More Photographic Proof: Angels in New York?!


Controversy rages around every bit of photographic evidence presented for our survival of death.

The problem is, many people who pride themselves on their “scientific open-mindedness” refuse to see & analyze things clearly–without a wheel of silent bias comfortably whirling in the cogs of their thinking.

For example, the latest research into authenticity of The Shroud of Turin: Does it really date from the 1st century? Is it a 13th century fake–an ancient version of “Photoshopped”? Or was a genuine image of Jesus’ face somehow “laser photo-burnt” into the shroud’s linen as his beaten body spiritualized to higher dimensional, heavenly vibration while in the tomb?

Then the “haters”–those who aren’t simply asking rational questions–get to the real point (their point): Isn’t Jesus life just a myth? Isn’t religion just a crutch? Won’t I just rot in the ground when I die?

Etc. People will do everything in their power to “slam” what they don’t dare hear the facts about.

How does this relate to my never-before-seen angel spirit photos taken outside historic Trinity Church in New York City? Let’s take a good look:

Two beautiful angel or spirit images? At historic Trinity Church, Broadway, New York by Scott Ufford

A rare glimpse of the intersection of physical & spiritual realms? Taken at Trinity Church on Broadway, New York City. Photographed with flash at 7:34 AM. The angelic-looking orbs or spirits weren’t visible to me when I photographed the church …

This close up of a pearlescent glowing being is so translucent, you can see details of the church & tree through it… (Click on the photos to magnify.)

Close-up of a remarkable image–of a pure, bright angelic entity? The brightest, fieriest image I’ve seen. Is this a guardian of the souls buried in Trinity’s famous cemetery–or for the many visitors from around the world who stream in its doors from dawn to dusk?
Highest magnification available of angel? spirit? at Trinity Church, Broadway, NYC by Scott Ufford

Taken seconds later without flash, in this photo you can see there’s no reflective surface or light source outside of the church that could have accidentally created the images.

These images aren’t dust, aren’t raindrops, aren’t snow, aren’t dirt on the camera lens. They aren’t image ghosting caused by the flash because you can see they possess vivid inner depth & outer detail.

Excellent technological advance:
I heard yesterday about a new app or plug-in that can show where an image has been Photoshopped. At last, honest images can be proven to doubters as not retouched.

Happy Conclusion:
I can admit to you my feelings of warmth and awe aroused when I first saw these lovely images, knowing they are REAL.

Don’t be afraid to invite your own sense of inner knowing, hope and joy to warm your life this beautiful holiday season. Your life with all its troubles is well worth living. Your soul is very real, and yes, survives your physical death. What’s worth living is worth giving God thanks for.

Tell me what you think of these pictures?
DO you have any you’d like to share?
Your thoughts are welcome!
Here are more of my popular Angel Photos in New York City.

Peace & Happiness,
Merry Christmas and
Happy Holy Days to you,
Rev. Scott Ufford
The Psychic Philosopher
Copyright 2011

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2 thoughts on “More Photographic Proof: Angels in New York?!

  1. Rev. Scott Post author

    Hi Thomas, thanks for checking out my authentic spirit & angel photos. I appreciate your comment because you care about the truth.

    First of all, because my only interest is in providing genuine inspiration and evidence, I’d be wasting my time & energy here doing anything else.

    Second, I kept the original shots on a memory card for future reference, & as you can see I still have to learn to properly resize the pix to fit my blog template’s quirks. A real image will reveal MORE info or data as it’s enlarged, & I WANT you to see all the details for you to judge. Nothing hidden here my friend.

    Third, I hear a new plugin can be used to tell if an image has been Photoshopped–hopefully that will help prove the innocent pictures that are real but are too wonderful to SEEM real. Have to Google that one!

    Last, I held back these photos 3 years but am glad I finally published! Now I’m figuring out how to put together a simple Youtube video with my narrating details about a set of REALLY spectacular photos of strange phenomena around the moon. I think a video is the best way to present the facts of unusual details that really need to be told–and heard!

    Thanks again for commenting & here’s to you meeting an angel when you most need it & least expect it, Thomas!
    Rev. Scott

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