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“New God” Invites You to the Religions of the Skies


PART 3 of “New God: The Beginning”, a series of eye-opening reports on New God’s first actions on Earth. “New God” is a simple name for the Divine Leader of our Aquarian Age who began His / Her rule of Earth in August 2011.
New God Promises to Revolutionize Every Earthly Religion

Your vital personal question:

“What’s New God doing as He / She starts reign on Earth?

Here’s how to find out!

Very profitably—most profitably—prepare yourselves—by a certain ceremony of initiating yourself & yourselves into a Welcome to His Higher Presence.

Welcome fully His new evolving ways as humanity’s situational history, karmic possibilities and evolutionary probabilities begin to take deeper root . . .

Express your Heart of Welcome to New God in this Advent Season of Newness made Newer, Meaning:

Our New Beginnings.

The “Past God” is of one logically concluded age of mankind. “Past God” or “Old God” passed this baton of mankind’s awareness, for a new level of God’s rulership over Earth to challenge and stimulate our civilization.

(Ed. note: Maybe someday soon we will be civilized!)

Welcome and revere New God. Place this heart of yours at complete joyful service to Him! Or if you prefer to say, to Her!

“I welcome New God. I welcome New God in (Jesus’) Name, Amen.

“I welcome infinite healing services for mankind. I welcome infinite new powers of awareness.

”I place my life’s purpose, my soul, my very being at New God’s feet in glad awareness.

“I welcome this New Divine Presence of Mastery to heal all religions, release all ignorance, error and corruption, and create one Divine Multi-Faceted Experience in their stead.

“Welcome New God, New Christ, New Buddhic Energies. Welcome these Higher Energies engendering familiarity of freedom in love for God, into each and every religion’s provenance.”

Why issue this welcome?

Because you can no more resist these advances of New God’s New Reign Upon Earth than you can resist breathing in new draughts of energized oxygen, no matter where in the world it sweeps down to you from!

Waste little time—pay little attention—to the old strictures as commonly expressed of these Earth-based religions of yours.

Why not?

Because here’s what’s coming now:

The Religions of the Skies.

Embracing every religion’s native, natural goodness. Discarding the “oldness”, as must be done.

Embracing the timelessness of any spiritual well being, as must be done. Seeing where all—where each and every religion—has fallen short—then changing it to complete mankind’s leap into the 5th dimension!

For the instant ending of global miseries occurring via mysteries beyond your control, declare you this day, this very factual truth:

“I am one with New God this day. New God and Old God are unified in Will for this well being of mankind’s freshness. Let all that takes place from this day forwards be for the honoring of God’s purposes upon Earth and for the well being of humanity. In The Most Sacred Name we pray, Amen.”

Pray for the continued efforts of mankind in favor of completed self healings.

Serious efforts—necessary tasks—remain for culmination of ages of darkness and for entrance into New Light Energies. Efforts are not to be ignored. Messy process–but results are to be honored. Magnificent in the long run!

An additional supercharged prayer for you:

“I pray for New God’s powerful healing of groups I am most intensely connected to, and have intimate knowledge of.

“I pray for and project this well being advance for us, in all necessary stages known only to God, as an integral part of mankind’s well being / wellness program.

“And so it is!”

Do these prayers. Use your own words if you like. You’ll feel an incredible connection to the Unified Will of Old God / New God as we accelerate into the positive energy vortex of 2012!

With loving regard,
Elder Spiritual Teachers of Mankind”

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Rev. Scott Ufford,
Spiritualist minister
Copyright 2011

Do You Ask God Questions? Listen for Answers?


My Unusual Spiritual Experience Can Help You

One painful summer afternoon, I sat alone on a black wrought iron bench in the center of a monastery’s lush green lawn. I was determined to do what I had to do:

Talk to God. Ask tough questions. And hear the answers, like it or not.

I meditated, then wrote down my sincere questions in this Letter to Christ–and His Reply:

I didn’t demand a response, but a tingle inside told me I’d get one. I was ready. I’d been “almost ready” for too long.

A sleepy butterfly hovered over my hot bench while I waited. The sun beat down like a silent hammer, but I waited.

Finally the silence ended. Crisp words began to blow through me like gusts of fresh air in a worried sail. I wrote without censorship or fear–I had to record it exactly as I got it.

I just imagined that this was a wise old friend talking, who hadn’t visited me in ages. Every word of our conversation was precious for me to record.

As I wrote, the sun seemed to glow instead of shine. I felt a great comfortable warmth.

Later–as I still sat alone on the bench–I would second-guess myself. Maybe I wrote down certain words wrong? Would Christ, or would God, really say that? Hmmm. So I corrected myself and I fussed, and meditated. I crossed-out and uncrossed-out some words in a lengthy process until I was certain all was correct.

