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Angels Do Exist in NYC: Photographic Proof


What might be more convincing proof to you that angels exist in New York City:

Photos taken by a Hollywood film wizard? Or randomly taken by a technological Luddite from 270 feet in the air (the 27th floor) during his grave-yard shift lunch break (at 4AM)?

As you look at these pix, I’ll let you guess which category I fall into.

These ethereal photos were taken in April 2009. What I saw at the time was a barge anchored next to the Staten Island Ferry Terminal buildings at New York City’s southernmost tip.

But what startling reality the camera saw on the roof, I didn’t–until later:

So far, people’s responses have ranged from “Really beautiful!” to “Is that a reflection or light leak?” to “Spooky!” to “Gives me a feeling of peace.”

What do you feel?

This photo, taken 7 minutes before, from my exact same perch at the exact same angle, clearly reveals no sign of any angelic-like being or any light leaks. No reflective objects appear on the roof, which is gray and featureless except for what by day look like a couple low curved steam vents or chimneys set far apart.

Experts say a real (non-manipulated image) reveals more details, not less, when it’s zoomed in on. Case in point:

This breath-taking photo was taken of the angelic image when magnified more than 2x on my monitor. (On your computer, you can also hold down the Control-Shift keys and press the “+” button several times.) You can see the vast luminous energy field, at least 12 feet in diameter, contains five or six sections that arc out like petals from three distinct orbs or centers.

“Almost like the soul of a butterfly,” one person said.

Another commented, “Looks like a giant Mickey Mouse!” (You’d have to imagine the two smaller points of light as his ears.)

I’m sure the spirit, or the butterfly soul, or the angelic being, would be amused by that last remark. When you decide to “go public,” you’re prepared for almost anything.

One level-headed friend asked, “Why would an angel just appear on a rooftop to you, in the middle of the night?”

Good question. Maybe because they knew I’d be looking. Also, who else do you know takes photos of New York Harbor from 270 feet up, at 4:10 am? Everyone else is napping, or partying, or busy making soon-to-be-regretted-purchases from late-night TV infomercials.

One person explained away the image, saying, “But you always attract these sorts of things.”

It’s true: as a Spiritualist minister and naturally somewhat clairvoyant, I’ve seen blissful lights and startling things that others haven’t. Or maybe Western culture has been so busy making money off trying to scare us from the unknown (depicting the subconscious as a dangerous Hell-like place, etc.), fear has hypnotized us into not consciously acknowledging what everyone’s brains do sense.

Such habituated blindness might keep anyone from noticing the evidence right in front of his or her face once it’s downloaded onto their computer. Or might lead them to mutter, “That’s a mistake”–and delete it without a second thought.

Either way, my collection of unusual photos includes brilliant spirit-lights at Trinity Church on Broadway, tiny glowing orbs at Bowling Green, solemn faces ascending jellyfish-like in the air near Verrazano Bridge in Brooklyn–and the unforgettable multiple moons moving over New York City. But this blue angel picture is perhaps my favorite.

Why? Because it’s like a doorway–and a reassurance.

For if one angelic being exists, many can–and they do according to the sacred scriptures of all spiritual paths from Christianity to Hinduism, to every indigenous culture on Earth.

Trust me, any sign of angelic presence is very welcome in New York City’s rough-and-tumble environment. This indicates that an angelic kind of caring–of help available–really does exist. Not just as a happy imagined source to bring us relief from mental or emotional stress.

It suggests there really is a purpose, a mission, one or more–and a spiritual hierarchy dedicated to well being of mankind and all creatures. Not just a race or species dwelling in its own separate, unimaginably glorious world, but interacting with ours–here in ours.

It says we’re not alone. No matter where we live. And that’s good.

Angelic being, cosmic butterfly, whoever you are–thank you for showing yourself to us. Thank you for the gift of this visible proof. And thank you for loving us.


* * * * * * * * * * * * *

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Peace and happiness,
Rev. Scott Ufford

Copyright 2011

How to Avoid Wasting Time When You Pray


You know life is too short. Too busy. Too distracting.

You know you want to pray, because you feel the need.

But–please forgive our blunt honesty here:

You want to avoid wasting time by praying without getting results.

Here’s the absolute personal metaphysical truth:

You can’t effectively pray if you can’t or wont really thank the Sacred Source you’re praying to. Otherwise, why bother to pray? Go ahead & just thank yourself instead.

Pretend you’re the Only Total Almighty Source of All Good.

Then pray.

See what satisfaction that gets you.

Let’s face it–we’ve all tried THAT experiment before. Maybe not consciously, but on our lives’ inner roller coaster rides from Extreme Self Loathing to Extreme Self Adulation, and back again. Plus on every section of rickety track in between.

Everyone has tried self worship in all its disguises.

The result:

You know. We all know. It’s a near-total waste of our time.

Except that as we learn more about our limitations–about what we’re NOT–we can gain more respect for what IS beyond us.

That respect–if we’re at all grateful for our existences–can be called “worship”.

We can totally understand historical reasons why many people “batten their spiritual hatches” at the word “worship”.

But the whole point of praying is to unlatch & release our personal spiritual blocks.

So if you have any, why not drop your pointless, worn-out, boring-to-yourself objections to real worship?

After all, when you admit your love for your Sacred Source, you admit your real desire is:

To rise to the surface.

To open that stifling submarine hatch door.
To breathe in the waves of fresh ocean air.
To feel the pure soul of the sun on your skin.

To stop wasting precious time.

Because this brief life of yours belongs to you–not to your old objections against fuller living.

…Many saints old and new encourage us “to worship God with hearts overflowing”. But how can we, in this cynical, pretentious, ignorant, self-denying age?

You can feel we’re talking with total honesty here:

If in your worship you can’t be overflowing with joy, you can be overflowing with penitence.

If you can’t be overflowing with courage, you can be overflowing with fears, put to the grist mill, to power your prayers.

If you can’t be overflowing with wisdom, you can be overflowing with acknowledgment and acceptance of the pains of your ignorance.

Anyways, should you choose even the slightest, tiniest reason to worship God, however meekly or weakly, you will find your inner resources full to the brim for use.

Should you simply choose to do it–for whatever reason.

The results of your more grateful prayers will refresh your life very effectively over time.

The gifts of time can be: your happier, deeper, more powerful life.

Peace and happiness to you,
Rev. Scott Ufford

Copyright 2011