Is Maitreya a Saint or The AntiChrist?


On this holiest of days in Christianity, Easter Sunday, I was asked point-blank about Maitreya.

Is he a saint? A savior? A delusion or a fantasy? The AntiChrist?

I’ll do my best to respond to this question clearly, despite my sugar rush lingering from eating one too many marshmallow “Peeps”.

More thoughts might come to me in the days ahead & I’ll share them in a more informal way than in the past.

First, there are a few different teachers out there claiming the name of “Maitreya”. Each appears to do good work on his own, but this question refers to the Maitreya spoken of by Benjamin Creme as “The World Teacher.”

The World Teacher is supposedly an Elder Brother of mankind, here to guide us into our new astrologically derived spiritual age of Aquarius during the next 2,500 years or so.

When assessing a stranger’s character, what’s better than your first-hand experience?

How does a Spiritualist minister or any modestly clairvoyant person experience a non-physically based being?

Well, we do have the advantage of being conscious of a few extra sensory inputs into our minds that most people only experience–but DO experience–on subliminal levels according to their comfort zones, shall we say.

My first-hand experience, my first impression of the one called Maitreya, came at a public lecture by Benjamin Creme in Manhattan in 2001, shortly after the WTC attacks.

In preparation, I had mentally invoked Christ guidance and protection of the Spirit of Truth–of Christ’s presence–for myself & the entire event. As St. Paul said in Corinthians, “Test the spirits”–don’t be gullible or flattered or threatened or seduced into mental acquiescence in any way, at any time.

Though I was very much on guard, the energy in the room and from Mr. Creme felt very positive during his talk. I was keenly aware that he was indeed overshadowed, or perhaps overbrightened, by a form of higher consciousness. I didn’t know if this was Creme’s higher self or superconsciousness speaking through him or if a higher being was speaking to Creme’s higher self.

Either way, illuminating words were indeed flowing down the pipe.

I felt Creme to be both a genuine mystic seeking to serve the higher welfare of mankind, and a bit of a lefty in political outlook. He spoke with compassion and with some seeming harshness about any United States’ response to the 9/11 lunatics.

Creme said in effect that we “should get over it”, which seemed unduly undiplomatic and rude, since many of us in the audience had lost friends & family in the terrorist attacks just months before.

(Later, I came to understand that he (or the being speaking through him) was not slighting the American people at all, but warning us against launching an orgy of violent reprisals that our military industrial complex, as President Eisenhower called it, was hungry for.

As we soon learned, unfortunately, Bush’s political & war machine manipulated the wave of public grief and world sympathy sent to USA. In short, they USED us.

Let’s be clear here. Almost immediately after 9/11, Bush & his henchman Vice President Cheney, plotted, lobbied, bully-pulpited & threatened their way–into what?

Into a brutal, completely unnecessary war in Iraq, to neutralize “weapons of mass destruction” that they KNEW did not exist! To capture terrorists they KNEW were nowhere near Iraq!

What would YOU call it when a brutal, completely unnecessary war is declared that slaughters & starves a quarter million innocent Iraqi civilians, kills a huge number of brave American soldiers and maims for life several thousand more?

Wouldn’t you call this an evil act? Wouldn’t you say those leaders who dragged us into this war were indeed war criminals? If not, then what’s it take to get a leader called a war criminal these days? Just not be an American?)

Anyhow, we can see Maitreya’s curt warning in the light of the ensuing miseries that were inflicted upon the world and America.

My most powerful clairvoyant impression regarding what Mr. Creme called Maitreya the World Teacher, came at the end of the talk.

By then, I’d satisfied myself that Creme was not crazy. Nor was he a hypnotist or a cheap con man.

He in fact had spoken with a kind of calm, poetic urgency.

As Creme walked down the center aisle towards my seat in the back (late arrival), I was scrutinizing the energy around him.

Was it like the energy of a pretender? A mesmer? Or an AntiChrist?

No, not at all.

I suddenly saw a brilliant flash of intensely warm-hearted light around him, so much that I could barely see him at all. I sensed a completely translucent, ego-less, glad and decent presence with him. One of an almost sublime level of intelligence.

The fact is, this bright presence around Creme was more like the complete absence of any malignant or malicious or lying nature!

I kept observing this presence for several seconds. I concluded to myself that if this being around Creme at that time was Maitreya, then Maitreya was the most simply joy-filled, peaceful being you could ever imagine inhabiting this Earth.

