Ignore Negative 2012 Prophecies & Break Through to Real Love


All of us are probably quite a bit alike, when it comes to feelings about love.

Like me,
you have a sincere desire to break through to Real Love in 2012–

You desire deeper fulfillment, no matter what the gloom & doom prophecies say–

You know you have a capacity for love & you want to USE it.

Like me,
you might love your dream lover,
you might love your unseen soul mate,
you might love your future lover,
you might love your lover from the past.

But like me, your most valuable love is for the most difficult person to love in your life.

That difficult, even terrible, person in your life is the KEY.

Can you feel even the tiniest drop of love for that vile person, for just a split second?
Then your tight shackles start to fall away my friend,

That’s when the angels start to softly hum in your heart:

Where before,
you heard only notes of rage,
you trembled with the drumbeat for revenge,
you suffered the stings of your high-pitched jealousies,
your low-pitched resentments,
your ill-concealed fears,
your cleverly vicious schemes to triumph over the unkind enemy…

Can you feel the slightest drop of compassion, of toleration, of acceptance for that other person who has tortured you with their imperfections?

The answer is YES.

But how?

In the bowels of these timeless, intense inner struggles
a new key starts to slowly click through the tumblers in the lock of your destiny.

It’s during these gritted-teeth moments of agony when a new light raises itself up inside you

In these gritty moments when destiny’s battle seems impossible to win,
when tense prophecies of gloom spread their black wings over your head,
when all the hoped-for advance and peace you prayed your heart out for seems lost,

In these moments a glimmer of gold can and will shoot through your shut door,
your locked vault,
your painfully closed mind…

In these stressful moments, all the cacophony of worldly predictions and expert proclamations fall away into meaninglessness.

From the dread apocalyptic wintry hours that withered away the Year of our Lord 999 AD into the Year of our Doom, 1000 AD,

when all of Europe beat itself into a fearful frenzy, piously expecting the end of all civilization,
fearing the very worst of horrific, supposedly deserved judgments & punishment by Christ,

down through the nonstop centuries of scurrilous fear mongers’ proclaiming another, and yet another and ANOTHER, unavoidable End Times date with global destruction,

we find these simple words still challenge us to the best possibilities inside us:

(Wake up to) love God with all your heart,
and (find a way to) love your neighbor–
(even the very WORST–)
as much as you do your self.

In this ancient challenge, issued boldly to our yawning egos by our Spirits every morning, awaits our answer to every 2012 Mayan oracle, every gloomy “guru” proclamation, every Internet superstition running rampant at the Speed of Gossip…

Find your worst enemy in the world.
Face your worst enemy, in your heart.
Decide to boldly apply God’s Change Energy to the situation, any way you can.

Upon this Law hangs all the prophecies and all the prophets,
all the so-called sinners and all the so-called saints.

Upon this Law of Love, Reciprocal Love–
no matter how your enemy responds to your personal times of breakthrough–
upon this Law all the sad 999, 1987, 1999, and 2012 prophecies CAN collapse into relative dusty oblivion–
for YOU.

Upon this Law, when you band together as two or more in homage to an unbending,
unrelenting dedication to–
(in this simplest Word of universal alchemy)–

You gain everything.

You can lose nothing
because you have claimed nothing that can be lost.

Instead, you have claimed your birthright power to the Soul that you ARE.
You will have opened the lock to the Door of Destiny that you are.

Just as no door can hopelessly lock itself against itself,
no Love can un-Love itself.

Not for long, certainly not for forever.

If you believe you have un-Loved your Self that is by nature, Love,
take your magnificent 2012 and your sacred 2013 and your humbly brave 2014–
and your brief infinity of the rest of your years to be spent upon this Beloved Earth–
as your partners in discovery of how to re-Love the Love that you are,
that your neighbor, knowingly or not, also is,
and that your G-d by Every Known and Unknown True Name,

Your Question is:
Will you choose to apply this Law & receive the results, or not?
Will you do this bold, patient experiment?

Will you choose to find out how applying the Law of Love in the WORST parts of your life
can dramatically change your results in the desired BEST parts of your life?

Peace, Happiness and the Pleasures of True Love to you, and me, and the world
in this Beautiful New Year of 2012!

Rev. Scott Ufford
The Psychic Philosopher
Copyright 2011-2012

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