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Authors from 5th Dimension Share Amazing Prayer to Transform Your Life!


Why experiment with saying this amazing Prayer of Pure Goal Words nightly?

Because it’s given to you and me by Ascended Masters who know exactly what EVERY human being on Earth wants and needs now:

A Sacred Prayer that fits every religion & spiritual path–
it’s infinitely useful.

A Sacred Prayer that invokes & opens for you and me–
for every person–
the Highest Powers that EXACTLY fit our private capacity to grow more fully and happily!

A Sacred Prayer that’s intimately personal, completely practical–
one that when you use it, will bring you remarkable results:


“Divine Master of All, Creator of Any and All — Sacred Creature of All Creation’s Power, Truth and Oneness, grant me this day, access to these educational tools suitably matched for my own highest soul growth today.

“Grant me this entrance tool into my own higher dimensional, highest destiny advancement phases in harmony within the sacred sphere of this Heavenly Earth.

“Grant me full access to any and all Divine Ray Influences most potently to be applied to my soul’s development at this time.

“Show me in this perfect Ray of spiritual advancement, what to do, how to live a purposeful life, how to awaken any destiny gifts you have prepared before me to accept in this powerful time for soul advancement.

“Make these and my soul families’ experience upon Earth be a fruitful gift of your love pouring into mine and all our lives as well as we can do.

“Guide these soul-ray-structure alignments within my conscious being, in harmonious accord with all other human beings upon this Earth at this very moment.

“Let us all be blessed in the common human goal of advancing love, light, peace, wisdom, prosperity upon this Holy Earth in your most Sacred Name, Amen.”

* * * * * * * * * * * * *

Please put this Living Prayer into action tonight.
Do you dare to let revolutionary AND self-affirming changes enter your life?

You’re welcome to share your results.
Do you think this prayer is nonsense?
Genuinely inspired?

You’ll only know by doing.
Peace & Happiness to you.

Used with permission from The Crystalline Ones, higher-dimensional authors working to share revolutionary Divine Wisdom In Action. See their channeled documents, including the surprising 2011-2012 Divine Codes Update, at Divine Code Rule Number One.

Rev. Scott Ufford
Copyright 2011

Sufferin’ Succotash, or Questions The Buddha Asked


Do we suffer because we do wrong?
–To suffer is wrong.

Do we suffer in order to learn we do wrong?
–To suffer is right.

We suffer as we right what is wrong.

We suffer as we wrong what is right.

If we avoid suffering, do we learn to avoid evil?
Then suffering is wrong, and to be avoided.

If we avoid suffering, do we never learn, and keep meeting evil?
–Then suffering is right, and to be embraced.

To not complete a poem about suffering, is that a relief?
Then a poem without end is a relief.

To complete a poem about suffering, is that a relief?
–Then a brief poem is a relief.

Did you know, as you started to read this poem
You started to write your own?

It’s true.

Did you know, as you live and love every day
You write your own soul’s verses?

So I ask you:

How will you finish this poem?
Will you live your own questions?
Will you give your own answers?

Don’t ever fear the end of your questions.
–Or doubt the worth of your sufferings.

Don’t ever doubt the worth of your questions.
–Or fear the end of your sufferings.

This is meant to happen:

Each new stage of gladness
Releases you into new questions.

* * * * * * * * * * * * *
Rev. Scott Ufford,
Christian Spiritualist minister
Copyright 2011