Observing this, I have continued to scrutinize Mr. Creme’s statements about, or said to be by, Maitreya over the years and can only conclude this:

Whatever he has said, whether I agree or disagree with it–
I can find no spiritual or ethical fault in his words. Not one drop.

I therefore cannot find any manner by which Jesus himself would find fault with these words. Or ever consider Maitreya to be an AntiChrist or a fraud or an enemy.

As Jesus once answered his disciples about another holy man in Palestine, not following Jesus, who also was performing miracles in the Name of God at that time:

“He who is not against me, is for me.”

Food for spiritual thought, and hope…

Peace and Blessings to you on this Holy Easter,
in this beginning dawn of The Age of Spiritual Honesty.

Rev. Scott Ufford,
The Psychic Philosopher,
Copyright 2012

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12 thoughts on “Is Maitreya a Saint or The AntiChrist?

  1. Rev. Scott Post author

    Dear Ila,
    Many bodhisattvas, but one Buddha.
    Many saints in Christ, but one Christ.
    Many sects following & squabbling over Jesus, but one Jesus.
    Many beams of sunlight, but one sun.
    Many lovers, many experts, many healers, many haters, but One Reality of Love.

    One difference I note between your obviously revered Maitreya & the Maitreya Mr. Creme speaks about tirelessly:
    “his” Maitreya never disses “anyone else’s Maitreya”, he just says they’re not the same.

    Just for example–
    I feel no need to justify my clear impressions of Maitreya the spiritual being of goodness, or to “make battle with my understandings & convictions against” anyone else’s.

    Just as I don’t feel the need to stack up or justify my sense of Christ as Savior, against any battling or baffling Bible or other religion’s holy book quotes.

    Nor do I feel pushed into countering nay-sayers weighted down by their blindness borne of scientific skepticism that’s spilled over into willful ignorance of their spiritual existence & its all-embracing reality.

    I am glad you’ve found your Maitreya, because many manipulative souls have entered Earth to test our wisdom and our patience–

    Not to mention, the degree of our desire to prove our (every person’s) ego superiority over our Central Heart’s True Pulsing Desire to LIVE, KNOW, SHARE SOUL LOVE. Without label, without needed license or limits or battles or

    I believe the degree we obey this unavoidable fact of our personal private Central Heart’s True Pulsing Desire to LIVE, KNOW, SHARE SOUL LOVE–
    decides & defines WHETHER, WHEN and HOW we enter the New Christ Presence–
    the New Earth–
    New Future–
    Reality awaiting us.

    Thank you so much for writing Ila, I welcome hearing from you & all concerned writers.
    Peace & Happiness to you,
    Rev. Scott

  2. Ila Friend

    Dear Scott,

    I am one of three of Maitreya’s closest Disciples and have followed Him for 25 years. Maitreya never claimed to be the “second coming of Christ.” The One Universal God sends His mercies to mankind as we need them. Throughout the Ages God has sent us Jesus, Buddha, Rama, Krishna, Mohammed, Moses, and many, many more, even those who we no longer know by name.

    God sent Maitreya The Friend to us as a Mercy to mankind, so that all Souls can know their Oneness with the One Universal God and be set free, forever. He is here to bring forth The Holy Satya Yuga, the Age of God’s Pure Divine Truth on earth.

    Maitreya did write The Holy Book of Destiny, which answers many questions about who Maitreya is and was and will be until the end of time. You can find it on Amazon by typing in The Holy Book of Destiny and Maitreya The Friend in the search.

    The best way to Know Maitreya The Friend of all Souls, is to seek Him in your Heart. Upon dying to this world, Maitreya promised that He will spend the rest of eternity, if necessary, in the Hearts of all Souls, Guiding us to our own Perfect Final Union with God and Knowledge of our Oneness with God. Maitreya vowed that He will be the last Soul to step over the line into Perfect Final Union with God, seeing all Souls safely Home before him. Because of this God has given Humanity A New Covenant. That whosoever will receive Maitreya’s Holy Initiation and follow Him to the end of this life, will have the Perfect Final Union with God that Maitreya gave up, for our sakes.

    Benjamin Creme has sadly wasted his life proclaiming a “Maitreya” who is not and was not a real person. A Maitreya who appears as an apparition in various places throughout the globe and is supposed to be bringing in an age that is more akin to the communist party than the age of God’s Pure Truth on Earth. Since Maitreya’s second Awakening in 1977 we have tried to let Mr. Creme know that Maitreya truly was here, in the flesh, and teaching and writing and living on earth. But sadly Benjamin Creme preferred to proclaim a false Maitreya, who no one ever met or will ever meet (even though of late he has said that this Maitreya is somewhere in England, still no one can meet him or even talk to him.) It is surely easier for some people that way. Because there is no real Mercy from God to tell them when they are going wrong or to correct them when they lead people astray.

