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Pray One Minute for a Miracle for All Mankind


Why pray for a miracle one minute a day–every day?

Why make it a focus of your appreciation to pray for a miracle one minute every day?
(Let’s say one minute every day at 1PM.)

Because we’ve heard awe-inspiring stories of people saved from disasters by what seemed like angels–

Such as the woman blinded by swirling smoke on that tragic morning of September 11, 2001, who was led safely down collapsing World Trade Center stairs by a stranger’s hand–by a fireman nobody else later claimed to see or know–

Such as the crippled Tokyo nuclear power plant in March 2011, whose toxic core mysteriously DID NOT overheat & melt down, though the control room gauges reportedly revealed an unknown force, even greater than the plant workers’ heroics, must have intervened to save it–

Or such as, in my own life, the horrible sense of foreboding & unexplainable abdominal distress that forced me, despite a massive pile of work, to beg my boss for the first time to let me leave early–with the result that I walked home whistling my way through the darkened bowels of the WTC to the Jersey PATH train station at 5:30AM, instead of my scheduled 9AM–on 9/11–

But those are during disasters, the short-sighted might say.

Why should I pray for a miracle if I’m fine?
Isn’t that just looking for trouble?
Isn’t it a sign of weakness, asking God to do everything for us?

In response, I’ll cut out all the well-proven scientific rebuttals–

Such as how quantum physicists would say we humans, each & every one of us on our tiny global trampoline, are invisibly connected in a living interactive web to every local power surge, speed bump, mass visualized event, and probable & possible event in the Universe–

And how we together instantly play, with varying degrees of conscious awareness, ever-kaleidoscoping roles in the creation of our mass & private reality–

Instead I’ll answer with 3 simple truths to this question:

Why would it benefit us to pray for a miracle at least one minute a day, every day, at 1PM?

Number One Answer, because we do need it. Let’s be honest with ourselves.

Number Two, because we would enjoy it.

Number Three, because IT WORKS.

And Mother Earth needs it.

The human race & every sentient being, every living, creeping, swimming, flying creature on Earth NEEDS it & DESERVES it.

Because we are not meant to wait for a time of desperation to pray for a miracle.

We can see plenty of desperation & suffering already in the world around us.

Instead, we are invited by the Great Spirit to pray EVERY DAY because a MIRACLE is NOT just what helps us through a disaster or hopeless situation that’s in our face–

We are scientifically constructed to use–to MASTER–the invisible METAPHYSICAL SOUL MAGIC that opens the right door, that turns scowls to smiles, that changes very real physical conditions, that turns a “No” to a “Yes”, that turns confusion or regret into clarity and hope–

That makes the quantum possibility of our experiencing, or not surviving, future “disasters” of any kind progressively less likely.

We should do it for ourselves, for our neighbors, for our country–

For our one squabbling human family that doesn’t yet know it loves itself.

The more you try a daily prayer for a miracle, the better your life will become–

Because no matter what your situation, you are giving God permission to give you the gift of YES.

No matter what the conditions in your present and future life–

Because we all will have our unexpected struggles & pains–

We can honestly say that by saying YES to God’s and the Universe’s miracles of ANY kind–

We are better for it.

Happier for it.

We are made stronger than ever before.

And according to quantum mechanics experts, the benefits of our regular daily focus regularly multiply as they spill over into our visible everyday world to assist us when and where we need it most.

Positive, powerful, practical focus tends to bring positive, powerful, practical results.

When and where we least expect it!

Peace to you my friend.
Thank you for caring and sharing.
Blessings for you in your new world.

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Thank you!
Scott Ufford Psychic-Philosopher

Copyright 2011

11 Spiritual Power Principles for Your Success in 2011


by Rev. Scott Ufford

Use these 11 spiritual power principles to build your happy success in 2011:

Give thanks now for all the good things in your life last year, 2010.

They comforted you, rewarded you, blessed you, healed you. Gave you so much to share. Because of them, they gave you ways & chances to help others and grow your dreams.

Give thanks now for all the pains in your life last year.

They taught you, challenged you, strengthened you. They purified your soul energy, cleansed your karma & your resolve to hear wisdom & follow your dreams.

Give thanks now for all the people who helped you & forgave you last year.

By their hands you were uplifted. You were encouraged to grow. By their forgiveness, whether known or not, you became less separate & more connected to other people, to your heart, and to God.

Give thanks now for all the people you helped & forgave last year.

By your hands others were uplifted. By your sacrifice & caring, you gave them hope. By forgiving them, you increased the good in the world, in your life—and in your future.

Give thanks now for all the new people in your life last year.

Could you imagine 2010 without the new people, new stimulation, struggles and gladness—but you had no idea they would show up? Do you sense higher purpose & possibilities within your life’s changes?

Give thanks now for all the people who left your life last year.

Did you know they would leave, or when or how? By leaving, they pushed you to feel the truth, weakness, happiness & love in your relationships. To value each moment. To learn by reflecting on love and loss.

Give thanks now for all the new people, opportunities & ideas who will enter your life this New Year.

Can you imagine the good unknowns coming your way? Why not magnify them? By focusing on your desires, helping others with their desires, and giving thanks in advance, you radiate energies of fulfillment.

Give thanks now for all the people’s lives & hopes you will enter this New Year.

Do you have any idea how important you are to your corner of the world? Can you imagine how the wrongs and rights you’ll do, will help others learn their lessons, fulfill their dreams & destinies–and change you?

Give thanks now for all the good & bad that will enter your life this New Year.

By giving thanks in advance for EVERYTHING, you really gain strength. How? You welcome the Higher Power that’s sustained and loved you through every event since your creation. You align yourself with trust in action.

Give thanks now for all the events that will enter the world this New Year.

Unknown are the blessings and pains of this year ahead. Unknown are the startling new struggles, setbacks, inventions and successes. Unknown are the necessary revolutions, sacrifices, losses and humble births. But known is that you will create this year with everyone else. Be glad you love the human family.

Give thanks now for the Higher Power pouring Its Reality into humanity’s dreamland this New Year.

Known to God is the clear and hidden good within the Higher Plan. Known to God is the best possible destiny of humanity taking shape through all our miseries and confusions. The more you decide to dream the powerful dream, to pray with purpose, to hear with your heart, to start the healing, the more you free your soul.

Give thanks now for the chance to give a little more than what’s expected in this New Year.

Do this for others, and life will do more for you than you expect. When you’re glad, you give and receive more without measure. You make room for miracles. You enjoy our world’s increasing power to reflect Divine possibilities.

A Conclusion and a Beginning:

By giving thanks for what was, what is, and what will be, you multiply everyone’s good in this New Year. So decide to wake up more. Be glad God makes this possible.

Be patient, be brave, and help make 2011 beautiful. Thank you.

Copyright Scott Ufford 2011