About You & Me, In The Vault


Welcome my Friend,

Rev. Scott Ufford here, aka The Psychic Philosopher–
I’m glad Destiny brought you by surprise into The Vault!

Life is great. Be glad. You're worth it!

I. First Things First:

I’ll reveal to you here a few of The Vault’s treasures.
Some of them glitter & sparkle like diamonds in the night.
Others are like rubies well worth digging for..
But first let’s talk about YOUR immediate needs & desires:

I do no fortune telling. I share with you practical & useful insights from Above us.
Reasonable, affordable, helpful, honest, friendly…

PS–There’s a good reason why I’m rated #24 among the Top 50 Psychics in USA.
(Just thought I’d mention.)

* * * * * * * * * * * * *

Okay, now back to us getting acquainted:

Have you had surprising psychic experiences?
Do you have spiritual gifts you want to develop?
Are you wrestling with tough soul problems?

Do you want the highest psychic spiritual guidance you can get?
Do you want honest inspiring wisdom from one of the most unusual psychic visionaries (actually, psychic philosophers fits me best) alive?
If one of those questions describes you–or if you just landed here out of a “happy coincidence”–
you can feel welcome here!

Everybody needs a friendly mentor sometimes.
With my blog as your invaluable personal resource you can come and go as you please.

Fish for the new wisdom you want that helps you learn to fish for yourself.

Dig into any spiritual or philosophic controversy that bothers you.
Explore your reactions & share your feelings!
Throw me any feedback you want.
(Please no cream pies–unless it’s lemon meringue.)
Share these special articles, photos & insights with your friends at home & across the Web.
Seek closer personal assistance if you want.

You see, I bring people around the world expert psychic spiritual guidance and powerful angelic healing.
I’m an ordained minister, formerly with the United Spiritualists’ Church in New York City.
I meditated many years in the Edgar Cayce Search For God study group.
Received remarkable Seven Healing Rays techniques under Salhaddin.

I’ve been taught by wise old women who some fools called crazy, but others knew as dedicated healers of the human body & soul.

I’ve learned from the lash of rains in my own heart and in others’.
And from the sometimes harsh whip of truth.

I’ve tried to ask the deepest questions & listen for the clearest answers.
Roamed & meditated in glistening mosques & synagogues.
In Buddhist temples, Christian churches and Mother Nature’s holy lands.
From the soulful site of ancient Troy to weird Peruvian archeology digs.
From electric canyons in Sedona to the shocking forgotten altar in the former Byzantine Empire’s most opulent cathedral.

I regularly meditate & think from my perch 330 feet up in the sky, as dawn washes with new hope the Statue of Liberty, Ellis Island, and 12 million dreaming souls around me.

Here I pursue my secret arena of excellence:
I write and record revolutionary psychic insights, spirituality & visions.
From my Higher Self and from Spiritual Teachers in the Heavens who honor Christ, respect all creeds but obey no dogmas.
Who follow only their intense God-guided desire to help us humans survive, wake up and succeed–
as spiritual beings and as a race–
on the brink of disaster, or enlightenment.

Our choice.
They’re here to help.

II. Let Me Ask You

Have you ever heard of Divine Code Rule Number One?
Your Cosmic Bill of Rights?
Or the New Christ Energies?
They’re Special Gifts for you and me!

Remarkable, revolutionary factual documents I’ve received.
In written and spoken, recorded format.
As inspired classes, lectures, services, talks.
They illuminate the vast sweep of God’s rational nurturing and guidance of humanity–with no religious filter.
They can acquaint you with ongoing dramatic advances in spirituality, sciences, education–
and justice.
I’m making them available for you here!

Also, have you ever found, in one place, talks channeled from Maitreya, St. Paul, or The Crystalline Ones? From Mahatma, or from guides of Amma, the brilliant Indian woman affectionately known as “the hugging saint”?
You’ll find that & much more free gifts, including my own philosophical, inventive, cranky, witty, political, creative inspirations.

My mind is kind of open.
I’m breaking my “silence”!

My Teachers serve the Higher Plan.
I listen, however imperfectly, as a normal flesh & blood man.
They reach out to us with kindness and clear-eyed truths.
They urge me to “plant a new tree in the garden of my life.”
(That tree is this bouncing baby blog.)
They want vital guidance from The Secret Vault of Visions brought into the morning sun.
To help as many people as possible.
So I begin!

Maybe you’re wondering:
Why you, Scott?
Why these visions?
These unusual insights?

A. Because it’s my life plan and now I embrace it. This is the age for awakening our hope and transcendence. This is the time for you to embrace your own life plan fuller, too!
B. Because I dare ask questions and have learned–actually, have been patiently, painstakingly trained–to really listen to “Above”! (Great power gets unleashed when you ask your true questions, let yourself hear the answers–and act on them.)
C. Because I’m a legally ordained, experience-trained Spiritualist minister licensed in the State of New York.
That means what I get of an uplifting nature, I share, the best ways I can with as many people as I can.

III. My Life

I enjoy the beauty and starkness of nature.
Sometimes I have great conversations with her wise creations called trees.
(Yes, you read that right.)

I also enjoy starry nighttime walks by Brooklyn’s bay, when poetic inspiration strikes.
(Always carry a notebook!)
I’ve also photographed stunning spirit-like phenomena that professional photographers just can’t explain. (Though they hate to admit it!)

I enjoy good laughs, good friends, thoughtful contemplation, & I aint no saint.
Despite all life’s difficulties & challenges, I’m glad to be here on Earth. I hope you are too!

So I, “Scott Ufford Psychic Philosopher” on FaceBook, “Swamiscotty” on Twitter, “S.Wami” when I’m kidding, etc., sincerely THANK YOU for the first of many enjoyable journeys into The Secret Vault of Visions!

It’s my sincere desire to help you, feed your curiosity, build up your inner strength in the face of all life throws your way…
Please check in regularly–you won’t want to miss the surprising new inspirations found only here.

I totally welcome hearing from you.

* * * * * * * * * * * * *

One more important reminder:

I do no fortune telling. I share with you practical & useful insights from Above us.
Reasonable, affordable, helpful, honest, friendly…

PS–There’s a good reason why I’m rated #24 among the Top 50 Psychics in USA.
(Find out yourself.)

* * * * * * * * * * * * *

Happiness, Peace and Blessings to you.
Poured down, spilled out.
Focused and multiplied like the rays of the rising sun.
Thank you,
Rev. Scott Ufford

All my writings & art Copyright 2009-2011 Scott Ufford

Inner peace is free if you're willing to pay...attention.

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