch for sharing this with all of us, you really know what you are writing abouty! Bookmarked. When do tyou think Maitreya will show up? Will he be like Obama, black to some people, white to some people, yellow to some people?

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