Revolutionary Spiritual Facts according to Jesus Christ & Mahatma


Recorded by Rev. Scott Ufford

Together Jesus and another Great Soul identified only as Mahatma, spoke these revolutionary facts which cut to the essential truths of our spiritual reality.

Maybe you never thought of your inner relationship with God/ Higher Greater Source in this clear, focused way. If so, you’re in for an eye-opener that can help you disintegrate your fears:


“Fear is a form of worship.

Love is a form of equality.

A true love drives out the desire to fear and replaces it with the pleasure of healthy respect. Whether you like or care to associate further with that respected thing, or not.

You cannot respect any thing simply by observing its outside. By knowing that within this thing is actually some form and reality of godcreation, you move past fearing its outside.

Seeing only its outside can lead you to fear its unknown potential to harm you or to deny you your rightful loving experiences.

The aspect or quality of any thing which induces your fear is an aspect which you believe to be lacking or imbalanced within yourself.

What you fear encountering in yourself, you fear encountering in the world.

Since the world is physically much larger and more capable than your self, you can only remove your fear of the seen world by entering into awareness of the unseen world and the true, unseen reality within all things.

You cannot glimpse these fear-destroying laws of inner reality unless you believe that some wise and capable Source exists, greater than your current awareness of your self.

This Source must at heart be as actively motivated for your well being as It is for any other thing’s well being. The law of innate equality and value must exist for your self as well as for that feared thing.

All inequality is only the result of fear and misunderstanding of the real nature of oneself, as well as of the other.


If you believe that you are meant to remain limited and suffering from the greater aspects of other things, you will experience this until you stop enslaving your self to these fears.

The knowledge that:

You consciously exist, for infinity, in some way;

No physical self destruction can remove this eternal consciousness from you;

Consciousness by definition is always growing and changing and experiencing; and so

Your experience of that helpful, Greater Source self is also infinite;

leads to the constant capability for the progressive removal of your fears of your self, of other things and of that Greater Source.

As all things ease into realizing that everything simply IS, the removal of fear removes all reasons for physical sensations of fearful aggression and fearful victimhood.

The removal of supposed reasons for fears allows your own strengths to emerge from within your hidden unacknowledged self.

As you see and remove your fears, you acknowledge that your help in doing this comes from that Greater Source which is forever available to your self as well as to all others.

As you grow, you stop fearing the fact that you have fears about any given thing, including Greater Source and your self.

You do not need to compete for, qualify for or fear the lack of that help from that Higher Greater Source, since It has no fears of you whatsoever. It sees you perfectly clearly, or at least thinks It does.


You are free to continue seeing and experiencing a clearer and more helpful relationship with that Higher Source.

Any aspect of Higher Source which seems to mirror any of your fearful or unkind or blind characteristics is an aspect which you are free to see past.

Any aspect of Higher Source which seems unwilling to help or to understand, or to behave charitably towards your self, must be encouraged to behave towards your self and Itself in a way more like An Even Higher Source.

{This means you are free to talk to any aspect of higher reality which seems to fail to see you clearly or charitably.}

You are free to reach past these limiting aspects of Higher Source up to that which is good for you.

This way, whether those limiting aspects of Higher Source are only products of your own limited perception or are of Higher Source Itself, your respectful exploration of fear removal puts you in a growing state of awareness and into an inner reality of happiness and strength.

This state will manifest in your physical surroundings to some degree because a realized truth is realized everywhere in your existence.

You will learn to appreciate and enjoy the degree to which inner reality manifests in your outer life. This experience is another form of the loving respect, or at least respect, for your self and for all things—because this verifies that your fear removal is real and working for you.

This is true for the infinity that you and all things exist.

No saint or sage has found clear enlightenment within his fears. The light lurks around, beyond and before his fears. The trail of his fears is a trail of tears in the process of drying up and transmuting into tears of laughter.

You are free to emerge from fear, and so from worship, into love, which is a state of happy equality.

You are free to do this in your own time, at your own healthy pace, in your own unique and necessary way, without any fear of judgment.

All of the results of your efforts combine with all of the results of every other being’s efforts.

Together, you are changing your world and your reality in good ways.

This spiritual evolution is an absolute and revolutionary fact.”

—Jesus Christ / The Mahatma

recorded by Rev. Scott Ufford, 7-15-1997
Copyright 1997, 2010 Scott Ufford

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