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More Controversy Unfolds About “the Right Maitreya, the Real Maitreya”, the Christ, and Jesus


Written in response to an impassioned concerned reader claiming her real-life Maitreya is the only one & the best:

Dear Ila,
Many bodhisattvas, but one Buddha.
Many saints in Christ, but one Christ.
Many sects following & squabbling over Jesus, but one Jesus.
Many beams of sunlight, but one sun.
Many lovers, many experts, many healers, many haters, but One Reality of Love.

One difference I note between your obviously revered Maitreya & the Maitreya Mr. Creme speaks about tirelessly:
“his” Maitreya never disses “anyone else’s Maitreya”, he just says they’re not the same.

Just for example–
I feel no need to justify my clear impressions of Maitreya the spiritual being of goodness, or to “make battle with my understandings & convictions against” anyone else’s.

Just as I don’t feel the need to stack up or justify my sense of Jesus Christ, against any battling or baffling Bible or other religion’s holy book quotes.

Nor do I feel pushed into countering nay-sayers weighted down by their blindness borne of scientific skepticism that’s spilled over into willful ignorance of their spiritual existence & its all-embracing reality.

I am glad you’ve found your honorable Maitreya, because many manipulative souls have entered Earth to test our wisdom and our patience–

Not to mention, to test the degree of our desire to uphold our ego superiority over our Central Heart’s True Pulsing Desire to LIVE, KNOW, SHARE SOUL LOVE.

Without labels, without needed license or limits or battles…

I believe the degree we obey this unavoidable fact:

The FACT of the call of every person’s private True Heart’s Pulsing Desire to LIVE, KNOW, SHARE SOUL LOVE–
No matter what their avowed faith or their lack of it–
Or whether they’re “good or evil” in other’s eyes, or in their own eyes–
Decides & defines WHETHER, WHEN and HOW we enter the New Christ Presence–
The New Earth–
New Future–
Reality awaiting us.
With patient impatience.
Tapping its foot.

Thank you so much for writing Ila. I welcome hearing more from you & all concerned writers.”

Let’s get talking more! Let’s hear more!
Anybody else want to comment on their concept of what the Master Plan at work is?
Peace & Happiness to you,
Rev. Scott Ufford

Copyright 2013

Psychic Secrets: Forget The Island of “Lost”, We’re Citizens of a New World


This illuminating secret was just revealed for us by anonymous Reality Teachers:

“As the New Island is created, as we step, fresh-minted and fresh-minded onto its sacred shores, the old island is destroyed behind us…

“The old’s usefulness has been served. Now the old stage set is to be struck, the special effects lab shut down, the electricity extinguished…

All the old effects of living on the nearby-in-time-departed island behind us, back at the bridge’s beginnings, are complete. With no further need or desire to sustain the old stories, that old world is veritably rolled up like a worn, treasured carpet.

Allowed to be extinguished & then recycled–for we have no need to return back into that squalid past, however much we loved it despite all its flaws.

Because your energies lie focused into the new direction.

Into your footsteps–and your wing flights–you enter upon this vast New Island life–where, it’s true:

you have no need for the past, successfully graduated from–

because in advancing across the bridge to this New Island–you have moved into fuller use and possession of your true, honest senses.

Please note: your old island past is NOT for you to willfully destroy–

because in doing this, you would censor your abilities of awakening peace, which would tend to negate your crossing of any necessary bridge in the first place.

Instead, honor with respect every place you have ever been.

Allow God Himself to roll up the magic carpet of old times from behind you and to do this as He will–

for who else but He, in coordination with your highest divine desires & good will, has UNROLLED the magic carpet of this New Island–for YOU?!”
With Peace and Blessings to You,
Rev. Scott Ufford,
The Psychic Philosopher
Copyright 2012

Global Seed Vault Battles “Monster Mind” Insanity


The Svalbard Global Seed Vault sheltered in the Arctic Circle could prove as valuable to us as Noah’s Ark before The Flood.

It’s a great example of the value of international cooperation–
because human survival everywhere DEPENDS upon … plants!

Our food supply safety depends on our world maintaining MULTIPLE UNTAINTED (nonGMO) SPECIES, SEED SOURCES, and GROWTH & DISTRIBUTION systems.

That’s what Mother Nature intends with her massively varied, intricate & interdependent sets of local plants, animals & insect species in mini-biospheres around every nook & cranny of the world.

Historically, whenever any region or spot’s local fauna & flora became exhausted or wiped out, the (much smaller) human population could shift elsewhere, adjust to new growing conditions–

Either new plants & animals species gradually moved into the exhausted area, regenerated the soil & refreshed the ecology, or the few remaining genetic samples of the original foodstuffs got tougher, more resiliently adapted to that little region’s unique growing conditions & thrived again.

