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More Photographic Proof: Angels in New York?!


Controversy rages around every bit of photographic evidence presented for our survival of death.

The problem is, many people who pride themselves on their “scientific open-mindedness” refuse to see & analyze things clearly–without a wheel of silent bias comfortably whirling in the cogs of their thinking.

For example, the latest research into authenticity of The Shroud of Turin: Does it really date from the 1st century? Is it a 13th century fake–an ancient version of “Photoshopped”? Or was a genuine image of Jesus’ face somehow “laser photo-burnt” into the shroud’s linen as his beaten body spiritualized to higher dimensional, heavenly vibration while in the tomb?

Then the “haters”–those who aren’t simply asking rational questions–get to the real point (their point): Isn’t Jesus life just a myth? Isn’t religion just a crutch? Won’t I just rot in the ground when I die?

Etc. People will do everything in their power to “slam” what they don’t dare hear the facts about.

How does this relate to my never-before-seen angel spirit photos taken outside historic Trinity Church in New York City? Let’s take a good look:

Two beautiful angel or spirit images? At historic Trinity Church, Broadway, New York by Scott Ufford

A rare glimpse of the intersection of physical & spiritual realms? Taken at Trinity Church on Broadway, New York City. Photographed with flash at 7:34 AM. The angelic-looking orbs or spirits weren’t visible to me when I photographed the church …

This close up of a pearlescent glowing being is so translucent, you can see details of the church & tree through it… (Click on the photos to magnify.)

Close-up of a remarkable image–of a pure, bright angelic entity? The brightest, fieriest image I’ve seen. Is this a guardian of the souls buried in Trinity’s famous cemetery–or for the many visitors from around the world who stream in its doors from dawn to dusk?
Highest magnification available of angel? spirit? at Trinity Church, Broadway, NYC by Scott Ufford

Taken seconds later without flash, in this photo you can see there’s no reflective surface or light source outside of the church that could have accidentally created the images.

These images aren’t dust, aren’t raindrops, aren’t snow, aren’t dirt on the camera lens. They aren’t image ghosting caused by the flash because you can see they possess vivid inner depth & outer detail.

Excellent technological advance:
I heard yesterday about a new app or plug-in that can show where an image has been Photoshopped. At last, honest images can be proven to doubters as not retouched.

Happy Conclusion:
I can admit to you my feelings of warmth and awe aroused when I first saw these lovely images, knowing they are REAL.

Don’t be afraid to invite your own sense of inner knowing, hope and joy to warm your life this beautiful holiday season. Your life with all its troubles is well worth living. Your soul is very real, and yes, survives your physical death. What’s worth living is worth giving God thanks for.

Tell me what you think of these pictures?
DO you have any you’d like to share?
Your thoughts are welcome!
Here are more of my popular Angel Photos in New York City.

Peace & Happiness,
Merry Christmas and
Happy Holy Days to you,
Rev. Scott Ufford
The Psychic Philosopher
Copyright 2011

Do You Know Santa Claus & The Easter Bunny’s Recipe for Happiness?


“What you gets, you gives & what you gives, you gets.”
–Old Atlantean folk saying

Do you want to “get more happiness” in your life?

If so, don’t wait for the holidays or a vacation–
let’s get started today on Santa Claus & The Easter Bunny’s secret recipe for happiness!

Find a quiet spot for just 6 minutes. Take 6 deep, relaxed breaths.
Ask inside yourself for clear insight…

Now we begin.

These three simple, free choices are your keys to unlock your happiness:

FREE CHOICE NUMBER ONE — What Do You Really Want?

Choose wisely, with raw enthusiasm, what you really want to GET in life–

And what you want to GIVE.

These two will be qualities intertwined around one single powerful idea. You can see through their disguise.

If an actor wears two masks, what do they what they hide?

Why, the one actor who gives them their power.

Realize this:

What you really want to GET is what you will end up GIVING to others. So choose what you want to GIVE the world.

Be grateful in the getting, the giving, the living!

FREE CHOICE NUMBER TWO — Are You Willing to Experience All the Results of Your Desire?

The better your gift is for others, the better it is to get for yourself.

Also, the more you get what is personally good for you, the better you’ll be at giving it to others with good results.

Of course, if you want to benefit by causing mischief, you’ll draw others–even if they’re innocent–into the fire.

Then both you and they will reap the unhappy results.

Unhappy results usually expand their circle of impact the same way happy results do.

You can’t remove the splash a stone makes once you’ve thrown it in the pool.

Knowing this, are you sure your desire is really worth it?

On the other hand:

The more positive and real your way of helping others, the more inspired the way you’ll receive the help you need to help them.

What this means:

The more your desired gift inspires you to make good choices, the more doorways of bountiful expression the Universe opens to get it to you–

And to pour it outwards from you.


The brighter your candle burns with a desire to serve, the more illumination pours across the world.

The sooner you start, the sooner your life brightens up.

Wherever you wish to aim your light with a good purpose, good intent, good trust, the better your results spring up in that place.

Wish only for what benefits you–

Give real thanks for what really benefits you–

You’ll grow in the desire to benefit others with what benefits you.

By the light you shine, you are revealed to others.

Because your true desire shines past your masks, you will know yourself better, too.

No matter what you look like on the outside–
on the inside, you’ll be living like Santa Claus & The Easter Bunny.

