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Picture Your Future as a Kind of Drug-Free Ecstacy…


Just imagine this picture’s antique wooden toys represent the homey, happy, bloody, crappy, triumphant peaceful nook of yours known as the 3rd dimension on good ol’ Mother Earth…

…Here on 3-D Earth is where all your battles seem to have been fought,

Where all your victories seem to have been won,

Where all your tears bitter and sweet seem to have been shed,

Where all your illusions seem to have been shattered,

Where all your courage seems to have been intensely tested,

Where all your slings and arrows of outrageous misfortune and
incredible heart-pounding hairs-breadth glad escapes
from sure doom,
death, extinction or worse
seem to have struck you,

Where all your brothers and sisters,
all your annoying, beloved, insane, ingenious,
delicious demented chuckling human family,

seems to have cursed and prayed itself into white-knuckled
red-cheeked existence,

Where all your loves seem to have sprung up with the urgency
of their sure and tender, thirsty roots,

Where you seem to have spent your entire ancient childhood in near-amnesia,
dreaming of the days you might someday,
spend more awake,
more alive and connected,
more free…

Imagine these wooden playthings seem to tell the special tale of your time-honored 3rd and 4th dimensional reality.

Here we are.

* * * * * * * * * * * * *

Now, imagine if you will, that this next special picture invites you
into what seems like



Into what seems like your next peaceful nest
for exciting flights of initiation beyond simple sights and sounds,
where you can swoop into the heart and science of
Living Your True Soul…

You are so beautiful.
You are courageous.

Because despite what seems like any weakness to your wings
You do have the heart of the dove
You do have the eyes of the eagle.

You are remembering your desire to fly!

…When you help your neighbor,
you help your self.

When you help your self,
you help your world.

When you help your world,
you help all worlds.

Because your arrow of love that seems to fly in one direction here
pierces the Heart of the Universe
that beats profoundly into all directions.

* * * * * * * * * * * * *

Peace and happiness to you,
Rev. Scott Ufford
Copyright 2011

When Life Kicks You Out One Door, Prepare to Get Kicked In a New Door


3 Hard Facts-of-Life Warning Label:

No matter how honestly you try to make a difference–

No matter how “right” you are–

No matter how positive your intent–

FACT: Close-minded people will resist and resent your open mind. Even if their hearts are opening, their minds will snap shut against you like the jaws of a bear trap. Particularly if they have something material to gain by clamping down on you.

FACT: They will invent all manner of wild excuses and concoct the most twisted versions of reality against you–they will scheme to trash your integrity, misrepresent your good intentions and they will resent you–

FACT: Finally, they wont be able to tolerate your presence due to the delusions congesting their minds–

But that’s okay because they’re just “rounding up the wagons” to make themselves feel good. Which is fine, because in the big picture we’re all family and we’re all learning from one another, finding our way slowly past the family feuds…

If someone treats you with extra doses of falsehood and viciousness, IN A WAY that’s okay because you learn about–you feel the pains jab into your heart & you contemplate–the effects of falsehood and viciousness on EVERYBODY–and your heart grows.

Your own spiritual system is purged if you choose to let it. As long as you find your way to the point where you can stop taking personally other people’s chosen blind spots.

Sometimes, you’ll work harder & harder for the truth only to find people feel more & more antagonistic–not because you’re wrong or because they are–but because you threaten their sense of comfortable coping with the difficult truths in life, which is everybody’s challenge.

Sure it hurts, but the UPSIDE is:

Sometimes people treat you with hardened hearts & self-serving vigor because God really is using them to get you out of that situation–to EJECT you from that situation–which has become inappropriate for you and them together.

Why? So that you’ll leave & never look back! So you wont waste another drop of effort trying to continue with people who for no one’s fault, neither you nor they have anything to give or learn from each other, except:

“Thank you, God bless you, I forgive you (in whatever length of time it takes to reach that forgiveness)–and GOODBYE>”

Why might this harsh scenario happen to a good-hearted, well-meaning person like you?

Maybe because a better doorway in life awaits your brave entrance.

Maybe because the momentum of your shocking ejection from one outworn situation is NEEDED to PROPEL you into the new–the more evolved–the more DESIRED doorway that God’s been secretly creaking open for your timely arrival!

May all your pains be soothed, your wounds healed. May you make your way peacefully down the road to a happier, more suitable, more powerful place. God IS with you in your walk–or your flight. Trust in this companionship!