Or the region desertified (rested under sand) or was overrun by insects or pathogens whose own populations eventually peaked & collapsed because they fed on the other species–

But the vitality of the Earth’s biospheres or its humans AS A WHOLE was not threatened,

To radical climate change causing droughts, floods, ocean rising & land settling, earthquakes, hurricanes; overpopulation, topsoil loss, deforestation, oxygen-deprived & warmed waters,

Nuclear & “conventional” war & fuel supply systems & pollution destroying whole sets of species in a region at a gulp–


Reckless greed-driven use of GMOs (from the scurvied likes of Monsanto, Syngenta, Bayer Crop Science, etc.) that irreversibly taint natural food species, weaken them to disease, infestation, & alter them from meshing with the ecology & animals of the lands & countries they thrive in & feed–

Call this “bioethnic cleansing” if you like–

But there’s no place left to hide from our responsibilities for our planet’s health & for our future survival above the most miserable pathetic conditions imaginable.

Imagine if all edible food species (except those secured in the Global Seed Vault) got tainted — weakened to disease & greedy careless “market forces” by the spread of GMOs–it’s HAPPENING. The winds, the weather, the movement of animals–nothing can contain GMOs from drifting into, tainting & poisoning local species & destroying local plants’ genetic vigor & resistance to disease.

Even worse, vile companies like Monsanto greedily embrace what’s called “Monster Mind” mentality. Their dream & strategic plan is to rope (force) all farmers and consumers (humans, like you and me) into a centralized pipeline so ALL seeds come from ONE source–like Monsanto.

Their GMO seeds are basically HALF-DEAD–meaning, sterile, non-self-reproducing, but bred to CARRY Monsanto NEUROTOXINS (increasing POISONOUS mixtures of pesticides) into their maturity, the surrounding soil & waters, & into YOUR BODY–

Globally, here’s the Monster Mind Big Game Plan:

EVERY YEAR, 75% of farmers across USA and more & more globally:

MUST replenish their expensive “NEUTERED/CASTRATED” seeds from ONE source–Monsanto & Pals–

Must buy expensive pesticides that Monsanto’s monocultural seeds (easily threatened by increasingly resistant insects & diseases–call them Monsanto’s Monster Insects & Monster Diseases) are BRED to ingest & CARRY from ONE source–Monsanto–

Must buy expensive fertilizers to replenish their unnaturally tainted & now nutritionally deprived soils–

Must plant BIGGER monocultural GMO crops yearly to pay for the expensive HALF-DEAD seeds plus the toxins & the inadequate fertilizers–

Must buy BIGGER machinery or surrender local small farming to giant “Monster Mind” agriCORPORATIONS to feed Monsanto’s profit margin–

Must suffer under local agricultural policies TAINTED by big $ “lobbying” to feed Monsanto’s Monster Mind plans–

Or if they don’t pay Monsanto’s price or the centralized distribution supply is cut off–
In worst case they could GO STARVE.

How big–how neo-Satanic–is the Monsanto Monster Mind mentality?

Judge for yourself this SHOCKING FACT:
A whistleblower’s reporting Monsanto’s insane PLANS to purposely DESTROY–to wipe out–NATIVE NATURAL BEE populations.


To replace them with GMO honeybees that would tolerate & pollinate Monsanto–and ONLY Monsanto–GMO crops!
How insane–how vicious–how Dr. STRANGELOVE is that?

Now do you see how precious this Global Seed Vault is?
Far more precious than oil or gold!

See how VITAL this solution is–
To work together unselfishly, locally & internationally–
To plan & share for the common good.

It’s the ONLY WAY to avoid a future Monster Mind kind of Hell on Earth.
And it’s the ONLY WAY of The Age of Spiritual Honesty–
now dawning on Earth as part of the Divine Plan.

Time for YOU to decide how YOU can help change the world–get started–you will find like-minded friends!
* * * * * * * * * * * * *
Rev. Scott Ufford
Copyright 2012

Spiritual Politics: Chinese Worse Than Brutal Slave Masters on the Old Tibetan Negro Plantation


Imagine sane, good, peaceful people–
burning themselves alive–

Why would they?

Shocking self-immolations in the news, by Tibetans protesting Chinese enslavement since 1959–
since the illegal invasion of Tibet by Communist China–
as illegal as Hitler’s invasion of Poland 20 years earlier in 1939–
force us to see an ugly, shameful Chinese record:

Tibetans in their own traditional centuries-old country & culture brutally invaded, rounded up, slaughtered, abused, corralled & treated like third-class citizens.

