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Angels Do Exist in NYC: Photographic Proof


What might be more convincing proof to you that angels exist in New York City:

Photos taken by a Hollywood film wizard? Or randomly taken by a technological Luddite from 270 feet in the air (the 27th floor) during his grave-yard shift lunch break (at 4AM)?

As you look at these pix, I’ll let you guess which category I fall into.

These ethereal photos were taken in April 2009. What I saw at the time was a barge anchored next to the Staten Island Ferry Terminal buildings at New York City’s southernmost tip.

But what startling reality the camera saw on the roof, I didn’t–until later:

So far, people’s responses have ranged from “Really beautiful!” to “Is that a reflection or light leak?” to “Spooky!” to “Gives me a feeling of peace.”

What do you feel?

This photo, taken 7 minutes before, from my exact same perch at the exact same angle, clearly reveals no sign of any angelic-like being or any light leaks. No reflective objects appear on the roof, which is gray and featureless except for what by day look like a couple low curved steam vents or chimneys set far apart.

Experts say a real (non-manipulated image) reveals more details, not less, when it’s zoomed in on. Case in point:

This breath-taking photo was taken of the angelic image when magnified more than 2x on my monitor. (On your computer, you can also hold down the Control-Shift keys and press the “+” button several times.) You can see the vast luminous energy field, at least 12 feet in diameter, contains five or six sections that arc out like petals from three distinct orbs or centers.

“Almost like the soul of a butterfly,” one person said.

Another commented, “Looks like a giant Mickey Mouse!” (You’d have to imagine the two smaller points of light as his ears.)

I’m sure the spirit, or the butterfly soul, or the angelic being, would be amused by that last remark. When you decide to “go public,” you’re prepared for almost anything.

One level-headed friend asked, “Why would an angel just appear on a rooftop to you, in the middle of the night?”

Good question. Maybe because they knew I’d be looking. Also, who else do you know takes photos of New York Harbor from 270 feet up, at 4:10 am? Everyone else is napping, or partying, or busy making soon-to-be-regretted-purchases from late-night TV infomercials.

One person explained away the image, saying, “But you always attract these sorts of things.”

It’s true: as a Spiritualist minister and naturally somewhat clairvoyant, I’ve seen blissful lights and startling things that others haven’t. Or maybe Western culture has been so busy making money off trying to scare us from the unknown (depicting the subconscious as a dangerous Hell-like place, etc.), fear has hypnotized us into not consciously acknowledging what everyone’s brains do sense.

Such habituated blindness might keep anyone from noticing the evidence right in front of his or her face once it’s downloaded onto their computer. Or might lead them to mutter, “That’s a mistake”–and delete it without a second thought.

Either way, my collection of unusual photos includes brilliant spirit-lights at Trinity Church on Broadway, tiny glowing orbs at Bowling Green, solemn faces ascending jellyfish-like in the air near Verrazano Bridge in Brooklyn–and the unforgettable multiple moons moving over New York City. But this blue angel picture is perhaps my favorite.

Why? Because it’s like a doorway–and a reassurance.

For if one angelic being exists, many can–and they do according to the sacred scriptures of all spiritual paths from Christianity to Hinduism, to every indigenous culture on Earth.

Trust me, any sign of angelic presence is very welcome in New York City’s rough-and-tumble environment. This indicates that an angelic kind of caring–of help available–really does exist. Not just as a happy imagined source to bring us relief from mental or emotional stress.

It suggests there really is a purpose, a mission, one or more–and a spiritual hierarchy dedicated to well being of mankind and all creatures. Not just a race or species dwelling in its own separate, unimaginably glorious world, but interacting with ours–here in ours.

It says we’re not alone. No matter where we live. And that’s good.

Angelic being, cosmic butterfly, whoever you are–thank you for showing yourself to us. Thank you for the gift of this visible proof. And thank you for loving us.


* * * * * * * * * * * * *

See more genuine Photographic Proof of Angels in NYC!

