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Is Maitreya a Saint or The AntiChrist?


On this holiest of days in Christianity, Easter Sunday, I was asked point-blank about Maitreya.

Is he a saint? A savior? A delusion or a fantasy? The AntiChrist?

I’ll do my best to respond to this question clearly, despite my sugar rush lingering from eating one too many marshmallow “Peeps”.

More thoughts might come to me in the days ahead & I’ll share them in a more informal way than in the past.

First, there are a few different teachers out there claiming the name of “Maitreya”. Each appears to do good work on his own, but this question refers to the Maitreya spoken of by Benjamin Creme as “The World Teacher.”

The World Teacher is supposedly an Elder Brother of mankind, here to guide us into our new astrologically derived spiritual age of Aquarius during the next 2,500 years or so.

When assessing a stranger’s character, what’s better than your first-hand experience?

How does a Spiritualist minister or any modestly clairvoyant person experience a non-physically based being?

Well, we do have the advantage of being conscious of a few extra sensory inputs into our minds that most people only experience–but DO experience–on subliminal levels according to their comfort zones, shall we say.

My first-hand experience, my first impression of the one called Maitreya, came at a public lecture by Benjamin Creme in Manhattan in 2001, shortly after the WTC attacks.

In preparation, I had mentally invoked Christ guidance and protection of the Spirit of Truth–of Christ’s presence–for myself & the entire event. As St. Paul said in Corinthians, “Test the spirits”–don’t be gullible or flattered or threatened or seduced into mental acquiescence in any way, at any time.

Though I was very much on guard, the energy in the room and from Mr. Creme felt very positive during his talk. I was keenly aware that he was indeed overshadowed, or perhaps overbrightened, by a form of higher consciousness. I didn’t know if this was Creme’s higher self or superconsciousness speaking through him or if a higher being was speaking to Creme’s higher self.

Either way, illuminating words were indeed flowing down the pipe.

I felt Creme to be both a genuine mystic seeking to serve the higher welfare of mankind, and a bit of a lefty in political outlook. He spoke with compassion and with some seeming harshness about any United States’ response to the 9/11 lunatics.

Creme said in effect that we “should get over it”, which seemed unduly undiplomatic and rude, since many of us in the audience had lost friends & family in the terrorist attacks just months before.

(Later, I came to understand that he (or the being speaking through him) was not slighting the American people at all, but warning us against launching an orgy of violent reprisals that our military industrial complex, as President Eisenhower called it, was hungry for.

As we soon learned, unfortunately, Bush’s political & war machine manipulated the wave of public grief and world sympathy sent to USA. In short, they USED us.

Let’s be clear here. Almost immediately after 9/11, Bush & his henchman Vice President Cheney, plotted, lobbied, bully-pulpited & threatened their way–into what?

Into a brutal, completely unnecessary war in Iraq, to neutralize “weapons of mass destruction” that they KNEW did not exist! To capture terrorists they KNEW were nowhere near Iraq!

What would YOU call it when a brutal, completely unnecessary war is declared that slaughters & starves a quarter million innocent Iraqi civilians, kills a huge number of brave American soldiers and maims for life several thousand more?

Wouldn’t you call this an evil act? Wouldn’t you say those leaders who dragged us into this war were indeed war criminals? If not, then what’s it take to get a leader called a war criminal these days? Just not be an American?)

Anyhow, we can see Maitreya’s curt warning in the light of the ensuing miseries that were inflicted upon the world and America.

My most powerful clairvoyant impression regarding what Mr. Creme called Maitreya the World Teacher, came at the end of the talk.

By then, I’d satisfied myself that Creme was not crazy. Nor was he a hypnotist or a cheap con man.

He in fact had spoken with a kind of calm, poetic urgency.

As Creme walked down the center aisle towards my seat in the back (late arrival), I was scrutinizing the energy around him.

Was it like the energy of a pretender? A mesmer? Or an AntiChrist?

No, not at all.

I suddenly saw a brilliant flash of intensely warm-hearted light around him, so much that I could barely see him at all. I sensed a completely translucent, ego-less, glad and decent presence with him. One of an almost sublime level of intelligence.

