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Don’t Let Them Turn You into a Drone!


I whole-heartedly AGREE with former President Jimmy Carter’s blasting President Obama & the many foolish politicians of BOTH PARTIES who condone abuse of drone weapons for OVERSEAS ASSASSINATIONS.


Because if left unchecked by our moral & spiritual compass:

USA’s use of drones OVERSEAS to indiscriminately slaughter “SUSPECTED terrorists or sympathizers”, whether or not they’re American citizens–
as well every innocent bystander caught near the blast–

can and eventually WILL lead to their use against American citizens IN OUR COUNTRY, “suspected” & tried without due process of law for a multiplying array of paranoid & convoluted reasons.

Just as many police depts are stocked like small ARMIES that exhibit thug-like behavior, & SWAT teams & Tasers now mindlessly misused as simple matters of CONVENIENCE rather than as weapons of LAST RESORT, so the temptation WILL be surrendered to for using weaponized & controlling surveillance DRONES AT HOME.

will say, right now:
NO TO EVERY FORM OF SLOW BUT SURE THEFT OF OUR NATURAL CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHTS to decent treatment as American citizens & human beings?

The weapons, like drones, whose use USA flaunts with immoral abandon TODAY can & will be used against us with the same immoral abandon TOMORROW.

(A) Drone weapon technology, like all tech secrets, WILL drift into other parties’ hands, just as surely as Monsanto’s toxic GMO seeds can drift into & infect healthy organic farms’ crops, and
(B) our nation’s display of moral weakness can & WILL be used as excuses by other parties as a green light for misusing drones & other momentary advantages for their own “vital security concerns”–

Inevitably it’s US AND OUR KIDS, the average innocent Americans, who’ll suffer from FUTURE UNKNOWN VERSIONS of the 9/11 attacks & from scheming rabid politicians’ & Eisenhower’s predicted “military-industrial complex” brainwashing us into FEWER CIVIL RIGHTS and MORE BLOODY POINTLESS WARS LIKE IRAQ.

So, what are YOU going to do about it?

Peace & Blessings to you,
Rev. Scott Ufford
Copyright 2012

Is Maitreya a Saint or The AntiChrist?


On this holiest of days in Christianity, Easter Sunday, I was asked point-blank about Maitreya.

Is he a saint? A savior? A delusion or a fantasy? The AntiChrist?

I’ll do my best to respond to this question clearly, despite my sugar rush lingering from eating one too many marshmallow “Peeps”.

More thoughts might come to me in the days ahead & I’ll share them in a more informal way than in the past.

First, there are a few different teachers out there claiming the name of “Maitreya”. Each appears to do good work on his own, but this question refers to the Maitreya spoken of by Benjamin Creme as “The World Teacher.”

The World Teacher is supposedly an Elder Brother of mankind, here to guide us into our new astrologically derived spiritual age of Aquarius during the next 2,500 years or so.

When assessing a stranger’s character, what’s better than your first-hand experience?

How does a Spiritualist minister or any modestly clairvoyant person experience a non-physically based being?

Well, we do have the advantage of being conscious of a few extra sensory inputs into our minds that most people only experience–but DO experience–on subliminal levels according to their comfort zones, shall we say.

My first-hand experience, my first impression of the one called Maitreya, came at a public lecture by Benjamin Creme in Manhattan in 2001, shortly after the WTC attacks.

In preparation, I had mentally invoked Christ guidance and protection of the Spirit of Truth–of Christ’s presence–for myself & the entire event. As St. Paul said in Corinthians, “Test the spirits”–don’t be gullible or flattered or threatened or seduced into mental acquiescence in any way, at any time.

Though I was very much on guard, the energy in the room and from Mr. Creme felt very positive during his talk. I was keenly aware that he was indeed overshadowed, or perhaps overbrightened, by a form of higher consciousness. I didn’t know if this was Creme’s higher self or superconsciousness speaking through him or if a higher being was speaking to Creme’s higher self.

Either way, illuminating words were indeed flowing down the pipe.

I felt Creme to be both a genuine mystic seeking to serve the higher welfare of mankind, and a bit of a lefty in political outlook. He spoke with compassion and with some seeming harshness about any United States’ response to the 9/11 lunatics.

Creme said in effect that we “should get over it”, which seemed unduly undiplomatic and rude, since many of us in the audience had lost friends & family in the terrorist attacks just months before.

(Later, I came to understand that he (or the being speaking through him) was not slighting the American people at all, but warning us against launching an orgy of violent reprisals that our military industrial complex, as President Eisenhower called it, was hungry for.

As we soon learned, unfortunately, Bush’s political & war machine manipulated the wave of public grief and world sympathy sent to USA. In short, they USED us.

Let’s be clear here. Almost immediately after 9/11, Bush & his henchman Vice President Cheney, plotted, lobbied, bully-pulpited & threatened their way–into what?

Into a brutal, completely unnecessary war in Iraq, to neutralize “weapons of mass destruction” that they KNEW did not exist! To capture terrorists they KNEW were nowhere near Iraq!

