Do You Ask God Questions? Listen for Answers?


My Unusual Spiritual Experience Can Help You

One painful summer afternoon, I sat alone on a black wrought iron bench in the center of a monastery’s lush green lawn. I was determined to do what I had to do:

Talk to God. Ask tough questions. And hear the answers, like it or not.

I meditated, then wrote down my sincere questions in this Letter to Christ–and His Reply:

I didn’t demand a response, but a tingle inside told me I’d get one. I was ready. I’d been “almost ready” for too long.

A sleepy butterfly hovered over my hot bench while I waited. The sun beat down like a silent hammer, but I waited.

Finally the silence ended. Crisp words began to blow through me like gusts of fresh air in a worried sail. I wrote without censorship or fear–I had to record it exactly as I got it.

I just imagined that this was a wise old friend talking, who hadn’t visited me in ages. Every word of our conversation was precious for me to record.

As I wrote, the sun seemed to glow instead of shine. I felt a great comfortable warmth.

Later–as I still sat alone on the bench–I would second-guess myself. Maybe I wrote down certain words wrong? Would Christ, or would God, really say that? Hmmm. So I corrected myself and I fussed, and meditated. I crossed-out and uncrossed-out some words in a lengthy process until I was certain all was correct.

Then I realized: I’d “corrected” the transcript until it read exactly the way I’d first written it down!

…This brings the conversation back to YOU.

If you don’t try to get direct answers from God or Christ or whomever you pray to–why wait any longer?

Maybe you don’t think you deserve any answers? Or you couldn’t handle them? Or you might hear wrong?

It’s really okay. God allows us to be abundantly imperfect. This question-and-answer process is both possible and good.

You don’t need to write a Russian novel. God accepts postcards, and probably tweets too.

You can ask about anything. It’s your personal secret.

Maybe you fear that the answer you get might conflict with what religious leaders say is correct? Maybe the answer might not agree with what you are hoping to hear?

Relax. If this happens, remember we’re all here to learn and grow. Your Creator always supports you for trying. For caring!

No true religion will tell you that you don’t have the right to ask God questions–and get answers! Because the religions & the spiritual paths are for mankind’s help.

To prepare to receive your guidance, you can affirm, “I am loved by God. My Creator is my friend. I affirm this true relationship on a new and deeper level than ever before. I release all past experiences that deny this truth.”

“I have the right to ask. I have the right to listen. I have the right to know God cares–no matter what He says to me.”

Affirm this again and again. Pray that you be surrounded with Divine Love, Light and Protection. Pray that what you receive be only from God or from the highest servant of God available–be that an angel, a teacher of yours in Heaven or in the Spirit World.

Start to write when the feeling’s right. Then–listen with the same welcoming openness as you would to a long-lost friend of yours. Suddenly back in your life, standing in your doorway before you.

In my experience spiritually counseling so many people over the years, here’s the main reason why people don’t hear answers to their questions to God:

Because they forget to let their hearts listen. They try to judge whether every word is perfect, or perfectly acceptable, before they’ve even heard it!

Don’t worry if you get earth-shaking results or not. You might see colors or hear music or sense a couple words that stand out like an eagle silhouetted against a cloud. Any answer feels incredible.

Remember, God has every thing on Earth available to use to speak to you.

Your answer might not be heard right away. It might come to you from a commercial jingle on TV, or you might see a message on the side of a passing truck that suddenly makes unusual sense to you.

Your answer could come from kind or harsh words that someone you like–or dislike–speaks to you. Truth has its own strong integrity.

Your answer could come from the twisting shape of a playful cloud, or from a phrase in an inspirational book that leaps up at you as eagerly as your pet dog when you come home.

You could write it down in the form of a few scribbled words on a pad by your bed, when you jump up wide-awake from an unusual dream at 4 in the morning.

The key can be to grab hold of these honest words of Christ:
“I am your friend.”

Apply this fact to Whoever you believe in, or are trying to believe in. Imagine that all people, voices, guilts and fears that try to tell you differently are washed away in a pure, clean stream.

Remain open to your results. They will come. If not immediately, then sooner or later.

It’s promised.

Keep your faith my friend.

Let me know any way I can help you or any questions:
Rev. Scott Ufford,
Spiritualist minister
Copyright 2011

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8 thoughts on “Do You Ask God Questions? Listen for Answers?

  1. Rev. Scott Post author

    Dear Mamatha, Please ask yourself these two questions:
    Which one, in your heart of hearts, do you love the most?
    Which one do you feel, or does your heart see, loves you the most?
    May you two FIND A WAY to be deeply satisfied in your love.
    Keep asking God to develop the best of all possible happy honest pictures for both of you. Bless you, Rev. Scott

  2. Rev. Scott Post author

    Words of wisdom you received James! Thank you for sharing your search for truth, and in truth. Be you blessed with right answers bringing you even greater more fulfilling questions.. Rev. Scott

  3. James

    Thank you for this article. I’ve begun to ask simple questions of God and have been receiving answers that make sense to me. I’ve lived for most of my life with anxiety about the future and guilt about the past which has meant I live in the present without taking any notice of it. Growing up in a Christian sect I thought prayer was more ritualistic and defined, it never felt free now I feel my conversations are prayers in themselves. Sometimes the intuitive answer is silent but it comes nonetheless, patience is part of life and perseverance in believing the Almighty is interested in me is the key to get answers. When I asked why it had taken so long I was told ‘I wouldn’t have lost you, I just wanted you to know how loved you are. When you asked in doubt I couldn’t reply. You had to believe to receive’ blessings to all. James. X

