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If God Sees Into All Things, Then…


Why Are We So Blind?

After all, if God sees into all things,
then God is infinite windows…

If God is infinite windows,
then God is infinite clarity.

Infinite clarity is so formless and unquantifiable
that it exudes into and manifests perpetually,
like an exhalation,
all matters and forms of quantities–
into all universes made.

Infinite clarity being of itself
formless and unquantifiable,
its basic nature is unaltered
by all matters of form and quantity–

even as it interacts with, responds to
and perpetuates all matters of form and quantity.

Yes, perfect absolute clarity is beyond
all measures of form and quantity,
yet in no way separate from form and quantity.

Separation by its very nature impels
imperfect clarity into being,
but it cannot touch perfect clarity.

Our First Conclusion:

Fundamentally and ultimately,
there is no separation between
any thing of form and quantity,
and the infinite clarity of God’s nature.

For any thing of form and quantity,
separation is not part of its fundamental ultimate self.

Separation is merely the imposition
of beliefs about form and quantity
onto living matters of form and quantity.

Our Second Conclusion:

Separation is a creative fabrication.
A game of illusions. A faulty hypothesis
being put to the living “what-if” test
onto matters of form and quantity.

For Strange Example:

A sane man, possessing full sight and full senses
ties a blindfold over his eyes,
declares to himself:

“What if I now know nothing of the body I am in?
What if I am really blind?”

As long as he rigorously enforces his
separation hypothesis as his only acceptable conclusion,
he blinds, numbs and hypnotizes himself into complete victory.

What’s His Only Solution?

Once he admits his indwelling
unquenchable thirst for real clarity,
for real life, whatever it is,
he can only win
by losing his game–
by ending his game.

By losing his game of separation,
he ends his struggles born from that game,
doesn’t he?

Doesn’t he learn one drop more of
what clarity is,
by admitting one drop more of
what it isn’t?

What’s His Victory?:

Doesn’t he bring himself one giant step closer
to the God who sees into him infinitely–
and in seeing into the windows of his soul
with infinite clarity,
infinitely loves him with infinite clarity?

Consider Christ as He who invites you
one giant step closer into that clarity.

Peaceful clear blessings to you,
Rev. Scott Ufford, Spiritualist minister
Copyright 2011

A Hymn to Your Heart’s Home


Today is a beautiful day to begin in earnest.

You have but one life to live and this hour, alone, at a time ripe for contemplation.

You have sensed the powers of uprising within you.

You have sensed the military forces of awakening.

Bestirring your senses.

the fact of your enlightenment, in its baby steps and stages.

Do trust the slowly brightening dawn.

Do expect your inner senses, bedazzled by lights of unknown origins.

Do trust your senses delight in such small glimmerings of light.

Each and every increase is treasured!

Without your own inner light, what would be known of The Way?

Trust this:
Abandonment of your struggles,
of your polar treks,
of your very last physical breath,
would have occurred long ago–

had you no knowledge of the inner spirit lighting your nights with flickers from your spiritual origins.

This fact of “home”, ever-sturdy,
of home, ever-awaiting,
of home, ever-lightening you,
whose call reveals your own inner light:

This light is Truth.

Without the force of this inner call to scramble to life, where would you begin?

Would you not doubt this force more than ever, if it did not shine from within you?

What means, and what justifications, lead to higher actions–
unless they flow down from the same heights as those higher actions reach?

In future times, you may wonder:
How did I survive without this central impulse daily? How strong I was–and how confused–to have lived with this light only on the periphery?

Grace bless this action, on this very day:

May my actions and my meditations lead to this:

Knowledge of this truth:

My life is immersed in bliss. My life is immersed in divine light.

Mine eyes are awakening to this blessing. Through all confusions, stresses and strains:
The calm act of calling my heart reveals me.
Shines my light.
Clears my insight.

My life is worthy of giving thanks.

I have well reasons to begin to see freely.

Welcome this light!
Give thanks for this light!

Let the eyes of mine heart be cleansed–let them see and taste and revel in these sensations.

What is light in myself–enters my sensations!

Light graces life with sight–what is seen grows understood, and is good.

Bless you,
Rev. Scott Ufford

Copyright 2011

Seek Your River of Truth


Soul Seeker’s Diary:
I listen for bold original advice.


Eliminating false flows from your life makes room for resumed growth.

The pure channels of delight must exceed their riverbanks and flow to end all drought. They must starve into submission all starvation, by the powers of Divine Truth.

Nothing exceeds Truth which exceeds all deprivation.

The state of inactivity of soul known as drought, must drain into riverbanks of activity.

Nothing can exceed the certain state of soul known as “knowing beyond knowing”–and knowing deeper than all your beliefs.

Do not worry.

All desolation must end.

Nothing can exceed the reach of Divine Mind, measured out.

The states of Divine Mind far exceed all droughts.

All dryness must exceed no season.

What is true for expression exceeds only that which is less than its given possibilities.

The state of inactivity known as drought must itself dry up. It must be blown away by the winds of the onrushing waters of true life.

Find these waters. Give thanks, and drink.”

Peace and happiness to you,
Rev. Scott Ufford

Copyright 2011