Peace and happiness,
Rev. Scott Ufford

Copyright 2011

Know the Ancient Secrets to Your Happier Future


At last:
You can clearly understand mankind’s psychological history, to heal your own future.

Channeled Psychic Wisdom reveals these ancient secrets:

Positive emotions are expressions of unity with your soul.

Negative emotions are meant solely as reporting on the bodily conditions and environment.

As feedback.

When the human consciousness extruded down into physical dimension conditions, the positive emotions were meant as joyous affirmations of soul knowledge.

The negative emotions were meant as reporting on how the person in physical realms might be feeling and existing shy of those most desirable conditions.

But then the (beings of human) consciousness separated further down into physical than expected…

* * * * * * * * * *

Think what you can do with this secret understanding. Dig into it for real gems!

Peace and Happiness,
Rev Scott Ufford
Copyright 2011

Maitreya The World Teacher’s Psychic Speech to You, Part II of III


We’re glad you came back for more psychic surprises:

Here’s the first half of Maitreya’s revolutionary Psychic Speech to the World, made in 2003, received by most in our deep sleep state:

“You are entering a time of great power exchange possibilities. Your times of past failures and of highlighted mistakes are potentially ready to be cleansed from your memories and cleared out of your internal channels of self judgment.

What does this mean?

It means, what was correct before fades away as it becomes true that the great changes into greater truths, more natural power principles, for humanity are well underway.

…Nobody likes a loser. Least of all, the person or country or creed who judges themselves as losers.

But those who greatly lack forward thinking, positive thinking and faith, will seek to win at losing.

How does one win at losing?

One focuses on the issues and struggles that have already gone by. Already faded with a passing day. One pretends that those are the vital issues living under today’s sun.

Your only peace of mind will come from living today, today.

Wallowing in the past for the spectator sport of self-blame and pretended self-hate, no longer can get the high ratings from your soul, from your once captive intellect or your ego.

Imagine this condition as true in your internal, eternal, ever-changing galaxy of your self:

Imagine that every part of your self and being teeters on the brink of actual self-discovery.

Imagine that every part of yourself is taking part in the group therapy of realizing more or less all at once, that you are a divine spiritual being. And that you are a part of the divine collective of consciousness popularly known as God.

Every part of yourself is awakening from the most blanketing condition of blankness. From the deadly dull, painful condition known as willful unawareness of your true brotherhood and true sisterhood with the highest Divine Forces.

The reasons for your past and presently fading states of unknowing, are very good ones.

Mostly, you indulge in self-blame, and public and private warrior games.

But you must admit that in your heart of hearts, in the center of your mind, and in the Grand Central Terminal of your soul, you must admit that you are a divinely acknowledged and originated being.

Every part of your being and consciousness, on this very day, awaits further instructions from your free will as to how to deal with the tremendous impact of this fact:

Every part of your self can smell and taste the onrushing, impending complete uplift and transformation of your self, of your consciousness, from one of ignorance and confusion and weakness, into one of awareness which causes freedom.

Freedom frees up changes to happen. And change, guided by true freedom–impelled forward by the desire for true self awareness–leads the way into the revolutions of the worlds as they transform from darkness into lightness of focus and heart.

Meaning simply:
Every part of yourself is now confronted with these facts:

You desire to live in a world where your interactions and agreements are made of win-win situations for every person and being involved.

Nobody anymore truly desires the old war games within family, nation or world.

These warring games are like ancient addictions who long ago, turned into a bitter taste in your mouths. The feedback of pain from your hearts as you have unlearned resistance to positive change, has told you of your true heart’s desire.

From the most negative to the most positive aspects of everyone’s being, the truth dawns that everything, every bit of oneself, is poised in the gathering winds of complete change…”

…CONTINUED in Maitreya The World Teacher’s Psychic Speech to You, Part III of III.

Don’t miss it!

Transcribed by and Copyright Rev. Scott Ufford, 2003, 2010

A Psychic Speech by Maitreya the World Teacher, Part I of III



Have you heard about the hotly debated signs of a possible “World Teacher” named Maitreya popping up around the globe?