What would YOU call it when a brutal, completely unnecessary war is declared that slaughters & starves a quarter million innocent Iraqi civilians, kills a huge number of brave American soldiers and maims for life several thousand more?

Wouldn’t you call this an evil act? Wouldn’t you say those leaders who dragged us into this war were indeed war criminals? If not, then what’s it take to get a leader called a war criminal these days? Just not be an American?)

Anyhow, we can see Maitreya’s curt warning in the light of the ensuing miseries that were inflicted upon the world and America.

My most powerful clairvoyant impression regarding what Mr. Creme called Maitreya the World Teacher, came at the end of the talk.

By then, I’d satisfied myself that Creme was not crazy. Nor was he a hypnotist or a cheap con man.

He in fact had spoken with a kind of calm, poetic urgency.

As Creme walked down the center aisle towards my seat in the back (late arrival), I was scrutinizing the energy around him.

Was it like the energy of a pretender? A mesmer? Or an AntiChrist?

No, not at all.

I suddenly saw a brilliant flash of intensely warm-hearted light around him, so much that I could barely see him at all. I sensed a completely translucent, ego-less, glad and decent presence with him. One of an almost sublime level of intelligence.

The fact is, this bright presence around Creme was more like the complete absence of any malignant or malicious or lying nature!

I kept observing this presence for several seconds. I concluded to myself that if this being around Creme at that time was Maitreya, then Maitreya was the most simply joy-filled, peaceful being you could ever imagine inhabiting this Earth.

Observing this, I have continued to scrutinize Mr. Creme’s statements about, or said to be by, Maitreya over the years and can only conclude this:

Whatever he has said, whether I agree or disagree with it–
I can find no spiritual or ethical fault in his words. Not one drop.

I therefore cannot find any manner by which Jesus himself would find fault with these words. Or ever consider Maitreya to be an AntiChrist or a fraud or an enemy.

As Jesus once answered his disciples about another holy man in Palestine, not following Jesus, who also was performing miracles in the Name of God at that time:

“He who is not against me, is for me.”

Food for spiritual thought, and hope…

Peace and Blessings to you on this Holy Easter,
in this beginning dawn of The Age of Spiritual Honesty.

Rev. Scott Ufford,
The Psychic Philosopher,
Copyright 2012

Prophecy: Iranian Misfits Plotting Air Nuclear Attack on USA?



While in clear meditation at St. Paul’s Chapel, NYC–

which miraculously survived the 2001 collapse of the WTC Towers that had loomed almost overhead–

during the overnight labyrinth walk hours leading into September 11, 2011–

while as a volunteer I provided healing prayers for anyone who approached the main altar for help–

my clear, relaxed mind suddenly flashed repeatedly with these words:


At that, a gigantic iron, almost Teutonic-looking bird of prey slammed its claw down through St. Paul’s roof, down through the ceiling–

but couldn’t reach the floor’s beautiful labyrinth pattern laid out in canvas that people were walking in meditative journey.

Instead, its writhing claw got hopelessly stuck in the ceiling.

Next I heard:

“(The Persian War Bird) . . . cannot destroy the building.” (symbolizing America)

This “Persian War Bird” (of Iran) was replaced by a grim vision of Iran’s vast innocent multitudes, of her common folk and pro-democracy demonstrators looking fearfully up at the skies, pleading in terror with outstretched hands towards USA:

“Please do not destroy our nation!” the Iranian people cried (meaning, via nuclear or other military retaliation).

. . . Later, a possible area in USA sensed as the focal point of this Persian War Bird’s (aerial?) attack was New Jersey, which unfortunately does, by the way, house toxic nuclear reactors.

Later attunement indicated any attack probably would be a solitary attempt, “inspired” by 9/11 to try to wreak havoc from the air.

(We hope the NRC–the Nuclear Regulatory Commission–has been honest with us, that our nuclear power plants are in fact as safe & well-protected against terrorists as they claim.

We also hope EVERY nuclear power plant in USA gets DISMANTLED within 10 years. Replaced by a sane, healthy, unlimited fusion energy power plant, but that is another story.)

I’ve held back this unsolicited prediction for over a month, but now feel compelled to voice it.


Because during these last few weeks, Iran has been accused of plots to assassinate the Saudi ambassador in Washington, D.C. and blow up cargo planes with dirty bombs, etc.

Also because the Pentagon is now wrestling with this tough question:

What would be an adequate, effective yet measured response against any further insane Iranian terrorist plans?

It appears that We the People of United States and the World possess unlimited power through focused meditation and prayer–

We are STRONG ENOUGH both to NEUTRALIZE any lunatics’ possible crazy terrorist plots against anyone, anywhere–

and to INFLUENCE the Pentagon’s warlords to act with relative calm and restraint in the name of human decency.

Please join me in meditating at least one minute, every day, for a PEACEFUL REVOLUTION–
for a peaceful MIRACLE–
for all mankind.

