Sufferin’ Succotash, or Questions The Buddha Asked


Do we suffer because we do wrong?
–To suffer is wrong.

Do we suffer in order to learn we do wrong?
–To suffer is right.

We suffer as we right what is wrong.

We suffer as we wrong what is right.

If we avoid suffering, do we learn to avoid evil?
Then suffering is wrong, and to be avoided.

If we avoid suffering, do we never learn, and keep meeting evil?
–Then suffering is right, and to be embraced.

To not complete a poem about suffering, is that a relief?
Then a poem without end is a relief.

To complete a poem about suffering, is that a relief?
–Then a brief poem is a relief.

Did you know, as you started to read this poem
You started to write your own?

It’s true.

Did you know, as you live and love every day
You write your own soul’s verses?

So I ask you:

How will you finish this poem?
Will you live your own questions?
Will you give your own answers?

Don’t ever fear the end of your questions.
–Or doubt the worth of your sufferings.

Don’t ever doubt the worth of your questions.
–Or fear the end of your sufferings.

This is meant to happen:

Each new stage of gladness
Releases you into new questions.

* * * * * * * * * * * * *
Rev. Scott Ufford,
Christian Spiritualist minister
Copyright 2011

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2 thoughts on “Sufferin’ Succotash, or Questions The Buddha Asked

  1. scottu Post author

    Thank you Maja for joining us on NetworkedBlogs–and for asking yourself some of the toughest questions like:

    What is this separation between one part of myself, called “me”–and the other part of myself, called “my higher self”, or “everybody else”, or called “God”?

    If we take away the physical bodies of myself and others, what experience of separation remains for “what’s uniquely me” and for everybody else?

    If I take away only my physical body, what experience of separation remains between myself and the bodies created by God if you believe that (Nature, planets, solar systems, sublime quantum energy fields & forces) or between myself and God if God has no physical constant manifestation if you believe that?

    Maybe most important: what remains of separation when I am out of or without my physical body?

    Are the separations I sense now as if battles and occasional crises between “the parts of myself”, simple creations for exploring human life in the physical world, or innocent side-effects?

    What can resolve and dissolve my separations whether they “really exist” or are “all in my mind”?

    Not to mention:
    Is a state of feeling “separate”, self-concerned & in some ways conflicted, natural for me & for everybody in the Explorer Race?

    If it isn’t–if we really are entering what Maitreya the World Teacher calls The Age of Spiritual Honesty–what is our breakthrough and how will we know it THROUGH AND THROUGH, how will we feel it, be fully aware of it, even deeper than any knowing?

    Everyone’s Secret Heart’s Desire, whether despaired of or reached for:
    How do I get “over the bridge” if there is one, to that better other side? Buddha, Jesus, Mohammed, Maitreya, Krishna, The Tao–all speak differently about this vital bridge to reach the New Land–but is there any simple, beginner’s way I can start to live it as if I’m ALREADY THERE?

    Calling Real Life Experience, please!
    Peace and Happiness to you Maja,
    Rev. Scott
    PS–I look forward to exploring your blog more!

  2. maja

    A wonderfull blog. Great question. The grand illusion of one or another, there is only one…I will be interesting when I get beyond Knowing the answer and becoming aware of the answer. :)

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