The fact is, this bright presence around Creme was more like the complete absence of any malignant or malicious or lying nature!

I kept observing this presence for several seconds. I concluded to myself that if this being around Creme at that time was Maitreya, then Maitreya was the most simply joy-filled, peaceful being you could ever imagine inhabiting this Earth.

Observing this, I have continued to scrutinize Mr. Creme’s statements about, or said to be by, Maitreya over the years and can only conclude this:

Whatever he has said, whether I agree or disagree with it–
I can find no spiritual or ethical fault in his words. Not one drop.

I therefore cannot find any manner by which Jesus himself would find fault with these words. Or ever consider Maitreya to be an AntiChrist or a fraud or an enemy.

As Jesus once answered his disciples about another holy man in Palestine, not following Jesus, who also was performing miracles in the Name of God at that time:

“He who is not against me, is for me.”

Food for spiritual thought, and hope…

Peace and Blessings to you on this Holy Easter,
in this beginning dawn of The Age of Spiritual Honesty.

Rev. Scott Ufford,
The Psychic Philosopher,
Copyright 2012

Hot Question: Ever Meet an ET?


Did you ever meet an ET–while awake or asleep? What was it like? Do you know anybody else who’s had such an unusual experience?

Soul Diary Note:

Remarkable distinct visions crowded my awareness before sleep, in “floating” meditation….

Sometimes, between waking and sleeping, I used to see–no, I used to BEHOLD with stunned awe, to DRINK IN and TASTE–vast ever-kaleidoscoping LOVELY LIVING FIELDS of surreal BEAUTIFUL rainbow colors…

But tonight I saw, for the first time, luminous eyes, then complete faces of somehow noble, calm, peaceful NON-EARTH 3-D peoples. I confess, I could never imagine, and Hollywood has fallen far short of dreaming or depicting, the incredible detail–the incredible VARIETY–the remarkable precise living images that looked me straight in the eyes with intent goodwill.

Individually and grouped, beautiful living faces of every possible humanoid feature with other creaturoid and dimensionoidal mixtures, details, appendages. Looking at me. Greeting me “wordlessly.”

Constantly changing array of faces with intelligence, curiosity, kindness and, to me, completely inscrutable emotions.

After several perfectly clear, hushed minutes of my observing them, and vice versa, the visions fuzzed into indistinct shapes. Faded. I lapsed into what would be a restless sleep.

Nov. 20, 2007″

What’s your story? No matter how unusual, we’ll listen. Thank you.

Rev. Scott Ufford,
Christian Spiritualist minister
Copyright 2011

Seven Surefire Ways to Know You’re Clairvoyant, Not Crazy


By Rev. Scott Ufford
In this peculiar day and age, it feels good to reassure yourself that your growing clairvoyant gifts are real.

More to the point: that you’re probably not nuts.
(I say “probably” because if you get a borderline passing grade, you don’t quiz your teacher over specifics.)

Many brave psychic seekers over the years have asked me how they can be sure about their own sanity amidst amazing paranormal experiences.

To help out, here are 7 controversial but effective points to help you decide whether to teleport yourself into Fort Knox—or into a private stall at the funny farm.

If you’re clairvoyant, not crazy:

1. When you pray for peace, you can feel genuine love encircle the globe but you don’t expect the world to kiss your feet.

2. When you do your best “Sorcerer’s Apprentice” imitation before sleep, you know the floor actually will get mopped & the dishes washed before you wake up—and you’re right.

3. When your angels tell you you’re not crazy, they’re not wearing tinfoil hats.

4. When your teakettle whistles, you don’t spend more than five seconds wondering if it’s really a message you should decipher from the president of Alpha Centauri.

5. When you buy your lottery tickets, you already know you’re going to lose. Or, you know which friends & relatives you’ll probably lose when you win big.

6. When you step seamlessly into an alternate reality, you’re not paranoid about the spy who’s cleverly followed you by walking in front of you for the last twelve blocks.