Thank you.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * *

. . . The last strong clairvoyant image I received heading into midnight of 9/11, was set in the year 2032:

I saw smiling young people peacefully tear down the walls of St. Paul’s Chapel. This heroic, historic church was replaced by a magnificent ornate palace.

Powerful symbolism?

2032 repeatedly comes up as a PIVOTAL CHANGE YEAR in the destiny of NYC & USA.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Peace and Happiness to you,
–Rev. Scott Ufford,
Psychic Philosopher

How to End Our Global Addiction to War — Conquest — Slaughter


by Rev. Scott Ufford

Why does mankind seem hot-wired to plunge the blade of violence into the heart of hope?

Why our worldwide nonstop addiction to war mongering? Why the spastic twitching of fingers on triggers and death-buttons when we could more profitably reach out to shake hands?

When do we start storing up ammunition to make a Great Peace instead of yet another Great War?

If only answering these hellish questions was as easy as asking them!

But here’s a hint:

Of course, our tales of woe began long, long ago. Everything began long, long ago… Makes it easier to pin blame on somebody else, when today’s bloodbath started before recorded history. Meaning, beyond the reach of our self-control.


Because nobody can exactly explain, with plain logic, exactly where the milk of humanity went temporarily sour. As a result, the pains of our aggressions and victimhoods lie tangled up in a welter of incoherent emotional records:

“Why did you murder that nation’s leader?”

“Because he tried to kill my daddy.”

“Why did you invade that country?”

“Because we deserved to exploit their oil for them!”

“Why did you jail and kill people of that religion?”

“Because five hundred years ago they invaded our religion’s lands because five hundred years before that we invaded their religion’s lands because five hundred years before that they invaded our religion’s lands before their religion even started, which makes them the devils, you see…”

And so on. And on. Combatants with endlessly different names, faces and histories but with the same blood in their angry eyes. Antagonisms fueled by different excuses and different struggles but fueled with the same pathetic malice.

Different battle plans, weapons. Whether by poisonous gas or ambassadors’ pens dipped in the ink of deceit, it makes no difference. Whether by sharpened sticks and stones or deadly bombs dropped from unseen wings, it makes no difference.

Only the scale of the violence has changed. The false logic that’s led to these slaughters, pretends to remain unchallenged…

Because the secret belief in humanity’s helplessness provides ourselves, our neighbors, communities, countries, religions and races with endless ways to pretend that violence is proof of great strength, instead of weakness.

It justifies our sufferings today.

Faced with history’s innumerable hurts and wrongs inflicted and received in all directions, who amongst us can untangle the karmic mess?

Do you believe mankind was born into sin — just naughty by nature? Or conceived in an ancient alien race’s test tube to create an enslaved race? Or that we grew up soaked through with the moral sense of a blob of algae, just given more complex oceans to spawn in?


The secret spiritual fact is–and I fully expect at least half of you who read past this point to jump from my blog in disgust, never to return, so I give you my full blessing in advance to abandon ship, and appreciate your dropping by–

The blunt facts–explained to me by Spiritual Teachers–are:

We attack others because we want them to love us, to approve us–but we despair of them doing this voluntarily.

At heart, EVERYONE wants to receive kindness. (Have you ever seen even the most vicious, hardened, crazed criminal who didn’t secretly wish for a drop of kindness or compassion to ease his pangs? I think not.)

But who wants to make the effort to GIVE kindness?

Who’s going to give kindness first? Who’s going to break the karmic stalemate with a brave act of Higher Power love? Who’s going to take the challenge and say, “Yes, mutual win-win results are possible here. I’m willing to taking the first step. I’m going to stick with this process. We can work this out, and we can see this through to a success we can both agree to.”

Or will both sides battle to outdo each other in their brutality and waste, only for the “winner” to later dole out a few well-publicized drops of generosity to the loser?

Can you conceive of practical ways, in your own life’s battle-hardened situations, to change the tide of “victory through violence”?

Please meditate on this possibility as if it’s already reality. Imagine a world in which the battles of the past are forgotten in the mutual win-win, forgive-and-forget, heal-and-be-healed world of the near future.

A near future we must begin to call “today”.

Imagine the New Christ Energies can empower you to this peaceful everyday practicality. Ask inside yourself for clear guidance.

Do this and you’ll find your first step.

Imagine the words of ones such as Jesus, Lao-Tzu, Gandhi, Buddha, Mother Mary, Amma, Maitreya, Krishna–all inspire your private world and your civilization into confidence in the power of kindness.

Imagine the sacred blueprint of Divine Code Rule Number One that’s leading mankind–yes, our own bloodthirsty, ravenous, deceitful mankind–up a ladder of spiritual self respect. Our foot hesitates just below the next dynamic step up, wondering…

My friend, please pray for peace. Work and play for peace. Be the peace; through all your own struggles, be the peace you want to see shared across the globe.

Give the world’s children a fighting chance for peace.

You’ll discover that the peace you give is the peace you keep.

God bless you for trying.

-Rev. Scott Ufford Copyright 2011