Then I realized: I’d “corrected” the transcript until it read exactly the way I’d first written it down!

…This brings the conversation back to YOU.

If you don’t try to get direct answers from God or Christ or whomever you pray to–why wait any longer?

Maybe you don’t think you deserve any answers? Or you couldn’t handle them? Or you might hear wrong?

It’s really okay. God allows us to be abundantly imperfect. This question-and-answer process is both possible and good.

You don’t need to write a Russian novel. God accepts postcards, and probably tweets too.

You can ask about anything. It’s your personal secret.

Maybe you fear that the answer you get might conflict with what religious leaders say is correct? Maybe the answer might not agree with what you are hoping to hear?

Relax. If this happens, remember we’re all here to learn and grow. Your Creator always supports you for trying. For caring!

No true religion will tell you that you don’t have the right to ask God questions–and get answers! Because the religions & the spiritual paths are for mankind’s help.

To prepare to receive your guidance, you can affirm, “I am loved by God. My Creator is my friend. I affirm this true relationship on a new and deeper level than ever before. I release all past experiences that deny this truth.”

“I have the right to ask. I have the right to listen. I have the right to know God cares–no matter what He says to me.”

Affirm this again and again. Pray that you be surrounded with Divine Love, Light and Protection. Pray that what you receive be only from God or from the highest servant of God available–be that an angel, a teacher of yours in Heaven or in the Spirit World.

Start to write when the feeling’s right. Then–listen with the same welcoming openness as you would to a long-lost friend of yours. Suddenly back in your life, standing in your doorway before you.

In my experience spiritually counseling so many people over the years, here’s the main reason why people don’t hear answers to their questions to God:

Because they forget to let their hearts listen. They try to judge whether every word is perfect, or perfectly acceptable, before they’ve even heard it!

Don’t worry if you get earth-shaking results or not. You might see colors or hear music or sense a couple words that stand out like an eagle silhouetted against a cloud. Any answer feels incredible.

Remember, God has every thing on Earth available to use to speak to you.

Your answer might not be heard right away. It might come to you from a commercial jingle on TV, or you might see a message on the side of a passing truck that suddenly makes unusual sense to you.

Your answer could come from kind or harsh words that someone you like–or dislike–speaks to you. Truth has its own strong integrity.

Your answer could come from the twisting shape of a playful cloud, or from a phrase in an inspirational book that leaps up at you as eagerly as your pet dog when you come home.

You could write it down in the form of a few scribbled words on a pad by your bed, when you jump up wide-awake from an unusual dream at 4 in the morning.

The key can be to grab hold of these honest words of Christ:
“I am your friend.”

Apply this fact to Whoever you believe in, or are trying to believe in. Imagine that all people, voices, guilts and fears that try to tell you differently are washed away in a pure, clean stream.

Remain open to your results. They will come. If not immediately, then sooner or later.

It’s promised.

Keep your faith my friend.

Let me know any way I can help you or any questions:
Rev. Scott Ufford,
Spiritualist minister
Copyright 2011

If God Sees Into All Things, Then…


Why Are We So Blind?

After all, if God sees into all things,
then God is infinite windows…

If God is infinite windows,
then God is infinite clarity.

Infinite clarity is so formless and unquantifiable
that it exudes into and manifests perpetually,
like an exhalation,
all matters and forms of quantities–
into all universes made.

Infinite clarity being of itself
formless and unquantifiable,
its basic nature is unaltered
by all matters of form and quantity–

even as it interacts with, responds to
and perpetuates all matters of form and quantity.

Yes, perfect absolute clarity is beyond
all measures of form and quantity,
yet in no way separate from form and quantity.

Separation by its very nature impels
imperfect clarity into being,
but it cannot touch perfect clarity.

Our First Conclusion:

Fundamentally and ultimately,
there is no separation between
any thing of form and quantity,
and the infinite clarity of God’s nature.

For any thing of form and quantity,
separation is not part of its fundamental ultimate self.

Separation is merely the imposition
of beliefs about form and quantity
onto living matters of form and quantity.

Our Second Conclusion:

Separation is a creative fabrication.
A game of illusions. A faulty hypothesis
being put to the living “what-if” test
onto matters of form and quantity.

For Strange Example:

A sane man, possessing full sight and full senses
ties a blindfold over his eyes,
declares to himself:

“What if I now know nothing of the body I am in?
What if I am really blind?”

As long as he rigorously enforces his
separation hypothesis as his only acceptable conclusion,
he blinds, numbs and hypnotizes himself into complete victory.

What’s His Only Solution?

