Angelic Guides Welcome Us to the New Christ Energies, Part I of II


Angels Welcome You into New Truths

As a Christian Spiritualist psychic medium, or “channel”, my clearest inspirations often arrive in that quiet time between sleeping and waking:

In this amazing case, I very clearly heard 3 mysterious sentences spoken out loud. Without turning on the light, I wrote them down– and their startling explanation:

“New Christ is awaiting the attentions of the people. New Christ will transform them as their desire ripens. (Until then,) Old Christ is forced to nursemaid them.”

This message followed:
“One way or another, they will straggle across the bridge of futures. Nothing awaits them but their omniscient selves, impatient with glories to impart, should they choose this route.

Otherwise, the future selves (of the New Christ) are severely dwindled by disuse; as a result, their passageway is impacted. Nothing would suit them better than to wear the New Christ clothes once again, proving that you can cast away old clothes once the memories of your future selves get your attentions.

Room for meditation—your transformations into future selves may occur in a millisecond—all required is your attentions to results. Pay attention to your sweet desires, not to your humbler ones. Your sweet desires lead you homeward into the comforts of alignment with true self and perfections!

Whether you travel yourselves the path of the cosmic straggler or of the experienced voyager depends upon your mindset, as much as anything. Ridiculous to see a time-traveler donning the ancient garbs of a patriarch of long-ago societies, complete with pitchfork and scythe, for example, while traveling through space-ages of realities in gleaming space-cities of truth.

Your envision (in-vision) of the future impacts your journey so severely that it is still seriously considered to invoke a Divine Comment of a Cosmic Moment, through personal tragedy or a global crisis made as a cover ruse, so that split-second awakening may be invoked through the mass breach in (tedious, old) consciousness continuum.

Thus, and only thus so far, it is said that one “negative prediction” of your futures remains.

The instance of your civilization’s demise is a fiction, of course, but a service rendered by ourselves (including your future selves) so that God may slip en masse into your global selves, your individual lights of consciousness. Because your individual lights have been struggling mightily to maintain the comfortably ragged “holy outer” cloaks of denial against truth.

If humanity must deny itself, the greater mass of ourselves (our collective masses of authentic “higher” spiritual selves) must only invoke the Divine Crisis / Collective Moment as the result of incipient needs cried out from the hearts of ourselves of yesterdays, who yearn to surrender the mantle (cloak) of our tomorrow days, to our proper selves….”

To Be Continued in Part II

What do you think so far? Provocative, for sure–but true inspiration–

Note: I claim absolutely nothing for myself on this blog except that these inspirations are true guidance received. None of these spiritual messages makes me more special or virtuous than you. I’m probably as flawed as anybody (I notice you looking over your shoulder to see who else is in the room, ha).

What matters in life is what we do with what we’ve got, right? I probably have as much or more learning to do as anybody else, so your prayers are welcome and I’ll gladly share mine with you. Just ask.

The New Testament, 1 Corinthians 13 says, “If I have prophetic powers, and understand all mysteries and all knowledge, and if I have all faith, so as to move all mountains, but have not love, I am nothing.”

It’s the desire to learn about real love, and be a proper conduit for its expression, that motivates me to share here with you. Please excuse in advance my flaws–you might notice them as we go along. Remember, these are true messages only delivered by me their messenger.

Peace and blessings to you in Christ’s Name. Thank you!
Rev. Scott Ufford

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