Haven’t You Climbed Long Enough? Aren’t You Ready for a New Adventure?


Do you want to stop wandering, stop trekking, stop zig-zagging endlessly upwards by the sweat of your brow?

Do you want to stop struggling & learn how to fly?

Christ says the Kingdom of Heaven–
that mysterious, omnipresent exciting Kingdom–
is not only within you–
it’s within everyone.

What does this mean?

It’s our infinite final frontier.
It’s our perfect spiritual nest.
It’s our ultimate launching pad.
It’s our pure blue skies of happiness.

But what do I know?

It sounds like a lovely place to fly.

So you’re not alone in your desire.

If you want to learn how to fly, why not help someone else?

Let’s face it:
We’re all learners.
We’re all beginners.
We’re all disgruntled veterans and secretly hopeful children.
We all desire a helping hand.

We’ve all risen to grasp some hard-won wisdom but it’s not enough.

We desire–and deserve–to spread our wings.

Spiritual Law:
He or she who gladly helps others, also receives help.
From Heaven and on Earth.
The greater your service to others, the higher the Kingdom of Heaven within you, leads you.

Take this pure moment to trust a little bit.
Hear your own prayer.

Yes, your spiritual eyes can open enough to glimpse.
Your spiritual wings can sprout.
Your spiritual heart can thrill to that mysterious exciting blue reality…

Do you dare to admit your desire to fly?

Do you dare to take that wondrous leap?

I believe you do.

Just try.

Rev. Scott Ufford
C 2013

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6 thoughts on “Haven’t You Climbed Long Enough? Aren’t You Ready for a New Adventure?

  1. Turko Yerli

    Hello, This is an extremely well written article about controversial question. I want to know if I really survive or if my mind decays with the body rotting. If I know what is truth I will be happier with difficult life.I come back to learn extra of your helpful info. Do you personally know about post life judgment? Thanks for the post. I’ll certainly comeback.

  2. Alecia Fleck

    This is cool. Thank you a lot for sharing this with all people you actually recognize what you are speaking about!

  3. Bonny Weimann

    Hello! I have to claim that this post is awesome, awesome created including just about all critical info about our souls. Let me see more blogposts similar to this. You are inspireational.

  4. Janet Svennson

    I climbed a LONG time Scott. I fell down too easy. I got back on my feet. I see you know how to fall down & get back up. Good for you! Share and receive my mother said.

  5. Dyson Cole

    You completed some fine points there Rev. Scott! I find a good number of people will have the same understanding with your blog.

  6. Tina T.

    Your post is like a poem, it really speaks to me Rev. Scott. I needed some help to clear my mind with my family troubles. I have to remember what’s important in life to focus on. Thank you.

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