Maitreya: Earth Moves From Subsistence to Miracles-Based Living


Here’s tough, let’s-get-to-the-spiritual-point-of-it-all psychic guidance from associates of Maitreya, the controversial World Teacher.

They challenge you and me to see our raw human predicament in a New Light.

But first our humble human story–as we rocket towards 2012’s many prophecies–brought up to date:

–Yes, our sacred mass of grubby humanity struggles to survive under the most stressful conditions.

From the richest to the poorest of us, from the most coddled and sheltered to the most scorned, ignored and enslaved, we seem to struggle against one another for more privileged positions in the same leaky lifeboat.

–Yes, our much-loved, much-abused Mother Earth struggles to exude her vital ecosystems to make possible our continued survival. Many are the natural disasters caused by the well-known stress upon her of our sheer numbers.

Less known or understood is that our shaky but accelerating EMOTIONAL and SPIRITUAL evolution naturally interacts with Earth to spin off tornadoes, droughts, hurricanes, earthquakes and tsunamis just like a dog wildly shakes off water after scampering ashore after a swim to freedom.

What secret pact, if any, is really being honored between us and our Home Planet–and our species– and ourselves?

Why do troubles & complexities seem to increase for everyone these days–no matter where we look for escape?

Is Mother Earth actually a gigantic Spiritual Master-In-Training member of that rare “species” known as planets?

Why else would She work so patiently and so hard to maintain an equilibrium–almost as if she CARED about her little critters, including us?

Does She function under the direct orders of God’s loving Will for us? Can we discover or recognize this loving Will, if it exists?

Hear Maitreya the World Teacher’s friends, as recorded in my notes:

“You may see by evidence of your own experience, how Maitreya speaks even unto those who consciously disavow allegiance, awareness or acceptance of him.

Nothing overshadows this truth:

The Higher Earth Motive at work today, stretches far beyond subsistence!

Why then are the Earth’s survival systems seemingly stretched to the subsistence levels?

If the population of humanity increases again, what to make of this paradox?

The struggle for survival of unlimited numbers of mouths and dreams to be fulfilled? The seeming evaporation of raw materials and spaces necessary for this swarming population?

1. How can we “hop over” the gasping subsistence struggles of billions–they must eat! They must be clothed, and taught, and housed, and freed!

2. How can we in a subsistence struggle survive in, and cope with, a world whose secret driving motivating power launches us far beyond mere subsistence?

3. How do we leap from the mud and dreck, to the purity of the stars?

Many might ask,
How can we even have time and energy and reason to embrace the Higher Earth Motive, when the lower (stressful, physical) conditions threaten our survival?


Mankind will find, both singly and as a crowd, that the Higher reaches out to us NOW! The Higher Motive, embraced by us NOW, carves pathways across the bridge into higher dimensions. This leads directly to survival of active humanity via greater immersion into higher aspirations and results, & compassionate and strengthening functions.

In short, the natural functions of mankind IS upon the higher-than-survivability level. Once we embrace this natural fact–as we become aware of the higher-than-survivability level–this transforms us in our essential daily experiences.

Trust–we are talking about miraculous transformations becoming the natural order of things.

That which is “miraculous” will be rapidly understood as the naturally desirable AND reachable level…

Happy Blessings to you and your family of mankind.”

What do you think? Has the rising global news & social media chatter about Mayan 2012 prophecies–2012 ascension–2012 Doomsday, etc., made you feel any special global revolution or global evolution, or some kind of Global Higher Reality Training might actually be happening?

Do you feel hopeful? Or worried? Or full of questions!

Thanks for sharing your thoughts!
Rev. Scott Ufford,
Christian Spiritualist minister
Copyright 2011

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