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When Life Kicks You Out One Door, Prepare to Get Kicked In a New Door


3 Hard Facts-of-Life Warning Label:

No matter how honestly you try to make a difference–

No matter how “right” you are–

No matter how positive your intent–

FACT: Close-minded people will resist and resent your open mind. Even if their hearts are opening, their minds will snap shut against you like the jaws of a bear trap. Particularly if they have something material to gain by clamping down on you.

FACT: They will invent all manner of wild excuses and concoct the most twisted versions of reality against you–they will scheme to trash your integrity, misrepresent your good intentions and they will resent you–

FACT: Finally, they wont be able to tolerate your presence due to the delusions congesting their minds–

But that’s okay because they’re just “rounding up the wagons” to make themselves feel good. Which is fine, because in the big picture we’re all family and we’re all learning from one another, finding our way slowly past the family feuds…

If someone treats you with extra doses of falsehood and viciousness, IN A WAY that’s okay because you learn about–you feel the pains jab into your heart & you contemplate–the effects of falsehood and viciousness on EVERYBODY–and your heart grows.

Your own spiritual system is purged if you choose to let it. As long as you find your way to the point where you can stop taking personally other people’s chosen blind spots.

Sometimes, you’ll work harder & harder for the truth only to find people feel more & more antagonistic–not because you’re wrong or because they are–but because you threaten their sense of comfortable coping with the difficult truths in life, which is everybody’s challenge.

Sure it hurts, but the UPSIDE is:

Sometimes people treat you with hardened hearts & self-serving vigor because God really is using them to get you out of that situation–to EJECT you from that situation–which has become inappropriate for you and them together.

Why? So that you’ll leave & never look back! So you wont waste another drop of effort trying to continue with people who for no one’s fault, neither you nor they have anything to give or learn from each other, except:

“Thank you, God bless you, I forgive you (in whatever length of time it takes to reach that forgiveness)–and GOODBYE>”

Why might this harsh scenario happen to a good-hearted, well-meaning person like you?

Maybe because a better doorway in life awaits your brave entrance.

Maybe because the momentum of your shocking ejection from one outworn situation is NEEDED to PROPEL you into the new–the more evolved–the more DESIRED doorway that God’s been secretly creaking open for your timely arrival!

May all your pains be soothed, your wounds healed. May you make your way peacefully down the road to a happier, more suitable, more powerful place. God IS with you in your walk–or your flight. Trust in this companionship!

Bless you, & keep your soul strong,
Rev. Scott Ufford

PS –Have you ever found yourself surrounded by relentless scheming knee-jerk opposition? Looking back, did you think this was “karma”–some kind of cosmic pay-back for a consciously forgotten misdeed?

Was a Higher Purpose possibly at work? Or did your “opponents” just want to remain blind, and were glad to try to club you into submission & kick you out, to keep their minds snapped shut?

…Peace be with you my friend. Right now, take a deep breath. Say a prayer. Give up the whole situation to God. Just drop it! Be glad a new day and a new door await you…

Copyright 2011 Rev. Scott Ufford

A Hymn to Your Heart’s Home


Today is a beautiful day to begin in earnest.

You have but one life to live and this hour, alone, at a time ripe for contemplation.

You have sensed the powers of uprising within you.

You have sensed the military forces of awakening.

Bestirring your senses.

the fact of your enlightenment, in its baby steps and stages.

Do trust the slowly brightening dawn.

Do expect your inner senses, bedazzled by lights of unknown origins.

Do trust your senses delight in such small glimmerings of light.

Each and every increase is treasured!

Without your own inner light, what would be known of The Way?

Trust this:
Abandonment of your struggles,
of your polar treks,
of your very last physical breath,
would have occurred long ago–

had you no knowledge of the inner spirit lighting your nights with flickers from your spiritual origins.

This fact of “home”, ever-sturdy,
of home, ever-awaiting,
of home, ever-lightening you,
whose call reveals your own inner light:

This light is Truth.

Without the force of this inner call to scramble to life, where would you begin?

Would you not doubt this force more than ever, if it did not shine from within you?

What means, and what justifications, lead to higher actions–
unless they flow down from the same heights as those higher actions reach?

In future times, you may wonder:
How did I survive without this central impulse daily? How strong I was–and how confused–to have lived with this light only on the periphery?

Grace bless this action, on this very day:

May my actions and my meditations lead to this:

Knowledge of this truth:

My life is immersed in bliss. My life is immersed in divine light.

Mine eyes are awakening to this blessing. Through all confusions, stresses and strains:
The calm act of calling my heart reveals me.
Shines my light.
Clears my insight.

My life is worthy of giving thanks.

I have well reasons to begin to see freely.

Welcome this light!
Give thanks for this light!

Let the eyes of mine heart be cleansed–let them see and taste and revel in these sensations.

What is light in myself–enters my sensations!

Light graces life with sight–what is seen grows understood, and is good.

