PREDICTION SHOCKER: Beyond Teenage Sex “As We Know It”


by Rev. Scott Ufford

What I’m about to say to you is short.
Doesn’t have a lot of “normal rational” explanations.
And might strike you as completely absurd.

Because it’s a shocking glimpse into the interior reality of the human race.
Deeper than what we usually think sexual energy is “all about”.

Most important:
This prophecy creaks-open a tiny bit, the secret door of partnership between us and God.

It’s meant to stir up our emotions.
Force questions to pop up like corks into our minds.
Arouse our age- and sex-related prejudices, bitterness, fear, nostalgia, complacency.

Okay, it’s mostly meant to give us hope.

Of course, a few of you teenagers already know the truth of these words.
But doesn’t it feel good to see confirmation from the “Old World”?

This crystal-clear prophecy written down in total darkness, midnight:


Spontaneously, at the appointed time, the hand of God / Goddess moves the blocked mechanism inside primarily teenagers around the world.

Inducing group telepathic events and actions.

Experiencing telepathy, and transmutation of sexuality into super prana, changes all.

First, through isolated groups. Then waves of teenagers worldwide…
Cleansing all relationships.
Changing all institutions.

A simple challenge, my friends:
What you think about THAT?

UPDATE: See the followup story here!

Rev. Scott Ufford Copyright 2007, 2011

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2 thoughts on “PREDICTION SHOCKER: Beyond Teenage Sex “As We Know It”

  1. scottu Post author

    Hi Roni,
    Thank you for your tough questions. They show how much you care!

    First of all, I’m no expert on this–I can only give the prophecy as I got it, and tune in later for understanding.

    Your loving concern for what’s going on with teens is welcome. Much needed in this mixed-up world. The more people who express love with selfless action, the better!

    My response is, don’t fear the Christ Change Energy’s effects in any way. Its rippling impact will prove God-guided and positive. Completely unexpected results will spin out from its epicenters.

    These radical changes will “pick up the human race by the bootstraps” of mainly teenagers at first, who as we know can be totally stubborn (determined) once they get an idea in their heads!

    Since teens already are connected up in intense & disorganized ways, can we imagine what forces will drive them to alter civilization once they get “really turned on”–once an all natural dose of Higher Truth and Love bursts free in their chakras?


    On any given day, we can see waves of emotion–hot anger, giddy gladness, deepest sorrow, wild enthusiasm–sweep through a crowd of young people in seconds.

    As every parent knows, surging hormonal drives can at times lead to incredible acts of stupidity, of self abuse or cruelty to others.

    And in the next second, to equally heart-pounding kindness, to stunning intellectual leaps, and to accomplishments driven by a sheer stubborn willpower that leave everyone else breathless.

    They’re just like the rest of us–but amplified. Experiencing life’s intense miseries & delights as if for the first time.

    Try to imagine what will be unleashed when the God-appointed time strikes? When the fuller burst of God Change Energy gets inside them? Starts purposefully unblocking age-old blocks? Starts directly rearranging their power centers?

    Starts zapping them with a deeper purer Life Love Energy than ever in history?

    At first, it might happen in isolated individuals and small groups, who will really need safe havens & loving, healthy guidance to make sense of what’s going on inside themselves.

    But just like when a Great New Idea starts to sweep a crowd, its fires burn irresistibly…

    They will change the world.

    We adults need to encourage meditation, purposeful prayer and nurture young people’s great unseen inner strengths. We must educate them in better ways, listen better, and care more so they can blossom & flourish. All mankind is entering the Age of Spiritual Honesty, and kids are on the forefront of the wave.

    As Jesus said, “What you do for the youngest and smallest amongst us, you do also for me.”

    Thanks again Roni for your questions. I suspect your answers will prove as good as mine. And by the way, I love your website. It’s very inspiring–you and your fellow Angels share a lot of beautiful heart wisdom.
    Rev. Scott

  2. Roni Lipstein

    Sorry for my ignorance….
    IS what YOU are saying that it shall BE our teenages whom shall feel the affects of our rising energy frequency first through an increased psychic ability?
    I AM NOT really sure how the sex part comes into play….are they ALL gonna spontaneously partake in group sex????
    Have a Global Teenager Orgasm?
    Sorry I’m just having a little difficulty – obviously- connecting the dots :)

    I DO understand that our prana BEgins within the root chakrah and works its way up and then back down again…..forming the infinite spiral of our BEingness….
    I DO understand that we are increasing the rate and volume of light that IS coursing through our BEingness
    I DO understanding that this IS resulting in our transcended states of BEingness, into WE manifesting physically our soul reality as intended to BE

    still……I AM confused as to that which IS BEing spoken to herein in WHOLEistic completion.

    BLISSings for yOUR energy in so explaining
    Radiating LOVE

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