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A Psychic Speech by Maitreya the World Teacher, Part I of III



Have you heard about the hotly debated signs of a possible “World Teacher” named Maitreya popping up around the globe?

World Trade Center reconstruction site in 2010, by Scott Ufford.

Controversial evidence ranges from UFO “star” sightings –for example, see my own cryptic photos of a strange “star” or peculiar “comet” over Brooklyn and Manhattan, which I started taking July 31st– to mysterious crosses of light appearing in surprised peoples’ windows, to claimed miraculous healing wells sprouting in the most unlikely arid places–to the latest unusual claims that Maitreya in disguise has made televised speeches in USA (see–

In light of these remarkable “signs” and the growing Internet debate over Maitreya’s existence, his thought-provoking Psychic Speech to the World (which I transcribed in 2003 after a lecture by Mr. Benjamin Creme) holds even more relevance:

Just before waking up, I’d heard a crystalline voice say, “Maitreya will speak to the public on Monday.”

This got me curious! I mentioned it to friends more familiar with Benjamin Creme’s lectures & books about Maitreya, who supposedly is an incoming World Teacher for humanity’s New Age. We didn’t know if this voice meant a speech on TV, in people’s dreams, in the form of wisdom injected into our global superconsciousness, or what. An Internet check showed no hints or startling news headlines.

So, what was this talk about a speech?

But on that predicted fateful Monday (of January 20, 2003), I dreamed of crossing a street when I heard a noise that resembled the thud of exploding fireworks, except more ominous, and very close.

Immediately I fell to the sidewalk. Tried to protect my head against the waves of burning radiation that must quickly follow. The gigantic nuclear blast was intense! But I didn’t have that “blown through the wall” feeling to all the molecules of my consciousness like during a major nuclear war a few years ago. (Luckily, a war experienced on either an astral plane or alternate reality.)

The thought of my life ending was not fearful to me. It was just undesirable. I thought of all the things I wanted to do with my new wife, but would I soon be dead or horribly disfigured? Would the world be tragically destroyed or contaminated?

As I awoke (still alive–yay), I prayed for world peace, for the end to world domination by uncharitable groups and regressive essences. And for forgiveness of myself as well as for all creatures to dwell securely, in harmony and brotherhood and sisterhood.

By example–just the day before, I’d had to deal with a negative, tense work supervisor–and had to deal with my own anger and sense of injustice done. But by shift’s end, by my refusal (and her refusal) to give in to grudges, we had a peaceful, polite exchange of “goodnights”.

Was this a miniature example of how the world can heal, despite all clashing energies?
Wasn’t this the antithesis of prejudice, despair, and fearful blindness leading to mutual destruction?

Only as I thought, and prayed briefly about this in the company cafeteria, did I glimpse how “do unto others” and “forgive me as I forgive them” are the most potent forces for world and private peace today.

By assuming the concept of success–of mutually assured success–even widely diverging interests and p.o.v.s can blend into a mosaic instead of a ragged, bloody patchwork.

Wondered if Maitreya would visit us at the United Spiritualists’ Church service that night, or how we would hear the speech from him? Let’s just see what happens, I said to myself…

Parts of the following illuminating psychic speech, including the prayers, have been read to many people and shared in person, but not on the Internet. Being a perfectionist, I sensed my transcription of Maitreya’s speech was almost 95% accurate. I wanted to re-attune to get it 100% right, but should’ve just released it on the Internet “as is”.

In fact, Maitreya delivered this revolutionary speech on the highest spiritual psychic planes where every human consciousness could hear it to some degree without ego or fear interference.
For me to consciously “hear” it, had required the intensely real psychological-blockage-busting experience symbolized by my “nuclear explosion experience” dream:

Here for the first time on the Internet is Maitreya’s Psychic Speech:

You are entering a time of great power exchange possibilities. Your times of past failures and of highlighted mistakes are potentially ready to be cleansed from your memories. Cleared away from your internal channels of self judgment.

What does this mean?

What was correct before, fades away as it becomes true that the great changes into greater truths, more natural power principles, for humanity, are well underway…”

(Continued in A Psychic Speech by Maitreya the World Teacher?, Part II of III)

Don’t miss it!

A Shocking Prophecy About Turkey’s Future by the Noblest Ottoman Sultan


by Rev. Scott Ufford

This prophecy about Turkey and the Middle East’s remarkable future was given to me, a Christian Spiritualist, by the soul of the Ottoman Empire’s greatest sultan.

Received point-blank while meditating in Eminonu Mosque of Istanbul, Turkey, on November 11, 2007, after visiting The Tombs of Five Sultans and Their Wives. The Sultan’s words were so unexpected and meaningful, my wife even took a photo of the notebook transcript while we were still in the mosque:

“Istanbul will once again become the most famous city of the Near East. A spiritual capital eclipsing Constantinople and the Ottoman Empire.

Istanbul will center the spiritual forces of Islam in harmony with Christians and Jews.

