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More Controversy Unfolds About “the Right Maitreya, the Real Maitreya”, the Christ, and Jesus


Written in response to an impassioned concerned reader claiming her real-life Maitreya is the only one & the best:

Dear Ila,
Many bodhisattvas, but one Buddha.
Many saints in Christ, but one Christ.
Many sects following & squabbling over Jesus, but one Jesus.
Many beams of sunlight, but one sun.
Many lovers, many experts, many healers, many haters, but One Reality of Love.

One difference I note between your obviously revered Maitreya & the Maitreya Mr. Creme speaks about tirelessly:
“his” Maitreya never disses “anyone else’s Maitreya”, he just says they’re not the same.

Just for example–
I feel no need to justify my clear impressions of Maitreya the spiritual being of goodness, or to “make battle with my understandings & convictions against” anyone else’s.

Just as I don’t feel the need to stack up or justify my sense of Jesus Christ, against any battling or baffling Bible or other religion’s holy book quotes.

Nor do I feel pushed into countering nay-sayers weighted down by their blindness borne of scientific skepticism that’s spilled over into willful ignorance of their spiritual existence & its all-embracing reality.

I am glad you’ve found your honorable Maitreya, because many manipulative souls have entered Earth to test our wisdom and our patience–

Not to mention, to test the degree of our desire to uphold our ego superiority over our Central Heart’s True Pulsing Desire to LIVE, KNOW, SHARE SOUL LOVE.

Without labels, without needed license or limits or battles…

I believe the degree we obey this unavoidable fact:

The FACT of the call of every person’s private True Heart’s Pulsing Desire to LIVE, KNOW, SHARE SOUL LOVE–
No matter what their avowed faith or their lack of it–
Or whether they’re “good or evil” in other’s eyes, or in their own eyes–
Decides & defines WHETHER, WHEN and HOW we enter the New Christ Presence–
The New Earth–
New Future–
Reality awaiting us.
With patient impatience.
Tapping its foot.

Thank you so much for writing Ila. I welcome hearing more from you & all concerned writers.”

Let’s get talking more! Let’s hear more!
Anybody else want to comment on their concept of what the Master Plan at work is?
Peace & Happiness to you,
Rev. Scott Ufford

Copyright 2013

Welcome to the Spiritual Olympic Games!


Dear Potential Future Olympic Gold Medalist:

Let’s ask a tough question:
Do you sometimes wonder why you’re here?

Do you understand that you, as an eternal spirit, are alive on Earth today VOLUNTARILY?

Yes–the fact is, you eagerly volunteered for your beautiful expansive spirit to hop down into the limited dimensions of a weak human body. You worked hard to qualify for an open position with a mother and family circumstances at least a little bit suited to your karmic condition (your past-earned level of experience), and to your desired new love-growth experiences.

Finally, you qualified!

Because you are a beloved creation of God–no matter where you are or what conditions you’re enduring–your existence is always meaningful. You ARE meaning itself, in search of ever-growing purpose. This means your life HERE is a PURPOSEFUL GOOD CREATION.

Your presence here on Earth’s surface is a welcome one–an honored one. You are an important participant training in harsh arenas guided by a gigantic–and benevolent–Master Plan.

Your life is worth all your athletic efforts to survive and excel. You, sweating and struggling to do your very best, are a vital part of Earth’s Reality Games. Whether you think so or not, or feel too weak or flabby or undisciplined to “compete”.

Do you feel like your challenges in life are unfair? Do you feel forced to be here? Maybe you feel soul pressure to BECOME something–to “score points” for what you believe in–to make a real difference–NOW?

What kind of a difference are you here to make? Surely you’re not just here to try to make big bucks, win your battles, get your fair share of fun & then kick the bucket when your time’s up?

Of course not–but what you ARE here to do…

Vital question:
Do you understand that to incarnate on Earth is a great, rare privilege?

Humpph. How rare can it be, you might scoff, with a teeming mob of 7 billion family members–and hundreds more popping down the fun-slide into this dimension every second?

But here’s the truth:
If we could see everyone lined up in a row–all the eager souls waiting to be born here, hoping to qualify to play The Games–they’d stretch in a near-infinite blur far past the boiling surface of the sun.

Why come to this tragic struggle? Why vie to qualify? Why not stay snug and secure on some peaceful, happy planet instead of jump into this madhouse?

The answer, my friend, is because our humble Mother Earth is the site of the biggest Spiritual Olympic Games.

No bigger extravaganza anywhere in the Universe–at this moment!

And you–yes, you, are a starring athlete.

Whether you have a clubfoot or no foot, whether you have the IQ of your shoe size, whether you can’t throw a discus any farther than you can throw a doghouse, whether you have an interstellar police record longer than the Congressional Record–you are playing here on purpose.

In this competition, the race definitely is not only to the swift, and the battle not only to the strong.

You made this team for a reason.

You’re being trained. You’re being taught to listen to your coaches and your higher instincts. You’re learning from your mistakes.

You’re learning the spiritual discipline and building the spiritual stamina of a champion.

Why? Because the Universe needs the kind of champions Earth’s Spiritual Olympics are making!

Maybe that concept makes you giggle. Or makes you feel depressed by comparing yourself to “everyone else”. But think about this fact:

A mysterious, holy process is unfolding–free will spiritual evolution is accelerating here on Earth–under the watchful loving eye of the Divine Creator. That makes you important–that makes your whole 7 billion member family important!

But what are these Spiritual Olympic Games all about? Why makes this tiny dusty planet so important to God? Why do so many wildly different new and ancient groups, belief systems, karmic patterns, emotional vibrations–burst sizzling in every direction like fireworks gone wild?

Because here is home to an incredible drama: a planet and human family starting to crackle with sacred ascension energies. That’s rare! A beautiful process vital to constantly renewing the Universe’s heart…

And what happens as Olympic Games progress? Old scores get tallied up. Mistakes get learned from. The competition heats up. Dramas and dreams are on the line…

Why not ask yourself:
“If I am here in some kind of unusual Spiritual Olympics of the Universe, what kind of athlete am I? What’s my biggest strength–and biggest weakness?”

“What’s my “main event”? What would be a Spiritual gold medal? Could I really win it? Is it possible to lose? Maybe what counts is just playing the game as good as I can–with trust–and leaving the rest to God?”

Peace and Happiness to you,
Rev. Scott Ufford
Christian Spiritualist minister
Copyright 2011