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Don’t Let Them Turn You into a Drone!


I whole-heartedly AGREE with former President Jimmy Carter’s blasting President Obama & the many foolish politicians of BOTH PARTIES who condone abuse of drone weapons for OVERSEAS ASSASSINATIONS.


Because if left unchecked by our moral & spiritual compass:

USA’s use of drones OVERSEAS to indiscriminately slaughter “SUSPECTED terrorists or sympathizers”, whether or not they’re American citizens–
as well every innocent bystander caught near the blast–

can and eventually WILL lead to their use against American citizens IN OUR COUNTRY, “suspected” & tried without due process of law for a multiplying array of paranoid & convoluted reasons.

Just as many police depts are stocked like small ARMIES that exhibit thug-like behavior, & SWAT teams & Tasers now mindlessly misused as simple matters of CONVENIENCE rather than as weapons of LAST RESORT, so the temptation WILL be surrendered to for using weaponized & controlling surveillance DRONES AT HOME.

will say, right now:
NO TO EVERY FORM OF SLOW BUT SURE THEFT OF OUR NATURAL CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHTS to decent treatment as American citizens & human beings?

The weapons, like drones, whose use USA flaunts with immoral abandon TODAY can & will be used against us with the same immoral abandon TOMORROW.

(A) Drone weapon technology, like all tech secrets, WILL drift into other parties’ hands, just as surely as Monsanto’s toxic GMO seeds can drift into & infect healthy organic farms’ crops, and
(B) our nation’s display of moral weakness can & WILL be used as excuses by other parties as a green light for misusing drones & other momentary advantages for their own “vital security concerns”–

Inevitably it’s US AND OUR KIDS, the average innocent Americans, who’ll suffer from FUTURE UNKNOWN VERSIONS of the 9/11 attacks & from scheming rabid politicians’ & Eisenhower’s predicted “military-industrial complex” brainwashing us into FEWER CIVIL RIGHTS and MORE BLOODY POINTLESS WARS LIKE IRAQ.

So, what are YOU going to do about it?

Peace & Blessings to you,
Rev. Scott Ufford
Copyright 2012

Watch Venus’ 2012 Solar Transit–A Breath-taking Spiritual Journey


Can anyone lucky enough to see this amazing footage doubt the awesomeness of the endless journey every planet takes?

How can we help but imagine that every lone planet is a wanderer made perhaps of more than its own “flesh and blood”–
of its own rock, liquids and gases?

Can we really help wondering–is this planet Venus–and so our Planet Earth–on more than a physical path:

Is it on a mysterious SPIRITUAL JOURNEY all its own?

Watch this dazzling NASA video then COME BACK to ask yourself the GREAT UNASKED QUESTIONS below:

Stunning footage of Venus transiting the Sun on June 5th, 2012 from NASA

Such stunning stark images–generated by NASA’s Solar Dynamics Observatory on June 5th 2012–make us feel unusual emotions, and ask impossible questions, like:

Does Venus carry on its soul path its own unique citizens–its own sentient “spiritual riders”–with bodies built by God to thrive under physical conditions we would find unbelievable?

What forms of life could possibly exist on a scorching-hot planet surface over 400 degrees Centigrade? What or who could survive inside a sulfuric acid & carbon dioxide-swamped atmosphere ravaged with such bitter acid rain storms it would melt the skin from our flesh and our flesh from our bones to be exposed to it for even one Earth minute?

On a planet where one normal day lasts more than 2,832 of our own hours–for 118 of our Earth days–who could live?

Where a normal planetary year takes only 224.7 Earth days–meaning all the “4 seasons” of a Venusian year–if there are any seasons except degrees of hellishness–would complete themselves in only two Venusian days?

What kind of a miserable existence might Venus’ inhabitants suffer through? Hiding in deep caverns, or in cesspools of tolerable gases?

But if we ask our deep questions this way, we limit ourselves to thinking in Earthly terms, and that’s a mistake. Because if Venusians exist, they’re as suited for life on their home planet as naturally as the flimsy watery bags we call our normal bodies are suited for life on Earth.

Who after all from another world, could imagine our weak human bodies would survive to carry us to primacy over all the hordes of horned, clawed, fanged, finned and winged super-strong, sharp-toothed beasts that have dominated Earth’s landscape in waves for nearly a thousand million years?

Well of course, you say:

We humans are far more than our puny wet bodies–we are spiritual beasts on a pathway of realizing we are spiritual beings–it is the force of our SPIRITS–of our brains and our souls united–that have proved the nemesis of all brute conditions and creatures, except for the microscopic.

We humans are no more lacking of our spiritual essence and destinies than would be the intelligent inhabitants of any other world.

…Any other world such as even the brutally hostile environment of our hardy neighbor, the planet Venus, over whose destiny we muse in awe as she tracks silently past the Sun, and beyond.

Two final curious questions:
If intelligent species do live upon Venus–if they can and do thrive in its most inhospitably hot conditions–do they suffer at times like on June 5th, 2012, as their planet seemed to trek ever-closer to the broiling roiling Sun?

Or instead, is their nearness to the Sun and its even-hotter radiance a time for them of gladness–a time of giving thanks for its guiding warmth–a time for them of SOUL CELEBRATION?

Almost like a brief feeling of HOMECOMING?

Special questions to ask our Venusian friends someday, should we ever meet them…

Perhaps they’re a civilized race whose physical bodies have evolved to a higher spiritual dimension in a manner that makes survival on Venus as pleasant as our life would be spent lounging on cushiony pillows and feather beds?

Maybe they have much to teach us as we rush to defoliate & dessicate the Earth’s natural beauties and bounty?

Maybe the Venusians are, from those higher spiritual dimensions, ably and selflessly guiding us into our own higher step?

Why not? What do you think is possible?

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Peace, and blessings, and Glad Soul Path be yours, in our special Earthly year of 2012!
Rev. Scott Ufford
Copyright 2012