A great spiritual awakening must first enter the hearts of everyday men and women.

You will see a spiritual revolution sweep the Earth from its four corners. This revolution shall uplift all religions and all races.

Istanbul a city NOT of military power, NOT of political will, NOT of economic struggle and conquest.

Even as I once placed the Middle East, the sacred Mecca under the protection of the (Caliph) so will Istanbul center the religious spiritual hopes of the regions.

Enemies are not to be destroyed in military conquest. War is impossible for true victory. You may destroy your enemies’ guns: good. But until you change his heart, much life is lost and little victories, won.

I would turn your hearts and spirits to this great task: as you earn your monies, open your hearts.

As you divide powers and grow militarily strong, you must enter your senses.

The God that guided Mohamed must return to guide the hearts of your everyday men and women.

From these citizens shall come leaders with visions. Their eyes shall open into possibilities of peace with prosperity, of community with sharing, and of teamwork with excellence.

Istanbul as the spiritual capital is not for the glory of Turkey. Instead, this is for the glory of the God who made all people, blesses all people, guides all people. Who desires them all to be well-fed, and decently clothed, housed and taught.

Only with a free, awakened will may all turn to the glory and peace of the one Creator. This prediction is not for the ego of Istanbul. This prediction is to awaken the home of the true spirit in the human heart.

Open its doors. Study wisely the wisdom therein. Share freely the goodness and prosperity.

As a link between Europe and Near and Middle East in centuries ahead a completely new vision of God, peace, hope, community, Allah and human possibilities will flower into excellence.

Even as the tulips began in Turkey so shall your grandchildren and their children see:

Istanbul as a center of hope, charity, activism, quiet meditation. A center of discourse, a meeting place of nations, a center for jurisprudential excellence of many nations—not as an empire—but as a center of true civilization in the purest word.

–Mehmet Bey”

The sultan followed up his prophecy:

“Trust in this slow evolution. You will recognize when the signs of struggle and worry in the eyes of the common man and woman are replaced by a clear light, a peaceful understanding, a warm compassion—the times of these predictions are coming.

Every word here is true in its essence.
All of this is a true prediction. Voluntary for the human hearts to fulfill!

This spiritual revolution will transform the essential life of many known, and so far unknown, spiritual centers around the world and this religion.

You shall see!
Peace is the power unsurpassed.

Peace is the true prosperity that turns hard work and prayer into cooperation and surprising success.”
–II Mehmet, 1432-1481 AD

Peace and blessings to all who read and consider these words.
Rev. Scott Ufford Copyright 2007, 2010

Independence Day Notes Inspired by Thomas Jefferson


Surrounded by the loudest, rowdiest herd of July 4th tourists ever to clog St. Paul’s Chapel on Broadway by the WTC ruins, I still caught the security guard’s eye.

Why me?

Because I was the only creature who wasn’t a kid jumping up & down. Or a parent figure snapping photos of the 9/11 rescue workers’ memorial displays or yelling at those kids.

To be specific:
I was the only person meditating. Plus, I was scribbling notes. Dangerous!

I broke with the guard’s quizzical gaze to refocus. I knew by long experience as a Spiritualist minister, a genuine spiritual inspiration was about to arrive. It “hummed” at the portals of my brain.

Since I was perched just yards from the pew where George Washington prayed in the months after his 1789 presidential inauguration, could this message possibly be from him?

…Of course New York’s crazy energies and intense materialistic glint make it hard to picture as a place for receiving any spiritual psychic wisdom. Many see it as one of the Gates of Hades.

But the fact is, General Washington was sworn in just blocks away from where I sat, in what’s now the chilly heart of Wall Street–in America’s first capital city.

Wouldn’t this early history alone indicate a vital role in our country’s karma–and spiritual destiny?

I blocked out the guard and mobs of kids. Whatever luminary wanted to speak, had to be forceful to reach me through all that noise:


“A Message to All Americans

To restore the vitality of the nation, start with this center first. Work outwards from here–New York City.

Restoration of the nation’s spirit. Return to the elegance of true soul awakening.

You must awaken your own inert roots, for the purpose of growing this branch.

Trust this wisdom has many offshoots. Will grow a great many trees. Inspire many faiths. Through the awakened soul, much more is possible.

What is given to you, what is inspired to you, share freely throughout the land.

Speak without prejudice or fears. Speak with spiritual authority, for what is within yourself necessarily inspires others to discover their own true greater growth–of soul and group.

You may recognize when your own spirit pours out, your fruitful harvest to be shared. Give this without thought of recompense.

Simply inspire this moment’s living. This is enough.

And, this is good.

–Thomas Jefferson, July 4th, 2008″

His final words:

“Enjoy this holiday of the 4th! Freedoms hard-won are most often put to good use.

Do not delay these freedoms. Desire to see their native shoots peek above the ground. Bless and nurture them, and let them grow. In freedom and trust; in harmonious balance.”

–Rev. Scott Ufford Copyright 2010