    Although Maitreya is no longer here on earth, he is in the hearts of all souls. And his videos and Teachings can still be viewed on YouTube by searching for Maitreya The Friend. You must include “Maitreya The Friend” as there are many who proclaim that they are the Maitreya or know the Maitreya, but no one but Maitreya The Friend has made the Two Self-Sacrifices and Vow of Compassion that Maitreya has. That He will never again enter into Perfect Final Union with God until He has safely seen all souls home before him. The ultimate Goal being to bring forth The Age of God’s Pure Truth on Earth. An age where Peace, Love, Understanding, Compassion, Freedom, Truth and Joy Prevail, and where everyone knows his and her Oneness with The One Universal God of all Creation, and is free.

    Contrary to Benjamin Creme and others like him, Maitreya The Friend was a real person, just as Jesus, Buddha, Mohammed, Krishna and all of God’s Mercies to mankind, were real people, sent to do God’s Will on earth and show the people the way Home to Him. God doesn’t send apparitions to man. He sends real people.

    Maitreya often said, “A closed mind is a very dark place.” I applaud your seeking of the Truth and hope that The One Universal God will illuminate your Life and your Way Home to Him.

    Thank you for your sincere question. May the Blessings and Grace of The One Universal God and Maitreya be with you always and give you Peace.

    Ila Friend
    Maitreyian and Soldier of The Light

  3. Rev. Scott Post author

    Hi Michael, the man you speak of named “Maitreya” sounds like a virtuous and wise man. Though he is not the “Maitreya The World Teacher” I refer to, does not the risen sun fling its radiance into the eyes of all who might look?
    Thank you for mentioning him.

  4. Michael

    Maitreya the Friend of All Souls lived in Los Angeles and I watched his lectures on YouTube. You can still look them up. He is known as the Planetary Buddha and Cosmic Christ but he denied being Christ incarnate. I found his profound insights to be highly illustrative of his moral character which I found to be flawless. He speaks of doubting God in his book, even then he is blameless for he leads a saintlike existence. The Holy Book of Destiny speaks of Allah, and the Brahman all being the same spiritual being beyond space and beyond time, although we are not aware of this fact yet. There needs to be a cultivation of this spiritual unity as many Muslims and Christians believe they are praying to separate Gods, if it were possible for there to be more than one God. There is a Creator in Hindu philosophies but Jehovah, Allah, and Brahman IS the Creator of Creators. Christ is the ultimate Creator of the universe.

  5. Rev. Scott Post author

    Michael, I appreciate your deep thinking about these important issues!
    ( I’ve been rambling about on vacation & family matters in the Wild West & the Great Green North or I’d have replied sooner, thank you for your patience)
    Yes, I agree evidence supports Maitreya is exactly as teachers in Spiritual Realms describe him:
    “Prince of Heavens”
    “Heavenly Assistant.”
    Time will tell and I believe in truth revealing itself inexorably, whatever that truth is.

    This works fine with my expansive personal view of Christianity and Jesus Christ.
    I recognize Jesus as the Savior for those who believe he is,
    as the wise healer-mentor-saint for those who feel he is,
    and as the great, living inspirational head of Christianity to be sensed regardless of how great the churches’ flaws, blind spots and immaturity.

    Again: I sense in Maitreya a leader of the highest and greatest aspirations of mankind.
    Not one to do anything but what can stimulate and awaken a more just, free, mature world, person by person.

    Beyond the OPPOSITE nature of an AntiChrist:
    Maitreya seems to embody more than the utter, complete ABSENCE of any devilish or deceptive qualities:
    He embodies the complete joyful, affirmative PRESENCE of goodness seeking wise fulfillment for humanity.

    Where can anyone discern any actual “flaw” in Maitreya unless in any differences of theological understanding about what Jesus said & meant 1,973 years ago, and what this past experience LIMITS us to and INVITES us to, today?

    It appears logically and ethically impossible for Jesus to be opposed to Maitreya in any way, shape or form BECAUSE Maitreya apparently desires, supports and seeks for mankind here on Earth exactly what Christ does! These are mutually supportive Sacred Natures at work–
    and I am grateful to experience the tiniest little glimpse of them.

