Do You Know Santa Claus & The Easter Bunny’s Recipe for Happiness?


“What you gets, you gives & what you gives, you gets.”
–Old Atlantean folk saying

Do you want to “get more happiness” in your life?

If so, don’t wait for the holidays or a vacation–
let’s get started today on Santa Claus & The Easter Bunny’s secret recipe for happiness!

Find a quiet spot for just 6 minutes. Take 6 deep, relaxed breaths.
Ask inside yourself for clear insight…

Now we begin.

These three simple, free choices are your keys to unlock your happiness:

FREE CHOICE NUMBER ONE — What Do You Really Want?

Choose wisely, with raw enthusiasm, what you really want to GET in life–

And what you want to GIVE.

These two will be qualities intertwined around one single powerful idea. You can see through their disguise.

If an actor wears two masks, what do they what they hide?

Why, the one actor who gives them their power.

Realize this:

What you really want to GET is what you will end up GIVING to others. So choose what you want to GIVE the world.

Be grateful in the getting, the giving, the living!

FREE CHOICE NUMBER TWO — Are You Willing to Experience All the Results of Your Desire?

The better your gift is for others, the better it is to get for yourself.

Also, the more you get what is personally good for you, the better you’ll be at giving it to others with good results.

Of course, if you want to benefit by causing mischief, you’ll draw others–even if they’re innocent–into the fire.

Then both you and they will reap the unhappy results.

Unhappy results usually expand their circle of impact the same way happy results do.

You can’t remove the splash a stone makes once you’ve thrown it in the pool.

Knowing this, are you sure your desire is really worth it?

On the other hand:

The more positive and real your way of helping others, the more inspired the way you’ll receive the help you need to help them.

What this means:

The more your desired gift inspires you to make good choices, the more doorways of bountiful expression the Universe opens to get it to you–

And to pour it outwards from you.


The brighter your candle burns with a desire to serve, the more illumination pours across the world.

The sooner you start, the sooner your life brightens up.

Wherever you wish to aim your light with a good purpose, good intent, good trust, the better your results spring up in that place.

Wish only for what benefits you–

Give real thanks for what really benefits you–

You’ll grow in the desire to benefit others with what benefits you.

By the light you shine, you are revealed to others.

Because your true desire shines past your masks, you will know yourself better, too.

No matter what you look like on the outside–
on the inside, you’ll be living like Santa Claus & The Easter Bunny.

You’ll also enjoy this special benefit:

As you practice mixing their secret recipe for happiness, your choices–
and your results–
will keep improving.

Peace and Happiness to you my friend!

Rev. Scott Ufford,
The Psychic Philosopher
Copyright 2011

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4 thoughts on “Do You Know Santa Claus & The Easter Bunny’s Recipe for Happiness?

  1. Green Pill Man

    Hi there! Do you know if Santa Claus makes house calls any more becasue my girlfriend wants me to start selling weight loss products. If Kirstie Alley can rep for Jennie Craig then why can’t Santa Claus can endorse my BETTER products? If you know of any way my peeps can contact his peeps please let me know, you have inside connections don’t you? you’re psychic right? please share. Thanks!

  2. Clarrisa

    Hello! I didn’t know Santa & the easter Bunny were such close buddies! But I’ve never heard of either one suffering from depression during the holidays so maybe you have shared a big secret here. I’m definitely happy I found it,maybe it will help me, and I’ll be book-marking & checking back frequently! Happy holidays to you Scott

  3. sergio

    Hey Scott! you brought a smile to my face. on a Monday morning that’s not easy. but you got me to think how can i make my day a little bit brighter?

  4. Alex Gomez

    Good post Rev. Scott however , I was wondering if you could write a litte more on this “controversial subject”? I’d be very thankful if you could elaborate a little bit more.

    What I say is:Life is good.Appreciate it! Share the love bro!

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