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Welcome to the Spiritual Olympic Games!


Dear Potential Future Olympic Gold Medalist:

Let’s ask a tough question:
Do you sometimes wonder why you’re here?

Do you understand that you, as an eternal spirit, are alive on Earth today VOLUNTARILY?

Yes–the fact is, you eagerly volunteered for your beautiful expansive spirit to hop down into the limited dimensions of a weak human body. You worked hard to qualify for an open position with a mother and family circumstances at least a little bit suited to your karmic condition (your past-earned level of experience), and to your desired new love-growth experiences.

Finally, you qualified!

Because you are a beloved creation of God–no matter where you are or what conditions you’re enduring–your existence is always meaningful. You ARE meaning itself, in search of ever-growing purpose. This means your life HERE is a PURPOSEFUL GOOD CREATION.

Your presence here on Earth’s surface is a welcome one–an honored one. You are an important participant training in harsh arenas guided by a gigantic–and benevolent–Master Plan.

Your life is worth all your athletic efforts to survive and excel. You, sweating and struggling to do your very best, are a vital part of Earth’s Reality Games. Whether you think so or not, or feel too weak or flabby or undisciplined to “compete”.

Do you feel like your challenges in life are unfair? Do you feel forced to be here? Maybe you feel soul pressure to BECOME something–to “score points” for what you believe in–to make a real difference–NOW?

What kind of a difference are you here to make? Surely you’re not just here to try to make big bucks, win your battles, get your fair share of fun & then kick the bucket when your time’s up?

Of course not–but what you ARE here to do…

Vital question:
Do you understand that to incarnate on Earth is a great, rare privilege?

Humpph. How rare can it be, you might scoff, with a teeming mob of 7 billion family members–and hundreds more popping down the fun-slide into this dimension every second?

But here’s the truth:
If we could see everyone lined up in a row–all the eager souls waiting to be born here, hoping to qualify to play The Games–they’d stretch in a near-infinite blur far past the boiling surface of the sun.

Why come to this tragic struggle? Why vie to qualify? Why not stay snug and secure on some peaceful, happy planet instead of jump into this madhouse?

The answer, my friend, is because our humble Mother Earth is the site of the biggest Spiritual Olympic Games.

No bigger extravaganza anywhere in the Universe–at this moment!

And you–yes, you, are a starring athlete.

Whether you have a clubfoot or no foot, whether you have the IQ of your shoe size, whether you can’t throw a discus any farther than you can throw a doghouse, whether you have an interstellar police record longer than the Congressional Record–you are playing here on purpose.

In this competition, the race definitely is not only to the swift, and the battle not only to the strong.

You made this team for a reason.

You’re being trained. You’re being taught to listen to your coaches and your higher instincts. You’re learning from your mistakes.

You’re learning the spiritual discipline and building the spiritual stamina of a champion.

Why? Because the Universe needs the kind of champions Earth’s Spiritual Olympics are making!

Maybe that concept makes you giggle. Or makes you feel depressed by comparing yourself to “everyone else”. But think about this fact:

A mysterious, holy process is unfolding–free will spiritual evolution is accelerating here on Earth–under the watchful loving eye of the Divine Creator. That makes you important–that makes your whole 7 billion member family important!

But what are these Spiritual Olympic Games all about? Why makes this tiny dusty planet so important to God? Why do so many wildly different new and ancient groups, belief systems, karmic patterns, emotional vibrations–burst sizzling in every direction like fireworks gone wild?

Because here is home to an incredible drama: a planet and human family starting to crackle with sacred ascension energies. That’s rare! A beautiful process vital to constantly renewing the Universe’s heart…

And what happens as Olympic Games progress? Old scores get tallied up. Mistakes get learned from. The competition heats up. Dramas and dreams are on the line…

Why not ask yourself:
“If I am here in some kind of unusual Spiritual Olympics of the Universe, what kind of athlete am I? What’s my biggest strength–and biggest weakness?”

“What’s my “main event”? What would be a Spiritual gold medal? Could I really win it? Is it possible to lose? Maybe what counts is just playing the game as good as I can–with trust–and leaving the rest to God?”

Peace and Happiness to you,
Rev. Scott Ufford
Christian Spiritualist minister
Copyright 2011

When Life Kicks You Out One Door, Prepare to Get Kicked In a New Door


3 Hard Facts-of-Life Warning Label:

No matter how honestly you try to make a difference–

No matter how “right” you are–

No matter how positive your intent–

FACT: Close-minded people will resist and resent your open mind. Even if their hearts are opening, their minds will snap shut against you like the jaws of a bear trap. Particularly if they have something material to gain by clamping down on you.

FACT: They will invent all manner of wild excuses and concoct the most twisted versions of reality against you–they will scheme to trash your integrity, misrepresent your good intentions and they will resent you–

FACT: Finally, they wont be able to tolerate your presence due to the delusions congesting their minds–

But that’s okay because they’re just “rounding up the wagons” to make themselves feel good. Which is fine, because in the big picture we’re all family and we’re all learning from one another, finding our way slowly past the family feuds…

If someone treats you with extra doses of falsehood and viciousness, IN A WAY that’s okay because you learn about–you feel the pains jab into your heart & you contemplate–the effects of falsehood and viciousness on EVERYBODY–and your heart grows.

Your own spiritual system is purged if you choose to let it. As long as you find your way to the point where you can stop taking personally other people’s chosen blind spots.

Sometimes, you’ll work harder & harder for the truth only to find people feel more & more antagonistic–not because you’re wrong or because they are–but because you threaten their sense of comfortable coping with the difficult truths in life, which is everybody’s challenge.

Sure it hurts, but the UPSIDE is:

Sometimes people treat you with hardened hearts & self-serving vigor because God really is using them to get you out of that situation–to EJECT you from that situation–which has become inappropriate for you and them together.

Why? So that you’ll leave & never look back! So you wont waste another drop of effort trying to continue with people who for no one’s fault, neither you nor they have anything to give or learn from each other, except:

“Thank you, God bless you, I forgive you (in whatever length of time it takes to reach that forgiveness)–and GOODBYE>”

Why might this harsh scenario happen to a good-hearted, well-meaning person like you?

Maybe because a better doorway in life awaits your brave entrance.

Maybe because the momentum of your shocking ejection from one outworn situation is NEEDED to PROPEL you into the new–the more evolved–the more DESIRED doorway that God’s been secretly creaking open for your timely arrival!

May all your pains be soothed, your wounds healed. May you make your way peacefully down the road to a happier, more suitable, more powerful place. God IS with you in your walk–or your flight. Trust in this companionship!

Bless you, & keep your soul strong,
Rev. Scott Ufford

PS –Have you ever found yourself surrounded by relentless scheming knee-jerk opposition? Looking back, did you think this was “karma”–some kind of cosmic pay-back for a consciously forgotten misdeed?

Was a Higher Purpose possibly at work? Or did your “opponents” just want to remain blind, and were glad to try to club you into submission & kick you out, to keep their minds snapped shut?

…Peace be with you my friend. Right now, take a deep breath. Say a prayer. Give up the whole situation to God. Just drop it! Be glad a new day and a new door await you…

Copyright 2011 Rev. Scott Ufford