Bless you, & keep your soul strong,
Rev. Scott Ufford

PS –Have you ever found yourself surrounded by relentless scheming knee-jerk opposition? Looking back, did you think this was “karma”–some kind of cosmic pay-back for a consciously forgotten misdeed?

Was a Higher Purpose possibly at work? Or did your “opponents” just want to remain blind, and were glad to try to club you into submission & kick you out, to keep their minds snapped shut?

…Peace be with you my friend. Right now, take a deep breath. Say a prayer. Give up the whole situation to God. Just drop it! Be glad a new day and a new door await you…

Copyright 2011 Rev. Scott Ufford

Prediction Shocker II — Follow-up to Beyond Teenage Sex “As We Know It”


Thank you everyone for your questions, which most of you have been too shy to ask me except in private. Must be the topic.

First, I’ll say this prophecy stands on its own. Refer to it directly for your own insights. It’s a unique, powerful, strong statement of part of God’s Higher Plan. I only recorded and shared it.

It will come true.

Everything beyond the prophecy itself is what I intuitively get now. Just to help you grasp the possibilities of this approaching revolutionary change.

Believe me, even for me with my clairvoyant background, this is unusual…

Further Explanation of the Prophecy:

“…Pockets and then waves of teenagers, primarily, as they emerge into adulthood energies, will have their deeper internal God-identification pathways “unblocked” at the time God appoints.

This “unblocking mechanism” will cause their growth to merge into surprising but completely natural healing pathways that will reinvigorate humanity.

Their wildly creative maturation energies will move holistically from unhealthy OVER-identification and expression in fragmented sexuality play, into a kind of mass GROUP SOUL OF HUMANITY initiation.

Pure unbridled energies of joy — not necessarily of sex — will be felt, accepted, understood, eagerly embraced as healing and natural.

After all, the dream of our separation from God and each other is meant to be awakened from. It has to start somewhere in earnest.

The sincere purity of young people’s energies, brimming on bursting, is the most natural centering point for the Creator’s CHANGE Energies to focus.

These CHANGE Energies will be triggered by the intensifying mass of all humanity’s yearning for completeness — by all our self searching. By all our crying out for transformation. By every tiniest drop of healing for individuals and societies that is prayed for, given and received.

For the last thousands of years, this yearning keeps accelerating, and in response the World keeps spinning new futures.

It’s as if all of Life patiently dances with a drunken, ignorant but beloved partner–humanity.

Today’s global and private catastrophes reflect the turbulence of our race’s decongesting internal circuits — the results of our seeking a better way, a more beneficial way to live, to love. To create in greater harmony with each other and within ourselves. In connection with greater planned Creator CHANGE Energies than we have imagined…

Why do I mention the awesome power (that can cause catastrophes) of the collective human soul and emotions while they’re out of whack?

Because it gives us a hint at the mighty changes that’ll revolutionize ALL of Earthly society & our environments once we’re rolling like a car with all four tires balanced, aligned and new.

Understand, this is spiritual metaphysical reality: the pain generated by living out of balance — and the desire aroused to get REAL again — causes our prayers & feelings to rise up like sacred smoke into the Creator’s sacred blueprint for Earth.

The alchemy of these rising aspirations connects like an energy trigger switched ON in mankind’s voluntary free will growth condition, so that, as planned, the Creator’s CHANGE mechanism tumblers in the “evolution lock” for mankind can click to UNLOCK — to OPEN.

Future fact:
The key for the next stage of humanity’s evolution as it turns in Heavenly Reality, will systemically trigger the unblocking of the mechanism located in certain peoples’, mostly teenagers’, physical-spiritual-sexual energy circuits.

A remarkable, never-before-seen mass change since the days of Atlantis etc., kind of “kundalini rising” effect, or outbreak releasing Divine Christing Energy Effects within kids individually and in groups, will spring up like the sunspot storms that well up from the sun’s core to refresh & revolve its surface.

Not just subconscious and dream-state telepathy will result…

Soon, conscious group telepathy and group FEELINGS and eventually WISDOM BURSTS amidst collective URGES TO CHANGE Earth for the better, will arise to sweep teenagers’ and then EVERYONE’S hearts beyond any dull, congested-energy governments’ or corporations’ or gun barrels’ power to suppress.

This Divine Initiation Process will greatly enhance or replace all societies’ initiations for the maturation of teens. Almost everywhere, cultures have devolved from the heart-based wisdom of higher indigenous & spiritual societies to now mindlessly push teens to accept demeaning-to-the-soul orgiastic rituals of shopping, consuming, violence, & screwing. All in conformity with spiritual mediocrity.

Important: It’s our job to let all kids know that our Creator is complete benevolence and Intelligent Love for everybody.