You’ll also enjoy this special benefit:

As you practice mixing their secret recipe for happiness, your choices–
and your results–
will keep improving.

Peace and Happiness to you my friend!

Rev. Scott Ufford,
The Psychic Philosopher
Copyright 2011

Picture Your Future as a Kind of Drug-Free Ecstacy…


Just imagine this picture’s antique wooden toys represent the homey, happy, bloody, crappy, triumphant peaceful nook of yours known as the 3rd dimension on good ol’ Mother Earth…

…Here on 3-D Earth is where all your battles seem to have been fought,

Where all your victories seem to have been won,

Where all your tears bitter and sweet seem to have been shed,

Where all your illusions seem to have been shattered,

Where all your courage seems to have been intensely tested,

Where all your slings and arrows of outrageous misfortune and
incredible heart-pounding hairs-breadth glad escapes
from sure doom,
death, extinction or worse
seem to have struck you,

Where all your brothers and sisters,
all your annoying, beloved, insane, ingenious,
delicious demented chuckling human family,

seems to have cursed and prayed itself into white-knuckled
red-cheeked existence,

Where all your loves seem to have sprung up with the urgency
of their sure and tender, thirsty roots,

Where you seem to have spent your entire ancient childhood in near-amnesia,
dreaming of the days you might someday,
spend more awake,
more alive and connected,
more free…

Imagine these wooden playthings seem to tell the special tale of your time-honored 3rd and 4th dimensional reality.

Here we are.

* * * * * * * * * * * * *

Now, imagine if you will, that this next special picture invites you
into what seems like



Into what seems like your next peaceful nest
for exciting flights of initiation beyond simple sights and sounds,
where you can swoop into the heart and science of
Living Your True Soul…

You are so beautiful.
You are courageous.

Because despite what seems like any weakness to your wings
You do have the heart of the dove
You do have the eyes of the eagle.

You are remembering your desire to fly!

…When you help your neighbor,
you help your self.

When you help your self,
you help your world.

When you help your world,
you help all worlds.

Because your arrow of love that seems to fly in one direction here
pierces the Heart of the Universe
that beats profoundly into all directions.

* * * * * * * * * * * * *

Peace and happiness to you,
Rev. Scott Ufford
Copyright 2011

Your Intense Q&A Session with Jesus Christ


by Rev. Scott Ufford

You say you’ve never had a real conversation with Jesus Christ?

Relax: what’s mine is yours too. As you’ll see in a minute.

Here’s my Letter to Jesus Christ, written in meditation during a time of intense turmoil–and His profound response:

I would like to be at peace with you. I would like to know you better. I would like to know, in my heart, why you are here.

What is your real role in All This? Are you important? What are you doing here? What are you in relation to other spiritual leaders, now and in the past? To ETs? To Moslems and Buddhists?

I would know these answers and have peace at heart.

Jesus’ calm psychic reply, as recorded:

You are never alone. You are always with me. You are my son, as much as any. As prodigal, as any. My enemy, as much as you believe only. My friend, more than you could possibly believe. My worshiper, my doubter, my ally, my press agent. My insignificant speck and my gem on the finger that marvels every eye.

You are my son and my daughter and my estranged widow. You are my Doubting Thomas extraordinaire and my eager acolyte.

You are my humorous source of laughter and my irate child. You are within me, within you within yourself, within the world. You are outside and beyond fear.

You are the trembling in the knees when looking in the face of the beloved suitor.

You are the wind that blows ill and good, that listeth where it lieth, that sneezeth when it prayeth–and spits, or harrumphs, when it would better listen–and shuts up, holds its tongue, when its lies, once spoken, would uncover self deception.

Speak your lies. Speak your ill untruths. Do not hide your hatreds and your fears under a bushel basket.

From where, then, will shine the light to burn those fears away?

…The nonsense of the ordered life when the soul screams to breathe. The folly of conformity when you would dance with two left legs, but dance with honest joy. The pangs caused by fears held precious, made subservient to a clawing need for sanity as a rigid imposition rather than as a joyful in-breath of God…

These, and all things other, you are to breathe through, work through, live INTO.

Do not worry who am I. Who are you? Do you have cause to worry?
The Father has given you life, the Mother sustaineth you, and I am your challenge, your tormentor and your best friend.

You are millions of doubts to be subsided into a sea of harmony. You are the fish of a man, arms crossed, shaking your head “no” at the vile prospect of having to leap deep back into the sea. “It isn’t my home,” you declare–even as your gills flex and pant for the comforts of the deep blue.

Abandon your scales of judgment of self. Abandon your hatreds nurtured into such green-gray gardens. Give yourself unto the lust for life, the living of the moment, the deep gulping in-breath of love and the out-breath of sharing. Give yourself with abandon into your heart.

Abandon your pretenses and back away from the precipice of self destruction.

I speak to you as one man to one other man. I speak to you as one heart of billions, for all are one great heart of humanity.

Abandon your faith that man is evil. Know your evil, that you may abandon it. Give yourself into the holy sacred heart of the present, of the presence of knowledge within you.

Know that you are every man, cumulative, yet all are unique in the extreme.

Give yourself unto your heart. Give no thought to doctrines. The Word is printed in the heart of every man and woman.

Do not worry–give yourself to your heart and you will have come unto me.

Josephus, Scribe Aspect of Jesus Christ


Copyright 1995, 2010 Rev. Scott Ufford