Once he admits his indwelling
unquenchable thirst for real clarity,
for real life, whatever it is,
he can only win
by losing his game–
by ending his game.

By losing his game of separation,
he ends his struggles born from that game,
doesn’t he?

Doesn’t he learn one drop more of
what clarity is,
by admitting one drop more of
what it isn’t?

What’s His Victory?:

Doesn’t he bring himself one giant step closer
to the God who sees into him infinitely–
and in seeing into the windows of his soul
with infinite clarity,
infinitely loves him with infinite clarity?

Consider Christ as He who invites you
one giant step closer into that clarity.

Peaceful clear blessings to you,
Rev. Scott Ufford, Spiritualist minister
Copyright 2011

Thorny Questions About Jesus’ Crucifixion, Ascension & Return Down Here


Tough Easter questions for every Christian.
Also for every other-than-Christian:

Why was Jesus Christ resuscitated by angels
after His death on the cross, in a way He could return here with a super-spiritualized yet touchable physical body?

Hadn’t He gone through enough suffering?
Wasn’t God satisfied with how much He’d accomplished in one life already?
Wasn’t God satisfied with how much symbolic yet very bloody, very painful, very shattering penance He’d done on behalf of humanity?
Hadn’t Jesus earned the right to exit this earthly stage permanently? To “dwell up in Heaven at God’s right hand”?

What mission did He have left to accomplish in our gritty world?
He’d already preached with an infinite wisdom and sense of the value at stake in every situation in His earlier life.
He’d already healed enough impossibly sick people, raised the dead, and touched the hearts of enough Jewish people to reawaken them to God’s promises for them.
He’d already given every last drop of His strength.

So, why return?

I’ll suggest a possible answer by introducing another set of harsh questions:

Why, as the Scriptures say, did Jesus after returning here, then descend into the afterlife place known as Hell to preach to the dead?

If those fallen souls were in a place of total darkness and unconsciousness, why would God temporarily revive them just for Jesus’ inspirational speech?

If they were meant to be judged at some unknown future time, but upon death their soul’s consciousness had shifted from active to inactive, and their any further deeds (as if they could do anything “down there”) had shifted from having the new consequences and learning value natural to life, to having absolutely none–what good could He do?

If they were stuck in Hell for eternity as some misguided people believe, why would Jesus waste His energy teaching those unteachable souls, those unreachable souls, those unforgivable souls–stuck in an unalterable doom?

Since Jesus never uttered a negative word or wasted his breath–even His expressions of anger were rightfully aroused–surely He wasn’t in Hell to raise false hopes or mock those dead who supposedly were only conscious & free enough to suffer as painfully as Jesus had on His own cross?

Honestly, why would He return to the comparative hell of physical life after ascending to Heaven, only to descend into Hell beyond physical life again?

Let’s look at the parallels:

Humble Earthly existence could be seen as far below Heavenly existence, as Hell-bound existence could be seen as below Earthly existence.

Jesus having transcended the Earth, must have passed through a Great Mystic Initiation from God. Yet remember that years before His crucifixion, He’d already said that the greatest leader of all must be a servant of all.

Not being a man to waste words or time, Jesus must have come back here–to Earth and to Hell–out of devotion to one truth: SUPREME SERVICE CHANGES HEARTS, SOULS, and LIVES.

It must be that, though enmeshed in our own humble plane of life, we in the living flesh each can move towards our own higher level of mystic initiation. By returning to earth with greater Power and Fulfillment from God, Jesus then acted not only out of supreme compassion to ease our pangs, but also out of supreme desire to CHANGE us–to help bring us back up into more ACTIVE LIVING experience of our forgotten divine birthrights.

In that same light, by descending into Hell, Jesus then acted not only out of supreme compassion to ease the dead’s pangs, but also out of supreme desire to CHANGE them–to help them back up into a more ACTIVE LIVING experience in the direction of their forgotten divine birthrights.

He initiated both levels of humankind–the living and the dead–into waves of new, real, vital–and unexpected–HOPE.

He made clear that a REVOLUTIONARY ENERGY CHANGE had rocked Earth by His own Mystic Initiation. He above all desired to fulfill His new Initiation–by working to fulfill God’s desire for us to have our own uplifting Initiations.

Jesus demonstrated that EVERY ONGOING STEP of humanity’s UNBROKEN CYCLE of existence–whether within or without one’s fleshly body–holds intense potential for ACTIVE, LIVING CHANGE.

By giving REAL SERVICE to others.

Isn’t that worth coming back for?

* * * * * * * * * * * * *
God bless you, Happy Easter & Beyond,
Make life a wonderful thing.
Do your very best & leave the rest to God!
Rev. Scott Ufford, Spiritualist minister
Copyright 2011