World Trade Center reconstruction site in 2010, by Scott Ufford.

Controversial evidence ranges from UFO “star” sightings –for example, see my own cryptic photos of a strange “star” or peculiar “comet” over Brooklyn and Manhattan, which I started taking July 31st– to mysterious crosses of light appearing in surprised peoples’ windows, to claimed miraculous healing wells sprouting in the most unlikely arid places–to the latest unusual claims that Maitreya in disguise has made televised speeches in USA (see www.shareintl.org)–

In light of these remarkable “signs” and the growing Internet debate over Maitreya’s existence, his thought-provoking Psychic Speech to the World (which I transcribed in 2003 after a lecture by Mr. Benjamin Creme) holds even more relevance:

Just before waking up, I’d heard a crystalline voice say, “Maitreya will speak to the public on Monday.”

This got me curious! I mentioned it to friends more familiar with Benjamin Creme’s lectures & books about Maitreya, who supposedly is an incoming World Teacher for humanity’s New Age. We didn’t know if this voice meant a speech on TV, in people’s dreams, in the form of wisdom injected into our global superconsciousness, or what. An Internet check showed no hints or startling news headlines.

So, what was this talk about a speech?

But on that predicted fateful Monday (of January 20, 2003), I dreamed of crossing a street when I heard a noise that resembled the thud of exploding fireworks, except more ominous, and very close.

Immediately I fell to the sidewalk. Tried to protect my head against the waves of burning radiation that must quickly follow. The gigantic nuclear blast was intense! But I didn’t have that “blown through the wall” feeling to all the molecules of my consciousness like during a major nuclear war a few years ago. (Luckily, a war experienced on either an astral plane or alternate reality.)

The thought of my life ending was not fearful to me. It was just undesirable. I thought of all the things I wanted to do with my new wife, but would I soon be dead or horribly disfigured? Would the world be tragically destroyed or contaminated?

As I awoke (still alive–yay), I prayed for world peace, for the end to world domination by uncharitable groups and regressive essences. And for forgiveness of myself as well as for all creatures to dwell securely, in harmony and brotherhood and sisterhood.

By example–just the day before, I’d had to deal with a negative, tense work supervisor–and had to deal with my own anger and sense of injustice done. But by shift’s end, by my refusal (and her refusal) to give in to grudges, we had a peaceful, polite exchange of “goodnights”.

Was this a miniature example of how the world can heal, despite all clashing energies?
Wasn’t this the antithesis of prejudice, despair, and fearful blindness leading to mutual destruction?

Only as I thought, and prayed briefly about this in the company cafeteria, did I glimpse how “do unto others” and “forgive me as I forgive them” are the most potent forces for world and private peace today.

By assuming the concept of success–of mutually assured success–even widely diverging interests and p.o.v.s can blend into a mosaic instead of a ragged, bloody patchwork.

Wondered if Maitreya would visit us at the United Spiritualists’ Church service that night, or how we would hear the speech from him? Let’s just see what happens, I said to myself…

Parts of the following illuminating psychic speech, including the prayers, have been read to many people and shared in person, but not on the Internet. Being a perfectionist, I sensed my transcription of Maitreya’s speech was almost 95% accurate. I wanted to re-attune to get it 100% right, but should’ve just released it on the Internet “as is”.

In fact, Maitreya delivered this revolutionary speech on the highest spiritual psychic planes where every human consciousness could hear it to some degree without ego or fear interference.
For me to consciously “hear” it, had required the intensely real psychological-blockage-busting experience symbolized by my “nuclear explosion experience” dream:

Here for the first time on the Internet is Maitreya’s Psychic Speech:

You are entering a time of great power exchange possibilities. Your times of past failures and of highlighted mistakes are potentially ready to be cleansed from your memories. Cleared away from your internal channels of self judgment.

What does this mean?

What was correct before, fades away as it becomes true that the great changes into greater truths, more natural power principles, for humanity, are well underway…”

(Continued in A Psychic Speech by Maitreya the World Teacher?, Part II of III)

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