7. When you find yourself staring at invisible friends under the sofa that even your cat can’t see. Or, when you find yourself jumping at red laser point dots on the wall even after your cat’s turned off the pointer and wandered over to her supper dish. (Whether these mean you’re sane or not, I don’t know. I suggest you ask your cat.)

Seriously my friend, just remember:

Don’t be anxious for strange and mystic experiences. What is real will prove itself, over time. What is false or temporary will crumble.

Don’t be too eager to enthrone or overthrow any person, belief or fantasy. Know you are exploring. Surround yourself with God’s light. Move wisely ahead.

Know that your intent determines much of your life’s content—particularly in the psychic spiritual realms. Seek to be the very best you can for yourself—and for others!

Also, no matter what storms you pass through in life, treasure your deepest sense of truth.

Daylight always comes in time to reveal the right way…

Want to share your unusual experiences or questions? I’m happy to listen.

Happiness and peace to you.
Rev. Scott L. Ufford

Copyright 2011

Your Intense Q&A Session with Jesus Christ


by Rev. Scott Ufford

You say you’ve never had a real conversation with Jesus Christ?

Relax: what’s mine is yours too. As you’ll see in a minute.

Here’s my Letter to Jesus Christ, written in meditation during a time of intense turmoil–and His profound response:

I would like to be at peace with you. I would like to know you better. I would like to know, in my heart, why you are here.

What is your real role in All This? Are you important? What are you doing here? What are you in relation to other spiritual leaders, now and in the past? To ETs? To Moslems and Buddhists?

I would know these answers and have peace at heart.

Jesus’ calm psychic reply, as recorded:

You are never alone. You are always with me. You are my son, as much as any. As prodigal, as any. My enemy, as much as you believe only. My friend, more than you could possibly believe. My worshiper, my doubter, my ally, my press agent. My insignificant speck and my gem on the finger that marvels every eye.

You are my son and my daughter and my estranged widow. You are my Doubting Thomas extraordinaire and my eager acolyte.

You are my humorous source of laughter and my irate child. You are within me, within you within yourself, within the world. You are outside and beyond fear.

You are the trembling in the knees when looking in the face of the beloved suitor.

You are the wind that blows ill and good, that listeth where it lieth, that sneezeth when it prayeth–and spits, or harrumphs, when it would better listen–and shuts up, holds its tongue, when its lies, once spoken, would uncover self deception.

Speak your lies. Speak your ill untruths. Do not hide your hatreds and your fears under a bushel basket.

From where, then, will shine the light to burn those fears away?

…The nonsense of the ordered life when the soul screams to breathe. The folly of conformity when you would dance with two left legs, but dance with honest joy. The pangs caused by fears held precious, made subservient to a clawing need for sanity as a rigid imposition rather than as a joyful in-breath of God…

These, and all things other, you are to breathe through, work through, live INTO.

Do not worry who am I. Who are you? Do you have cause to worry?
The Father has given you life, the Mother sustaineth you, and I am your challenge, your tormentor and your best friend.

You are millions of doubts to be subsided into a sea of harmony. You are the fish of a man, arms crossed, shaking your head “no” at the vile prospect of having to leap deep back into the sea. “It isn’t my home,” you declare–even as your gills flex and pant for the comforts of the deep blue.

Abandon your scales of judgment of self. Abandon your hatreds nurtured into such green-gray gardens. Give yourself unto the lust for life, the living of the moment, the deep gulping in-breath of love and the out-breath of sharing. Give yourself with abandon into your heart.

Abandon your pretenses and back away from the precipice of self destruction.

I speak to you as one man to one other man. I speak to you as one heart of billions, for all are one great heart of humanity.

Abandon your faith that man is evil. Know your evil, that you may abandon it. Give yourself into the holy sacred heart of the present, of the presence of knowledge within you.

Know that you are every man, cumulative, yet all are unique in the extreme.

Give yourself unto your heart. Give no thought to doctrines. The Word is printed in the heart of every man and woman.

Do not worry–give yourself to your heart and you will have come unto me.

Josephus, Scribe Aspect of Jesus Christ


Copyright 1995, 2010 Rev. Scott Ufford