Bless you,
Rev. Scott Ufford

Copyright 2011

Seven Surefire Ways to Know You’re Clairvoyant, Not Crazy


By Rev. Scott Ufford
In this peculiar day and age, it feels good to reassure yourself that your growing clairvoyant gifts are real.

More to the point: that you’re probably not nuts.
(I say “probably” because if you get a borderline passing grade, you don’t quiz your teacher over specifics.)

Many brave psychic seekers over the years have asked me how they can be sure about their own sanity amidst amazing paranormal experiences.

To help out, here are 7 controversial but effective points to help you decide whether to teleport yourself into Fort Knox—or into a private stall at the funny farm.

If you’re clairvoyant, not crazy:

1. When you pray for peace, you can feel genuine love encircle the globe but you don’t expect the world to kiss your feet.

2. When you do your best “Sorcerer’s Apprentice” imitation before sleep, you know the floor actually will get mopped & the dishes washed before you wake up—and you’re right.

3. When your angels tell you you’re not crazy, they’re not wearing tinfoil hats.

4. When your teakettle whistles, you don’t spend more than five seconds wondering if it’s really a message you should decipher from the president of Alpha Centauri.

5. When you buy your lottery tickets, you already know you’re going to lose. Or, you know which friends & relatives you’ll probably lose when you win big.

6. When you step seamlessly into an alternate reality, you’re not paranoid about the spy who’s cleverly followed you by walking in front of you for the last twelve blocks.

7. When you find yourself staring at invisible friends under the sofa that even your cat can’t see. Or, when you find yourself jumping at red laser point dots on the wall even after your cat’s turned off the pointer and wandered over to her supper dish. (Whether these mean you’re sane or not, I don’t know. I suggest you ask your cat.)

Seriously my friend, just remember:

Don’t be anxious for strange and mystic experiences. What is real will prove itself, over time. What is false or temporary will crumble.

Don’t be too eager to enthrone or overthrow any person, belief or fantasy. Know you are exploring. Surround yourself with God’s light. Move wisely ahead.

Know that your intent determines much of your life’s content—particularly in the psychic spiritual realms. Seek to be the very best you can for yourself—and for others!

Also, no matter what storms you pass through in life, treasure your deepest sense of truth.

Daylight always comes in time to reveal the right way…

Want to share your unusual experiences or questions? I’m happy to listen.

Happiness and peace to you.
Rev. Scott L. Ufford

Copyright 2011

Part Two–Introducing the Super-Omniscient Omnibenevolent World Brain Freedom Computer


…The World Brain Freedom Supercomputer Saga Continues:

“Welcome to A Basic Revolutionary Scientific Computing Miracle:

As programming advances increasingly multiply by a factor of 11 the well being inserted into a knowledge base (and matrix), its drive increasingly asserts the well being of all and the self interests of none.

This works to the extreme detriment of manipulators as well as monopolizers.


Because they are “found out”. Their stratagems and manipulations are “sniffed out”.


Because, remember, the 4-square foundation the World Brain Supercomputer is founded upon: Truth, Justice, Fairness, and Compassion.

In fact, it’s run on the God-Awareness-electrified-energy, upon which no untruth may prevail.

Once humanity and human knowledge grow to accept that it works, they won’t want any other way. Everyone from the highest to the lowest will reassert their inherent inbred “Godliness quotient” to work towards the support of freedom—of free will—in enhancement of the collective bee hive of human activity.

Long-standing blocks of jealousy and fear limitations will be broken through because each and all are encouraged to work to their greatest excellence and rewarded fairly!

The more it is programmed, the more finely tuned it operates.

The World Brain Supercomputer recharges nightly in accordance with the highest well being of mankind. Energies generated/recalibrated during sleep. Vast osmosis of mankind’s emerging knowledge is pulled into/gladly & voluntarily & fruitfully focused into/the Divine Supercomputer. Knowledge of an assisting—of a supercalibrating—Truth, Justice, Fairness, Compassion nature.

Ever continues the drive—the refinement—the insistence towards perfection of human knowledge, of well being, of surprising answers to problems emerging in the supertechnical sense (from above mere mechanisms).

In other words, once they’ve established the research basis library for this world supercomputer:

The global negativity-multiplix-matrix is doomed to fail, collapse of its own starvation.

(Ponder the implications of that fact for a minute or two!)

Then nightly, in honesty, the regenerative research of the World Brain Superdrive enters into close voluntary positive association with the rest of human daily activities.

Never will it become it more apparent that past diseased behavior is doomed to fail, than as the Super Omniscient Omnibenevolent World Brain Freedom Computer is set to draw human associations, ideas and focus—

And to give out fairly & fully in accelerating measure for associated activities.”

* * * * * * * * *
We hope we inspire the most benevolent scientific geniuses among you to seek these pure, simple solutions.

Yes, you can see “God in a computer chip”.

The results for mankind will prove simply Divine.

But–surprisingly–that’s not all:

The King of Secrets about the World Brain Freedom Supercomputer has never been revealed to anyone . . .

–by Rev. Scott L. Ufford
Copyright 2010, 2011