Their peaceful temples and monasteries destroyed, except a half dozen turned into tourist spots & media show pieces where the religious people can be spied on & controlled..

Very recently, other peaceful new monasteries, once established, were repeatedly razed by the Chinese tyrants fearful of the unexpected thousands of Tibetan nuns & monks who flocked to re-establish their spiritual life.

Maybe you think the word “tyrant” is too harsh?

if the Chinese had allowed you to see–
you’d have seen THOUSANDS of peaceful monks & nuns, including the very young, the aged & infirm, kicked out into the freezing raw mountainsides & forests with no shelter, their monasteries burning to the ground behind them!

What would you call such dictators if they were running YOUR country & victimizing YOUR own family & neighbors?

To his credit, Tibet’s spiritual leader the Dalai Lama is world famous for advocating peaceful change in Tibet, and for emphasizing nonviolent spiritual protest in the manner of Gandhi. But the Chinese are fearful of the many local rebellions yearly in their OWN glued-together country…

Yes, here’s another deeper dark secret:

The Chinese are afraid of the Dalai Lama because if he returns to Tibet, the citizens of China might eventually grow inspired. Find they have their own spiritual leaders who would awaken, be roused to action & revolt against the extreme Chinese bureacratic controls over the Christians, Buddhists, & Falun Gong (peaceful traditional meditation & family values) practitioners.

The Chinese people, though mostly unaccustomed to democracy except in their village councils, do have a spiritual heart that the frankly atheistic and repressive (because they force their rejection of spirituality on others) Chinese leaders desperately FEAR.

The Chinese know they are in the ethical and spiritual WRONG for trying to destroy the Tibetan people & their spirit.

Where misery is enforced by tyranny, revolution for survival MUST follow.

Why do the Chinese rule Tibet like the Nazis in Germany before 1939, or the American slave owners on their old Southern plantations?

Because it’s a vast natural resources grab, plain & simple. They want to extract every possible resource from Tibet like a vampire wants to sucks all the blood from its victims.

It’s nothing personal.

…Back to the true story:

Tibetan people’s villages pillaged, their people forced to learn Chinese & not Tibetan language or culture in schools, and not to speak their own language in public dealings.

Since recent construction of the massive international railway & highway the Chinese Nazis, or slave masters–
for that’s what they’re becoming–
have swamped Tibet with Chinese immigrants, making real Tibetans an underemployed, disrespected, abused minority in their own land.

Simple unpleasant fact:

Greater desperation is seeping into the Chinese slave masters’ Tibetan plantations by their unceasing cruelty against their slaves.

Nobody burns himself to death in protest unless he & his community are forced beyond misery into utter hopelessness by an unyielding menace that responds only to extreme public acts!

When burning yourself to death becomes your only & strongest way to show your objection to intolerable abuse, and to rally your community to protest despite its impoverished weakness, that must mean you’re being pushed beyond desperation!

It’s a shocking, even astounding testament to the Tibetan peoples’ nature that they’d choose to harm themselves before retaliating against their cold-blooded oppressors with every weapon & paramilitary tactic they could get their hands on–

which is what we’d do here in USA!

(Tibetans bravely attempted defense of their country in 1959 but China’s massive war machine rolled over them like the waves of Nazi tanks did over Poland.)

Every statement here is based on clear facts found in the public record and through respected Tibetan support organizations who SEE and KNOW the real desperation in Tibet.

Let’s pray the Chinese slave masters moderate their cruelty to the great Tibetan people & allow them to freely breathe as the peaceful, good-hearted, deep-souled people they are.


Sure, America & the West are used to trading with the Chinese, & our incompetent politicians are addicted to borrowing from them to keep our global octopus economic system out of the toilet.

Maybe questioning China’s obscene behavior in Tibet nudges our national conscience to reconsider any of our own more questionable international deeds?


The bottom line is:

Will we let fear, complacency & the endless nature of the crime obscure the historical FACTS and unavoidable TRUTHS about China’s MASTER / SLAVE relationship with Tibet?

I hope not.

But the facts are the facts.

Because we are entering the Age of Spiritual Honesty.

No one–
no force–
no government–
no religion–
no corporation–
no tradition–
no blind habit or wrongful deed is exempt.

I’m comfortable with stating uncomfortable facts, as facts.

Please check out these important links:


What will you do about China’s abuse of Tibetans?
Think about it–
Tell the world.
Thank you.

Peace and Blessings to you, and all freedom-loving people everywhere.
Rev. Scott Ufford,
The Psychic Philosopher

Copyright 2012