Was Mubarak’s Downfall Prophesied by this Dead Turkish Sultan?



Did II Mehmet, the noble Turkish sultan who lived from 1432-1481, actually prophesy controversial Egyptian dictator Hosni Mubarak’s downfall?

Consider the evidence:

In a psychic inspiration given on November 11, 2007 while I prayed in Istanbul’s revered Eminonu Mosque, Mehmet Bey’s great spirit introduced himself.

He spoke of a coming age when “the spiritual forces of Islam” will balance “in harmony with Christians and Jews.”

The sultan explained, “A great spiritual awakening must first enter the hearts of everyday men and women.

“You will see a spiritual revolution sweep the Earth from its four corners. This revolution shall uplift all religions and all races.”

Could the Arab Spring unrest–including the common people’s revolt in Egypt–really be about much more than decent jobs, food, and civil rights? Could they be planting the first seeds of a spiritual revolution? Not a revolution where one smiling dictator or violent belief replaces another–but one where the people’s hearts are heard, and obeyed?

The sultan spoke wisely about blind rulers of the world failing to defeat all their opposition:

“Enemies are not to be destroyed in military conquest. War is impossible for true victory. You may destroy your enemies’ guns: good. But until you change his heart, much life is lost and little victories, won.”

Are the days fading when any dictator’s threats of violence and cruelty to the innocent can silence the honest and the hungry? Isn’t Egypt a great testing grounds for this hope?

Hear II Mehmet’s stirring voice:

“The God that guided Mohammed must return to guide the hearts of your everyday men and women.

“From these citizens shall come leaders with visions. Their eyes opened into possibilities of peace with prosperity, of community with sharing, and of teamwork with excellence.

“The God who made all people, blesses all people, guides all people…desires them all to be well-fed, and decently clothed, housed and taught.”

Aren’t these good gifts of God what every governmental leader, whether elected or not, should try to provide? If he or she isn’t willing, is the sultan suggesting they should and will be removed from power?

II Mehmet then finished his prophecy, referring to Turkey and so also to Egypt and the entire Middle East:

“You will recognize when the signs of struggle and worry in the eyes of the common man and woman are replaced by a clear light, a peaceful understanding, a warm compassion—the times of these predictions are coming.

“Every word here is true in its essence.
All of this is a true prediction. Voluntary for the human hearts to fulfill!

“This spiritual revolution will transform the essential life of many known, and so far unknown, spiritual centers around the world and this religion.

“You shall see! Peace is the power unsurpassed…”

Blessings of happiness and peace upon all the people of Egypt who hear his words.

Many are the people praying for fulfillment of words like this prophecy of II Mehmet, the most enlightened sultan in history.

Rev. Scott Ufford

Copyright 2007, 2011

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