Psychic Facts: Long Live the Death of Osama Bin Laden


Here’s to you, Osama Bin Laden! May you remain dead a long, long time!

My clear first psychic impressions: these secrets of Osama Bin Laden’s death:

He crossed over to his warped version of an afterlife expecting a hero’s welcome, which he received.

From a few of his hard core followers, that is. They gave him congratulatory cheers. Huzzahs. Happy greetings.

But very soon thereafter, Bin Laden grew puzzled and disheartened.

Forget about not being met by 72 virgins–unless some poor unfortunate maidens were on hand whom the Taliban or Al Qaeda had coerced into suicide missions in the past.

No, the dead Bin Laden’s puzzlement grew quickly into a bitter, ill-concealed disillusionment.


Because he’d foolishly believed he was ” doing God’s (Allah’s) work”! He thought he would be praised by God Himself!

He thought he would be greeted as a champion!

But instead, he was met with the cold shoulder of reality:

Osama was only a mass murderer, a violent purveyor of mass delusions, the foot soldier of a disintegrating fundamentalist lunacy whose worldwide ascent is a shining bauble, a fake gem, a cheap imitation of devotion to God and humanity’s well being.

Did he do any good?

As a matter of fact, no–and yes.

He served as a focal point of barbarous notions about power and reality. He served as a focal point of hatred, given and received. He built a network of vile terrorist behavior with the excuse that it was just response to America’s and the West’s own global militaristic excesses and cultural flaws. He ably tried to justify violence in the name of religious jihad–and because he enjoyed leading others.

He helped the world see evil for what it was–without excuse, despite his best attempts.

He challenged many to observe, admit, or deny their deeply hidden beliefs about violent means justifying their ends.

He loved the game–the old, decaying, burning-out nihilistic game.

From the ashes of the World Trade Center…to the ashes of his lunatic vision. No one’s deeds escape the clear-eyed judgment of God.

My last impression is, he’s going to spend a long, long time being reprogrammed. Then, studying in a very unpleasant jail on the Other Side, to comprehend & accept what was his great wrongdoing. He has a long time ahead to brood and pray and suffer before he returns into a new incarnation.

He will have to accept that the pendulum of God–of Allah–of Yahweh–is swinging definitively in the direction of New Wisdom, the New Birthing Experience of Peaceful Aims and Acts.

Someday, far away in the future perhaps, he will glimpse the New Understanding–that we humans are meant to move away from mayhem by ANY country or ANY movement or ANY religion, for ANY reason–towards world peace.

Let all of us, in our one human family, embrace this spiritual fact–the sooner the better.

Peace & Blessings to Our One World,
in the Name of the Prince of Peace,
Rev Scott Ufford Copyright 2011

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