It’s also definitely time for us to see that an active Higher Plan really does exist.

More and more people recognize that the purpose of mankind’s surviving past all the old prophecies of doom and gloom is to return to our higher Christed Consciousness, whatever one’s spiritual path.

It’s our job — our challenge — and our hidden inner desire — to find, see & accept this Infinite Intelligent Love as our reality more each day, through all our conditioned habits, struggles, griefs, desires.

Clearly, the more responsible & caring we are towards kids, whether or not we’re parents, helps bring a happier fate to the human race.

You can guess at the possible whirlwinds to result from this awakening as well as I can. Surely changes will revolutionize the lives — and uplift the energies — of us all.

Just like the rising sun, evolution doesn’t play favorites–eventually it shines on everyone.

Naturally, we have to expect unexpected fireworks along the way.

Someday, the awakened generations might even be likened unto a new race upon the earth, except that they’ll remain “our kids”. They will be “like us”, but different.

Not to worry — humans will always find ways to enjoy their sexual energies — but in an ascending plane of meaningful life.

Kids will lead our world into a better future — so now, it’s up to us to lead them with all the love & wisdom we can share.

After all, each of us might someday reincarnate.

As one of them.”

Blessings to you,
Rev. Scott Ufford
Copyright 2011

11 Spiritual Power Principles for Your Success in 2011


by Rev. Scott Ufford

Use these 11 spiritual power principles to build your happy success in 2011:

Give thanks now for all the good things in your life last year, 2010.

They comforted you, rewarded you, blessed you, healed you. Gave you so much to share. Because of them, they gave you ways & chances to help others and grow your dreams.

Give thanks now for all the pains in your life last year.

They taught you, challenged you, strengthened you. They purified your soul energy, cleansed your karma & your resolve to hear wisdom & follow your dreams.

Give thanks now for all the people who helped you & forgave you last year.

By their hands you were uplifted. You were encouraged to grow. By their forgiveness, whether known or not, you became less separate & more connected to other people, to your heart, and to God.

Give thanks now for all the people you helped & forgave last year.

By your hands others were uplifted. By your sacrifice & caring, you gave them hope. By forgiving them, you increased the good in the world, in your life—and in your future.

Give thanks now for all the new people in your life last year.

Could you imagine 2010 without the new people, new stimulation, struggles and gladness—but you had no idea they would show up? Do you sense higher purpose & possibilities within your life’s changes?

Give thanks now for all the people who left your life last year.

Did you know they would leave, or when or how? By leaving, they pushed you to feel the truth, weakness, happiness & love in your relationships. To value each moment. To learn by reflecting on love and loss.

Give thanks now for all the new people, opportunities & ideas who will enter your life this New Year.

Can you imagine the good unknowns coming your way? Why not magnify them? By focusing on your desires, helping others with their desires, and giving thanks in advance, you radiate energies of fulfillment.

Give thanks now for all the people’s lives & hopes you will enter this New Year.

Do you have any idea how important you are to your corner of the world? Can you imagine how the wrongs and rights you’ll do, will help others learn their lessons, fulfill their dreams & destinies–and change you?

Give thanks now for all the good & bad that will enter your life this New Year.

By giving thanks in advance for EVERYTHING, you really gain strength. How? You welcome the Higher Power that’s sustained and loved you through every event since your creation. You align yourself with trust in action.

Give thanks now for all the events that will enter the world this New Year.

Unknown are the blessings and pains of this year ahead. Unknown are the startling new struggles, setbacks, inventions and successes. Unknown are the necessary revolutions, sacrifices, losses and humble births. But known is that you will create this year with everyone else. Be glad you love the human family.

Give thanks now for the Higher Power pouring Its Reality into humanity’s dreamland this New Year.

Known to God is the clear and hidden good within the Higher Plan. Known to God is the best possible destiny of humanity taking shape through all our miseries and confusions. The more you decide to dream the powerful dream, to pray with purpose, to hear with your heart, to start the healing, the more you free your soul.

Give thanks now for the chance to give a little more than what’s expected in this New Year.

Do this for others, and life will do more for you than you expect. When you’re glad, you give and receive more without measure. You make room for miracles. You enjoy our world’s increasing power to reflect Divine possibilities.

A Conclusion and a Beginning:

By giving thanks for what was, what is, and what will be, you multiply everyone’s good in this New Year. So decide to wake up more. Be glad God makes this possible.

Be patient, be brave, and help make 2011 beautiful. Thank you.

Copyright Scott Ufford 2011