Breaking News: 10,000 Japanese Nuclear Reactors Less Powerful Than Your Mind


News Break: Your mind and my mind are more powerful than the toxic radiation within every nuclear reactor on Earth!

News Flash: Our collective human minds–as one global mind in the process of discovering and unifying itself–possess an awesome power–far superior to every weapon ever exploded–COLLECTIVELY–in the history of mankind!

News Fact: Humanity as a WHOLE is deciding whether to allow its own victimization under a complete reactor meltdown–OR NOT.

We’re undergoing intense LIVE, ON THE SPOT TRAINING to manifest our very real positive power potential.

Background Check: Why didn’t meltdowns happen within hours of the quake?

Answer: Because Earth’s Spiritual Hierarchy, including the Christ, angels & human souls on the other side working under their tutelage, pitched in extreme focused efforts to prevent them.

For example: The most damaged reactor’s instruments registered unusual fluctuations that just won’t be explainable by scientists. Their readings say the nuclear core could have and “should have” already horrifically melted down–but mysteriously wouldn’t.

Do you see how your and my Global Higher Reality Training works?

First, the reactor by Divine Intervention and knife’s-edge human heroism was prevented from immediate meltdown.

Now, our quantum energetic psychological space-time web is holding to give OPPORTUNITY for our collective human willpower–for the faith & imagination of Japan & the world–to focus our mighty quantum solar (soul-are, our-soul) energies into the CRISIS.

Within crisis: opportunity. Today.

Result?: If enough people stay hypnotized in self-victimization, BELIEVING we should suffer under a reactor meltdown, actual physical events will orchestrate that result (with allowance for karmic grace to play its part) no matter how valiant the efforts of the 181 reactor rescue workers.

But if enough of humanity concludes IT DOES NOT WANT us to experience suffering caused by a total meltdown, our Divine Reality Energies will manifest as much of a complete halt as allowable under Japan’s & mankind’s karmic circumstances (meaning, our current collective learning level).

Then the heroic workers will succeed.

Either way, repugnance for nuclear power & weaponry will carve our collective mind & soul.

Now can you see the intense, immense GROWING power of humanity as it awakens from ancient trances?

Can you see your sacred vital role within our COLLECTIVE QUANTUM REALITY POWER USE training?

Are you getting more excited about your life on Earth, instead of feeling powerless?

Good for you! Together let’s pray to create the best GLOBAL HIGHER REALITY TRAINING test scores–of PEACE, SECURITY, HAPPINESS, JUSTICE–we can imagine. Thank you.

Rev. Scott Ufford,
Spiritualist minister
Copyright 2011

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5 thoughts on “Breaking News: 10,000 Japanese Nuclear Reactors Less Powerful Than Your Mind

  1. Blythe Torgerson

    Great goods from you, man. I have understand your spiritual stuff previous to and you are just too magnificent. I actually like what you have here, really like what you are stating and the poetic way you say it. You make it entertaining and you still take care of to keep it smart. I can not wait to read much more from you. This is really a terrific site.

  2. Rev. Scott Post author

    Hi Mitchell, let’s take a look at the crisis situations from Einstein’s perspective:
    Our collective hearts & minds, focused, can CREATE MORE POWER to the degree they approach a SOLUTION from a higher energy level than what CREATED the problems.
    Let’s practice more putting our collective good wills together in 2012.

  3. Mitchell Vanderbaum

    I hope those earthquakes are over.Not many reactors could take the shock.I think the feds lie when they say it’s safe because they were bribed by the rich nucleur dudes, so what else is knew? What can we do about it?

  4. Edgar D.

    Well I definitely liked reading this Scott. Definitely the true power of the human mind is untapped. What wuill happen when we really wake up to our power? Time to plan for ther better future, like solar energy instead of nuclear cr*p.

  5. Jaq Kurio

    I live in Japan, due south of the disaster area.

    I wrote this a few days after the quake and have been doing the exercise daily, asking like-minded souls to also try.

    If you feel you want to, please try this.

    Please share if you like.

    Peace and love to all

    Thank you x

    Switch your consciousness ON.

    Believe in the power of MIND.


    Believe this.

    You are a being of energy.

    A being of light, you are an energy transformer.

    You can open your self at will

    And make manifest with your mind.

    Many people are suffering and you may be picking up on that energy.

    Are you feeling yourself drawn to the calm?

    You are attempting to rebalance energies within your sensitive light body.

    As a being of light and an energy transformer

    (you have an idea – you create something = energy transformer ;-)

    You can transform the negative energy

    into positive love energy

    which will help you

    and everyone else in ways that you cannot imagine.

    Try this.

    Stand outside if possible.

    Breath in the dark, negative fears.

    In your mind, see them circulate your heart and all around your body,

    Transforming into positive love energy.

    Breath this love energy out while holding a strong, clear image in your mind, mentally visualising something positive


    * a map of Japan being immersed in bright, golden love energy

    * the reactor cooling, the problem subsiding, the weather assisting to take any dangerous toxins out over the sea for safer processing

    * the shifting plates calming, slowing, settling, ceasing to move

    * injuries healing, pains easing, acceptance gently starting; fears, confusion, shock, anger subsiding, ebbing, dissolving

    * family and friends reconnecting

    * energy, water, medical supplies and food arriving in abundance

    or anything else you feel will help.

    Please try to do this as many times a day as you can. Feel the exercise healing you, as you release the bad energy through your base chakra back into the earth.

    Feel the sun on the crown of your head as much as you can in a day.

    Relax, breath, stretch, calm, calm, calm = Your daily voice/breath/movement mantra.

    While doing this, practise being the embodiment of calm.

    And never, ever doubt the power of your MIND.

    Together we are one.

    Peace and love from one to all.

    Thank you.

    * * * * * * * * *

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