    Last Point:
    What flaw could you or any other unbiased person imagine Jesus would find in Maitreya if he were to be looking him straight in the eye today, standing in your church or living room?
    What words of condemnation or judgment of lacking could Jesus possibly speak?

    I admit my blindness compared to both these great souls, but from what I see, the answer is:
    We ordinary people have such

    Write back again Michael! People can benefit from your insights.
    -Rev. Scott

  6. Michael Hentrich

    I think he’s one of God’s graces and he’s definitely not the antichrist. Would you consider Jesus to be a saint? (I would). He WAS here but now he’s in the spirit realm, guiding us home to God. I know this because I have seen his lectures and support his religion (God’s Eternal Universal Religion). Look it up if you don’t believe me. His message is that he seeks to unify religious order which is a serious need in today’s world.

  7. Noor

    Mr. Creme’s first prediction that Maitreya was on earth came in spring of 1982. Although it seemed that his prediction did not come true, there actually was a Maitreya who declared himself in the same month (April 1982), with no knowledge of Creme’s claims. This was Maitreya of the Mission of Maitreya: Maitreya attempted to contact Mr. Creme and make him aware that his prediction had been fulfilled, but Mr. Creme never acknowledged it. Since then, he has continued to make more and more predictions, none of which have come true, and his teachings have seemed to become confused. He still speaks eloquently about his general message that Maitreya will come and usher in an era of peace, etc., but the details are now very confusing and contradictory.

    We believe as you do, that Mr. Creme is well-meaning and with good intentions. But we believe he has become confused and did not realize what had happened. We see a similarity between him and John the Baptist, who also correctly predicted the appearance of Christ but then could not recognize him (had to send his disciples to ask Christ if he was the one they were waiting for). For more information on all of this:

    I also encourage and challenge all of you to study Maitreya of the Mission of Maitreya. He has fulfilled prophecies from all world religions and cultures, and brought a great Message which does all that Mr. Creme said it should do – unify the religions of the world, show the way to peace, reveal the full Mystery of God, etc. Because of these, I believe Maitreya is the Christ returned, the Seventh Angel, the Prophet of God. The time is ripe, the signs are there that now is the time Christ spoke of, when he would return. I tell you that HE IS HERE. Hosanna!

  8. Rev. Scott Post author

    Hi Elinor,
    You evoke a fascinating picture of what you & your friend saw when you met Mr. Creme.
    I’m glad you went to the Transmission Meditation group–I went to one for the first time in Brooklyn last week–very nice, dedicated people doing their spiritual work–and I got a real charge out of the meditation.

    I do understand how many conservative Christians–and by “conservative”, I’m not referring to any political stance but instead to those who desire to keep fidelity with what Christ taught and what he means to them–would be cautious of any claims such as Maitreya’s / Mr. Creme’s. Such caution is wise because many, many charlatans have littered the history of every religion, including the religion of materialism.

    Please check out Maitreya’s Psychic Speech to the World made in 2003:
    I’m aware that Maitreya does not speak directly to individuals, this speech was instead made on the higher planes of consciousness to all mankind waking and sleeping. I just happened to attune for it & write it down as best I could (95% accuracy) that night because a Spirit World Teacher told me of it as I held a Spiritualist church meeting.

    We’d love to hear more of your experiences Elinor!

  9. Rev. Scott Post author

    Thank you for sharing your thoughts Antonio!
    Please feel welcome to give this post a “like” & pass the word on to others, so they can see a clear-eyed positive view.
    What’s your experience of Mr. Creme and Maitreya?

  10. Elinor Hopkins

    I saw Benjamine Creme in the mid 80′s in San Francisco. Similar to Scott Ufford’s experience, I was surprised that I, a non-clairvoyant individual, saw Benjamine Creme’s consciousness bubbling and boiling with a higher consciousness coming through. I saw his face change into thousands of other faces. There was a quality of vast compassion and wisdom. My friend who was with me saw the same thing. We both felt like the consciousness looked deeply into our souls and knew us and loves us deeply. I had never seen anything like that and have never seen anything like that since. I have never forgotton that and therefore I searched for a group to connect to the teachings of Benjamine Creme. I now attend a Transmission Meditation group that meets in Elk Grove, California. which is based on Creme’s teachings.

  11. Antonio Palena

    Thankyou! Rev Scott Ufford
    For the insight into Benjamin Creme and Maitreya, it is nice to see a possitive view of what it is about, and seeing the humble nature of Mr. Creme means alot to me, the words ‘He who is not against me is for me’ grabs me and i hope grabs the attention of others as well. Thankyou!

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