Your Best 11-11-11 Ever?


What makes an 11-11-11 special–what makes it more powerful than any other numerical times or dates? Why is it more powerful than a 3-37-94 or a 7-16-33 or a 2-39-27?

To understand:

Number One, first realize you live in a Universe where to exist, every number does possess its own “innate significance”. That’s what makes a number a number and not a mere detail such as a letter, a scent, a picture, a noise, a sensual description such as harshness, coolness, pleasure, pain.

What makes it different? How can a number itself be “different”?
Isn’t it just a tally? A calculation?

Isn’t all the value of a number, a superimposition of a “something else” that it describes, no matter what numerologists might say?

You don’t say to yourself, “Oh, what a STUPID three” or “What a SILLY seven”, unless it’s in relation to something else. You can be talking about Three Stooges or Seven Dwarfs, but you don’t THINK of a number as possessing its own essential value.

But we’re here to tell you today–whatever day you read this–that numbers hold a more powerful place in the Universe.

Because they are the ACTIVE, BIOenergetically intertwined PRESENCES of essences that actually manipulate, push, pull, stretch, compress and CONVEY all physical world MATTER.

So the value of this 11-11-11 is NECESSARY for you to experience by reading this NOW:

By contemplating what makes it special NOW.

By thinking what makes it an unusual opportunity–just by playing the game of what-if with an inquiring mind right NOW–you’ll start to wake up…

More later! Time for you to meditate on what’s special NOW…

Soon enough, we’ll be talking about the big 12-12-12!

* * * * * * * * * * * * *

Peace & Happiness.
–Rev. Scott Ufford,
The Psychic Philosopher

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2 thoughts on “Your Best 11-11-11 Ever?

  1. Rev. Scott Post author

    Hi Phoebe, you’re absolutely CORRECT. You can–and you are invited by your Higher Self–to make fuller use of the energy portals, or available entrance ramps, as we might call them, into your daily energy “vortex”. You can write on a notecard or on your electronic gizmo “Every 11:11 of my day is my entrance ramp to the fastest, smoothest energy highway I need today. Every 11:11 I recharge my batteries for an extra jolt of high-volt STRENGTH, PEACE and POWER. Today is my 11:11 power day!”

    Enjoy your little experiment–say “YES today I connect to the Sacred Higher Energy Highway for all the help & wisdom I need! On every 11:11 I automatically tap into the best available for me!”

    I urge you Phoebe & everybody to do this little experiment & share your results here! The results just might be…excellent.

  2. Phoebe Snow

    Since 11:11:11 happens twice a day, what does that mean, is that an energy vortex I can use? I work overtime alot and I could really use a recharge. Pleas help me out.

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