Hot Question: Ever Meet an ET?


Did you ever meet an ET–while awake or asleep? What was it like? Do you know anybody else who’s had such an unusual experience?

Soul Diary Note:

Remarkable distinct visions crowded my awareness before sleep, in “floating” meditation….

Sometimes, between waking and sleeping, I used to see–no, I used to BEHOLD with stunned awe, to DRINK IN and TASTE–vast ever-kaleidoscoping LOVELY LIVING FIELDS of surreal BEAUTIFUL rainbow colors…

But tonight I saw, for the first time, luminous eyes, then complete faces of somehow noble, calm, peaceful NON-EARTH 3-D peoples. I confess, I could never imagine, and Hollywood has fallen far short of dreaming or depicting, the incredible detail–the incredible VARIETY–the remarkable precise living images that looked me straight in the eyes with intent goodwill.

Individually and grouped, beautiful living faces of every possible humanoid feature with other creaturoid and dimensionoidal mixtures, details, appendages. Looking at me. Greeting me “wordlessly.”

Constantly changing array of faces with intelligence, curiosity, kindness and, to me, completely inscrutable emotions.

After several perfectly clear, hushed minutes of my observing them, and vice versa, the visions fuzzed into indistinct shapes. Faded. I lapsed into what would be a restless sleep.

Nov. 20, 2007″

What’s your story? No matter how unusual, we’ll listen. Thank you.

Rev. Scott Ufford,
Christian Spiritualist minister
Copyright 2011

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