  4. Rev. Scott Post author

    Dear Veronique,
    Thank you for sharing your wonderful heart with me and our readers.
    It is rare that a person devotes such SUSTAINED intensity of desire for guidance from God, and I would not presume to give your life’s important answers for you; they are your rightful gifts to anticipate with faith, receive and unwrap as they arrive.
    Our sincere prayers go out to you for a happy, fulfilling state of motherhood.
    I will say the white dove relaxing fearlessly in your yard is a very good “sign from the Great Spirit or the ancestors in the spiritual realms”.
    You might want to contemplate the roots of your desire–is it for another child or to be a new mother again?
    Is this desire aligned with your family’s current needs & desires?
    Please understand, I have no secret pipeline to God’s ear and claim no special personal understanding.
    I can only faithfully share what I receive from sources I pray for “being of good and true report”, as the New Testament says,
    and so this entire note is the response that comes to me to write.
    I will mention how Amma, the beautiful “Hugging Saint of India”, speaks of the spiritual quality of motherhood as a unique joyful gift that is the birthright of every woman whether she ever bears child or not.
    Perhaps you do have other spiritual outlets for helping others that also embrace the intense love of motherhood as much as loving a new child all your very own?
    In any case–and we pray for the very best for your happy fulfillment–give your love generously, wherever life invites you or asks for you.
    In that way, the moments of your life can be as a prayer in the act of being fulfilled, just as the words “ask with faith, as if what you desire was already given you”.
    God bless you Veronique! May this message reach your life with winged heels and welcoming arms.
    Feel free to email me privately, thank you,
    Rev. Scott

  5. Veronique

    I just read your article and would like to thank you for this. I searched God for many years and meditated for many years as well. I arrived at a time of my life where I would love to have another child and somehow I feels this so clear but each time I think it is happening , it turns out negative . So that is the reason I would love to tried the way you did reach God and ask the question: will I be pregnant again with a healthy baby? I do not know if I should give up or not . The signs are very confusing to me. The other day I stepped out of my house and there was a white dove in my yard. The bird was not scared and stay half the day. I will try to write a letter and wait for an answer. Thank you for your help .
    Best regards,

  6. Rev. Scott Post author

    Dear Melody, you and your fiance-to-be are two true hearts. It might be a rocky journey to start but your love is true, and well worth the sacrifice. Don’t think of his wife as an enemy or an opponent. Don’t think of his child as trouble. See both as unique individuals who CAN be harmonious, who can be PEACEFUL. Who are learning their own lessons. Decide right now that God is bringing the old marriage to a divorce in exactly the right time & way. With your honest, full, God-trusting efforts you and your fiance ARE finding the answers that DO exist to bring you happily together.

    Start telling yourself something powerful: “I’M LIVING IN DIVINE TIME.” These words came to me, inspired in a song, back a month before the 2001 World Trade Center attack, and they were true–they symbolized what kept me amazingly, out of possible trouble then.

    YOU ARE ENTERING DIVINE TIME. YOU and YOUR HUSBAND will be living in God’s time, where God’s answers & help are seen & recognized in time; where your hidden answers & strengths are discovered. DON’T WORRY about being perfection. God knows you are human! Just do your very best & leave the results as peacefully as you can at that moment, to God & the Angels.

    When you listen for God’s inspiration, pray first, ask your question then listen. Understand, your spiritual ears are hungry to hear & that is good. Consider what you hear is always improving, life is a learning process–you don’t have to be perfect to succeed at your heart’s good true desires!

    Peace & Blessings to you Melody Elizabeth, I will pray for you and yours!

  7. Melody

    Hello :) I have been seeking God on and off since September 2008. Right now I am trying harder than ever before to be the woman I feel Im destined to be, I want to live in Gods Will. My fiance is married to another woman he has two children with. He doesnt want to be married to her, financial reasons have prevented the divorce thus far. We hope to finalize the divorce within the next 6 weeks, because we do live together in sin(adultry). I do not like it but feel like its the best for the kids, his kids, my kid and our kid. I am 24 years old. I love him so much and we both truely believe that we were lead together by the Holy Spirit. I have had a rough time with relationships in the past, and so has he. We are doing the Love Dare book, today is Love Dare #11. I have struggled with jealousy, low self esteem, and fear which I think is the biggest struggle. His 14 year old son has just moved in this week and he will be staying a week then going to his moms for a week, etc. He comes from a completely different Enviroment than what I am trying to provide for my family. My fiance and I have recently started praying for Wisdom, Strength and Guidance specifically. I have recieved messages from God before a couple weeks ago He responded and it was so precious and perfect to hear. The Holy Spirit spoke through my Grandmother. He said “My child, My word is true” and other things but I didnt write it down because i was driving and talking on the phone. We are going through so many different things right now, ALL AT ONCE TOO. We have to move, custody issues with his other two children. I feel so overwhelmed and I just want to completely follow Gods guidance and be obediant to his Word. I need advice so bad. I would like to Thank You for posting your experience online. I hope that you recieve this message. Thank you for your time, looking forward to hearing from you . or

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